15 Cute Watermelon Party Decorations Ideas

Watermelon has a very beautiful color combination of red, green, and black spots.

If you are looking to host a themed party, this is one of the best themes to consider because of its uniqueness. Watermelon party decorations ideas create a cool atmosphere around the venue.

a cut watermelon/Watermelon Party Decorations

The bold colors of a watermelon and the patterns it comes with make it one of the most beautiful themes to use for your party. Here are beautiful party decoration ideas inspired by watermelons.

Watermelon Cakes Watermelon Party Decorations

Cakes are a central part in parties. The cake is shared as the climax for the celebration. A watermelon themed cake will set the agenda for the day and create the perfect watermelon atmosphere for party goers.

The green cover forms a solid base for your cake. Whether it is a cupcake or a large cake, a red or pink topping will create the perfect watermelon feel. It feels as though you are slicing into an actual watermelon. The black dots on watermelons will come from the flavors you add onto your watermelon cake.

Watermelon Balloons

Balloons create the perfect party atmosphere. Since they come in multiple colors, shapes, and patterns, they can be used to create any theme related to watermelons. Customized watermelon balloons can be expensive to buy.

However, you have the option of using green and red balloons in your decoration. If you are using customized watermelon balloons, you may add the message of the day, which could be a birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, and such other options.

Watermelon Candies

Beautiful candies are sweet. Watermelons give you a chance to create the most beautiful candies for your guests. You have such color options as green, pink, red, and spots.

Luckily, these are the colors associated with candies. Wrapping the candies with colorful watermelon inspired covers is also a consideration.

Candies are perfect inclusions during parties. They will energize your visitors and give kids a memorable event.

They are also a way to keep your guests engaged during discussions, presentations, or whatever proceedings will be taking place. They are colorful when placed on the table or plate.

Watermelon Dress Code

Invited guests should know that the dress code is inspired by watermelons. This can be indicated on your invitation card, with pictures or graphics indicating your intentions.

It is not mandatory to have the watermelon on the dress. Rather, patrons can settle for green, red, and dots on their cloths.

It gives your party the best color shades, making the party interesting for participants.

The color combination and variety in dressing will give you excellent memories and photos for your event. It also opens up numerous fashion ideas for participants to make your event colorful. 

Watermelon Table Decoration

The table is one of the installations that can be used to create the most magnificent watermelon party decorations. A table cloth with watermelon graphics creates a breathtaking scene for your guests.

The watermelon patterns may come in the form of embroidery or printed patterns. Red, pink, and green strings may also be used on the borders of your table cloths. 

Table polythene covers are also an option if you are looking for an exciting watermelon pattern.

The patterns are printed on the polythene and may be customized to reflect your desired theme. Such table covers are easy to clean and considered more hygienic than the traditional table cloths made of cotton or wool. 

Green And Red Color Code

The watermelon does not have to appear in your graphics at the party. The fruit has very distinct color green and a unique texture for red or pink.

When these two shades are used to decorate an event, the idea of a watermelon will fit naturally. Draping, balloons, utensils, and all other items used during your party should be made of the two color combinations. They give the perfect watermelon feel. 

Watermelon Ice Cream 

Ice cream forms a perfect inclusion during a party as dessert or as a snack. The ice cream effect is created using green cups and the pink ice cream.

The green cup makes the ice cream to feel cool while the pink gives it the icy effect. An edible ice cream cup will make the ice cream more satisfying since there will be no container left to return after your tasty ice cream. 

Watermelon Gift Bags

Guests receive gifts during parties or will be asked to bring their gifts along. A gift bag made using watermelon theme will help to complete the theme for your event.

The watermelon may be printed on the sides of the gift bags. An entire gift bag may be made of materials that signal watermelon.

These options help to give your party the strong watermelon feel and send away your guests with a memorable artifact to make your party a party of their lives. 

Slices Of Watermelon

Use actual slices of watermelons to decorate your party. Watermelons provide a lot of space and options to use the actual fruit for decoration purposes. The fruit also comes in a shape and size that allows you to exercise creativity. 

The watermelon may be used as a sponge to pin flowers for decorating your table. Creative sculptors also mold interesting images on the watermelon for decoration purposes.

They can be curved into flowers, beautiful animals, faces of people, and any other image that will help you to make a statement.

watermelons on a rack

The watermelon may also be sliced into creative shapes and placed in strategic places within the room or on the table to pass the same message.

The different colors and textures of watermelons will make your venue interesting to watch. A single watermelon is enough to decorate a room that will host hundreds of patrons. 

Create Watermelon Banners

Use the watermelon theme to create banners that will make your venue attractive to visitors. The banners may be made from actual watermelon slices, papers with the theme colors, or ordinary red/pink and green paper slices. 

Banners add a unique taste to the organization of your party. They provide space to add a personalized message about the reason for your celebration.

The addition of lighting strips on the banners adds another dimension to your decoration. The banner can be hang on the walls or strategically around the venue.

Peeled Watermelon Balls

The watermelon offers extensive room for creativity. This creativity can turn the inner flesh into balls that make excellent decorations. The outer cover of the melon is cut at the half mark.

The upper part is peeled while the lower one remains with the green cover.

The balls feel as though they are wrapped candies on a green bowl. The balls are cut into different shapes and sizes to make the table more impressive. The balls may also be served in a dish as pudding. 

Use Watermelon as Flower Vases 

Cut out the inner flesh of the watermelon to create a bowl that will be used to hold flowers. The inside flesh may also serve as a sponge on which you will pin your flowers.

The melon may also be cut into halves and used to create a centerpiece for your event.

Drill holes onto the watermelon surface and place you your flowers on the watermen. Watermelons of different sizes also help to create different effects on the table. 

Light The Room Using Watermelon Bulbs

Lighting is a perfect decoration idea for any party. Whether it is held during the day or night, lighting will give you a unique effect for your party.

Red and green bulbs will give your venue a watermelon effect. The solid green and red on watermelons provide perfect lighting for your venue. 

Lighting may be done on the floor, wall, or roof of the venue. Since some watermelons come in a light pink color, the light will provide enough brightness for all corners of your room. They also help to create the perfect melon atmosphere for your party. 

watermelon party decorations

Watermelon Utensils 

Serve your guests using utensils decorate with watermelon colors. They may be green and red or with graphics that depict a watermelon. The colors are beautiful and perfect for a cup, kettle, plate, and such other items on the table.

The utensils are also customized with watermelons. Manufacturers of customized watermelon utensils will include a personalized message for your items on the table. It is cool to take your meals with utensils with watermelon decorations. 

Watermelon Table Decorations 

Splash your table with watermelon images and graphics. The decorations come in the form graphics, embroidery, utensils, and such other items that are placed on the table. Make a melon theme on your table so that the entire table looks magnificent.

a man holding a watermelon

The most beautiful watermelon party decorations are those borne out of creativity.

The green, red, and pink colors will give you the best setting for a party. Beyond using images, balloons, and utensils, you may use the actual melons to decorate your table.

A decorated table makes the party appetizing and memorable for those in attendance. Use watermelons to create the most unique party environment.