20 Funky Birthday Decorations Ideas for Parties

Truth be told, there’s a time when your special day sneaks up on you- you realize that your birthday is here with you and you don’t have something for your pals.

Birthday Decorations Ideas

Yes, it can prove difficult to figure out a cool theme that you and your birthday party guests will like.

That’s why this article brings along tons of birthday decorations ideas to give you the best inspiration for your next big day. Maybe you can pin it somewhere so that it’ll help you in planning beforehand. Read on.

birthday sign

Paper Pinwheels

Who said that birthday parties must always be expensive? Well, you can actually host a killer party with simple and relatively cheap decoration ideas. For example, you can get some scrap paper to make pinwheels that match your party theme. Dress up furniture-tables and chairs, etc., the cake’s spot and the gift area with whimsical accents of your choice.

Rainbow-Themed Water

Create a magical scene on your party tables with water, flowers and food, all with colors of the rainbow. This is super-easy and simple to make, and your party guests will definitely adore it.

Balloon Ceiling

Balloons and birthday parties go hand in hand-they’re inseparable. Nearly every one of us has an idea how to do this. Usually, balloons are used as pendants, so you can dangle them down your ceiling. Or yet still, you can use them as wall art.

The creative folks will tape them to the ceiling instead of having them floating in the air.


Making use of party pennants is yet another cool birthday decoration idea. Why? They cover up blank spaces and dull walls while you host your part. They help to enhance the appearance of the walls of your rooms. 

The best part about this idea is that it’s a very economical way to give your rooms a facelift. And then they come in a range of colors and patterns!

Coffee Filter Décor

We’re talking about using coffee filter papers to create anything floral- peonies to garlands. One reason why you’ll fall in love with this idea is their round shape and style of crinkles.

So, plan to decorate your pot vases, tables, doors, and walls with these classic decorations.


Graffiti decoration is made up of pop art and flashy colors. Those are the main elements that make graffiti a perfect fit for pulling a killer birthday party.

Without a doubt, your pals will be delighted to celebrate your anniversary in a fun-party treat.

Photo Paparazzi

This idea involves using photos that hang loosely from ribbons on a ceiling. The idea is to have photos dangling everywhere in your room.

To creatively enhance the emotion of photos, use colored glows of lights in between the photos and in the entire room.

Tea light candles and lanterns can work well for your party. Give this wonderful idea a try.

Unique Decorations

Use warm colors for your special day. It’s more appropriate to use red and white shades with contrasting backgrounds, maybe bluish.

Just find ways to creatively decorate your lanterns, tables, carpets, and there you have it! Maybe you can float popcorn bags. Or you can choose to add piñata for your occasion.

Almost anything done creatively can be a success. You see, decorating like a pro all boils down to top-notch creativity and imagination.

Customized Banners

Gone are the days when we used to just buy any cake and décor with a “happy birthday” on it. These days, you need to take things to a whole new level by personalizing your party.

Have personalized banners, complete with your name and maybe your age. Make sure to make it the highlight of your big day. This is going to create a lasting impression on your guests.

Just make sure that you’ve branded everything that will be used that day- cups, pavements, banners, gifts, and everything. Personalization of your event may also mean that facial paintings on you and your guests read your name and age. Do that even for the t-shirts if you’ve some.

Neon Glow

There’s arguably no better birthday party idea than infusing a cool glow of neon lights in the background.

Use various patterns and shades of neon to invoke the mystery of your party. Neon glow is a perfect fit for a noir or gothic-themed party.

And it would mean your initiation into your future, or better still, embody your conflicting feelings and emotions in the open.

children celebrating a birthday party

Baking Party

While it’s widely believed that bakery items are meant for kids, the truth is that we all love them, right? Well, whether it’s cookies, cupcakes, pastries, patties, or sandwiches, we love them all.

How about using bakery items to decorate the tables? It’s also another awe-inspiring idea. You can also choose to fill balloons with confetti and have your guests blow them up.

You see, it’s just about finding ways to make your party stand out from the ordinary parties. Making use of mouth-watering cupcakes and such jokes can easily set your party in the mood.

Reptile Party

Now, this one is for animal lovers. Why not throw a reptile party if you love crocodiles or lizards? Or an amphibian party if you love frogs?

Animal parties are not only fun, they’re also educational especially if they’re being done for kids. Now, if you love snakes, top your cupcakes with frostings that resemble a slithering snake.

If you’re brave enough, you can also go for materials with huge drawings of your favorite reptiles. Or maybe arrange balloons in its shape. This will bring a feeling of the jungle closer to your guests.

Candies Decoration

Imagination should always come in handy when figuring out how to make your next birthday party a killer party.

It’s specifically crucial especially if you’re operating on a tight budget but still want to wow your guests. You and your pals can buy cards, hats and even glass jars, place candies in them and distribute them during your party. That’s yet another great way to have a decorative birthday party.

Elegant Décor

Elevate your birthday party decorations with additions of elegant décor. This may include classic floral patterns, candles, silver or gold color schemes, etc. Coupled with attention to detail, appropriate choice of venue and elegance can make your party a memorable one.

Black and White Decorations

Of all the funky birthday decoration ideas, this is the simplest and the most classic decoration. It’s a go-to idea, especially for most adult parties.

With this one, possibilities are just endless- black and white balloons, flowers, cups, dressing, there’s no end. Just make sure to let your guests be aware that this is the theme you’re considering. Include that in that in the invitation cards.

Dessert Table

A dessert table won’t get your party in the mood but it’s also a very important part of your decorations.

Whether it is the cake table at the corner, you’ll want to have the dessert decorations match your party’s theme. Through making use of cute signs, presentations, or elegant icing, there are countless ways to make your dessert table stand out.


We’ve already talked about how you can make use of flowers to complement other decorating ideas, for example, you can arrange flowers in colors of the rainbow. Flowers are a staple decoration for any party let alone birthday parties.

That being said, it’s fundamental to be aware of the meanings of different flowers when picking or buying them.

You don’t want to bring unnecessary confusion to your party by using flowers meant for funerals at a fun party. Additionally, learn how to match floral colors.

Gift Table

These are common for most parties. You’ll need to set up yours with care lest it won’t stand out.

Maybe you can consider using thematic signs to label different tables at the entrance, so that your guests won’t struggle trying to locate where to place the gifts they’ve brought you.

To make it stand out more, add confetti, balloons and streamers. This way, your gift table will add to the overall room décor.


If you want to throw a birthday party for your little one, choose Lego theme because Legos are something that all kids love.

In fact, no kid will like it when you touch their Lego. For this, choosing this decorating idea will really uplift the mood of the kids attending the birthday party.

a birthday cake

Photo Collage

Sneaking in nostalgia into your special occasion can be a great thing. Putting together photographs of you growing up can work out well, so you can give it a try.

Make your visual impression a strong one, and it should be in different sizes and shapes. Tape them together and mount on your walls.

Actually, photo collages are a good conversation starter, so you can expect your party evening to pass quietly as your guests discuss meaningful things such as how you’ve grown taller and lighter.

And, it’s the cheapest of all the funky birthday decorating ideas for birthday parties!

Which idea have you chosen?

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