20 Fun Bowling Party Decorations Ideas

Bowling is a relaxing idea for friends and family to pass time. It creates a relaxing yet engaging idea for people to spend time. The idea of bowling can be effectively used to create the best party experience. If you can implement the best bowling party decorations ideas, you will be on your way toward creating a perfect venue.

bowling pins

Bowling has different elements that should inform your choice of decorations. It will also take your creativity to capture the bowling theme in your decorations. Here are creative decoration ideas informed by the game of bowling. 

Bowling Inspired Invitation Card

Guests will associate words and images with the person who sent the invitation. Create an invitation card that is informed by bowling images and scene. This is a departure from the ordinary rectangular card. It makes your invitation memorable and will make the invitees to look forward to your party. 

Bowling Party Bags

Gifts from or to guests could be put in bags that are inspired by bowling. The party bags may hold drinks, food, gifts, and other items that are required in a party. When the gift bags are used to hold presents, the entire place feels like a bowling scene. The guests or recipients will also forever remember the gifts because they were packaged in a unique pack. 

Bowling Banner

Banners are used to decorate the venue for your party, but may also be used to pass a special congratulatory message. Create a bowling banner using images made from a bowling scene. Some of these images include the bowling pin, kegel, and carpet, among others. They set the mood for a scene that is to be used for partying by bowling enthusiasts. 

Bowling Alley

The bowling alley is an iconic addition to any bowling inspired party. The game of bowling involves an alley with pins at the end. It is exciting for visitors to feel that they are entering into a bowling arena immediately they get to your house or the party venue. The alley may also be created in different sections of the room with pins placed at the end of the alley. 

Actual Bowling During the Party

The fun of bowling is in the actual game. How about incorporating it at different sections of your party and party venue? For instance, you may place a bowling alley at the entrance of your room. Each visitor will be expected to bowl upon entering the room. Winners could carry gifts out of the party. The competition does not have to take place at an alley that is strictly designed for bowling. The idea of bowling is what will excite your party participants. 

Bowling On Your Table

Decorate the table with bowling items and images. The decorations bring the idea of bowling home for participants. The places they will spend most of their time during the party should have images of bowling alleys, pins, and kegels, among other icons. The images are printed on table clothes to make the statement bolder. 

Bowling Party Cups Bowling Party Decorations

There is no limit on where the bowling message will be inscribed during a party. Buy customized bowling party cups for your guests. It is one of the most unique bowling party decorations ideas you can explore. Every sip the visitors make will remind them that they are at a bowling themed event. 

Bowling Light Bulbs

Bowling items like pins and alleys can be converted into lighting accessories. The bulbs are built in the shape of pins with different colors and decorations. They may hang from the roof, wall, or strategic places within the venue. The lit pins may also be placed on the alley as visitors walk into your venue. This is a unique and memorable way of marking your event.

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Bowling Cake 

A cake crowns any event. Crown your party with a unique cake that reminds everyone that the event is about bowling. The main cake may be prepared in the form of the bowling ball. Decoration on the cake may take the form of pins. Use the cake to make a bowling statement, especially using decorations. 

Bowling Candies 

Candies help party goers to maintain high energy before meals and during speeches. People chew on these candies to keep themselves busy during the event. Request customized bowling candies for your guests to add some spice to the party. Every bite will feel like a turn on the alley. The patrons will also want to keep engaging with your candies as they enjoy proceedings or interact at the party. 

Bowling Balloons 

Balloons are an excellent accessory for any party. They help you to decorate the venue as well as write personalized messages for the patrons to enjoy. The design of your balloons will include options such as pins, balls, or their images could be printed on the surfaces of the balloons. These balloons are used individually or part of banners that will pass a bowling message. 

Bowling Shaped Lollipops 

Lollipops help participants in a party to keep their energy levels high. Order customized bowling lollipops and use them to keep your patrons engaged. While children will love the lollipops, adults will also enjoy the thought of a bowling sweet. The shape will mimic the kegels, ball, or the wrappers will capture the bowling theme. The lollipops can be used as souvenirs, or be used to decorate cakes and the party tables. 

Bowling Trophies

While a party is not a competition, trophies and take-away gifts help to send off guests with memorable trophies. The trophies may capture the name or nature of event. A date or the achievement that you are celebrating may also be included on the trophies. Customized bowling trophies give visitors or guests excellent memorabilia that will help to cement your relationship.

Bowling Badge 

It is exciting to discover that you are going to the same event when you see a person with a similar badge. Organizers can create badges made from bowling symbols. The badges are also used to identify patrons as well as organize them during the event. You may write their names, table numbers, or include ideas that help you to organize the party better. 

Bowling Postage Stamps

The stamps form part of your invitation cards. They help you to make a statement from the beginning of your party organization. Immediately the guests see your invitation, they will begin to prepare for the theme of your event. Use bowling stamps and graphics on your envelope to make a statement so that the recipients can be prepared by the time they receive the invitation. 

Bowling Dress Code

Instruct the guests to put on cloths associated with bowling. Though there are no special cloths for bowling, an indication that you are attending a sporty event will do the trick. The symbols on their cloths could also signal a bowling theme. Participants will identify each other from the dress code. The dress code also helps to set the mood for your party. Special shoes may also help you to create the bowling effect for your party. 

Use Bowling Items To Decorate The Room 

Old bowling items can be used to decorate the room and different spaces within the venue. When pins and balls are no longer useful, they can help you to create the best bowling atmosphere. It is exciting to see actual bowling items in a room during the party. The excitement is higher than dealing with decorations and imitations of bowling artifacts. 

Bowling Flower Vases 

Flowers make a party venue more attractive. Instead of mounting flowers on an ordinary vase, you can use a bowling themed flower vase to spice up your event. The flower vases made from bowling balls and pins will set the mood for your party. Old bowling items like balls can actually be used as flower vases. They may be decorated or left plain since the shape and design are enough to make a statement. The holes on the balls will be perfect for placing your flowers. 

Use Candlepin Theme

The candlepin kegels are popular in US and unique because of their shape. They do not take the bottle shape that is common with traditional bowling. However, you can use them to create a unique bowling experience for your party. They are more stable and convertible into wine and juice glasses. They may also form flower vases because of their shape. They are close to your conventional items for hosting a party.

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Host The Event at a Bowling Lounge 

A bowling lounge saves you the trouble of excessive decoration. It naturally sets the mood for your party. Guests attending your party will also be expecting a bowling theme. This is a natural way of decorating your venue for the party. 

The ideas for bowling party decorations are endless. It requires a little creativity so that the venue, tables, food, drinks, and participants during the party will catch the bowling fever. It gets more exciting when items for your bowling party are personalized. This will guarantee the most amazing bowling themed party.