30 Best Monkey Shoulder Cocktails for Whisky Lovers

Are you looking to make a perfect monkey shoulder cocktail for your next party? We’re talking about making a tasty drink that will make your party a memorable one.

Best Monkey Shoulder Cocktails

When it comes to making the best monkey shoulder cocktails, the colder the better. In real terms, it’s playing around temperatures that bring about the difference.

Also, making sure to chill the cocktail glasses before serving the drink is yet another huge plus. This helps to keep the cold temperatures until your last sip.

Another trick whenever preparing monkey shoulder cocktails is to avoid muddling mint, as it would make the drink extremely dark and unappealing.

Remember, your main goal is to make your moments memorable ones. That being said, tap the mint leaves a bit to release the desired flavor to your drink.

best monkey shoulder cocktails

Now, on to the best monkey shoulder cocktails. By the time you’re done reading through the article, you should be able to make refreshing, free-spirited, and delicious monkey shoulder cocktails. They’re in fact fun and easy to make than you think. Read on.

Lazy Old-Fashioned Monkey Shoulder Cocktail

What’s better than to lazily say “cheers!” with your friends or guests with the monkey shoulder lazy old-fashioned? Probably nothing. This drink makes for a perfect serve for any type of party.

Ingredients: 1 bottle of monkey shoulder, 90 ml of fine sugar syrup, orange zest for garnishing, and bitters.

Take all the ingredients and place them in a cocktail shaker. Shake thoroughly and leave the mixture in the fridge.

Serve 50 ml of the drink per person in cocktail glasses with ice cubes and orange zest garnishing. Cheers!

Ice Ice Cocktail

For this cocktail, you’ll need monkey shoulder, syrup, lemonade, ginger addition, and mint and cucumber for garnishing.

Now, mix together 45ml of syrup, 15 ml of lemonade, monkey shoulder and ice and then stir gently. Top up the mixture with ginger ale and garnish with cucumber peel and fresh mint.

Monkey Thandai

This drink is usually a perfect blend of monkey shoulder and an addition of thandai flavor. To make it, you’ll need:

  • 45ml Monkey Shoulder
  • Egg white
  • Fine sugar
  • Thandai
  • Ground Nutmeg

Mix together all the ingredients and add a few ice cubes. Shake for an additional 10 seconds to emulsify the egg white. Strain into a glass and dust with the ground nutmeg.

Ape Spritzer

What you will need: 1 bottle of monkey shoulder, 30ml aperol, 5ml Agave syrup, 25ml orange juice, lemonade, tonic water, orange for garnishing, ice cubes, and wine goblet.

Fill the goblet with ice and add all the ingredients except tonic water. Next, top up with the tonic water and stir slightly. Garnish with the slice of orange.


Ingredients: 45ml Monkey Shoulder, 30ml vermouth, 30ml Campari.

In a mixing glass, mix all the ingredients. Next, add dry ice cubes and stir vigorously until the mixture is chilled. Once the mixture has attained your desired dilution, strain into cocktail or wine glasses and serve your guests.

Espresso Martini

This is yet another tasty and classic monkey shoulder cocktail that you should add into your small menu.

Ingredients: Monkey shoulder 40ml, 30ml espresso, 15ml Tia Maria, and a little fine sugar syrup to enhance taste.

Add all the ingredients to a shaker. Shake until foam starts to form. Next, strain into a martini glass and garnish coffee beans. Place the beans onto the foam and begin to sip your drink.

 Monkey Splash Cocktail

This cocktail is just sophisticated as you are, so give it a try.

You’ll need: 30ml Monkey shoulder, soda 45ml, and an orange wedge.

Pour the monkey shoulder into a cocktail glass and add a few ice cubes. Top with soda and then garnish with the slice of orange. Enjoy your drink.

Ginger Cocktail

Oh my God! Here’s OMG, that is orange, monkey, and ginger. Literally, this cocktail drink tastes like OMG!

Ingredients: Monkey shoulder 50ml, 120ml ginger ale, and a slice of orange.

Fill a cocktail glass with ice and then pour in the ginger ale and monkey shoulder whisky. Stir gently before garnishing with the slice of orange.

Monkey Colada

When monkey shoulder is involved in this cocktail, you get a pineapple taste. 

For this, you’ll need: Monkey shoulder 40ml, 20ml coconut rum, coconut water 60ml, 10ml lemonade, 2 pineapple rings, and some sugar syrup.

Place all the above ingredients in a blender and blend until the mixture has attained your desired smoothness. Add syrup to enhance the taste. Next, pour the mixture into a cocktail glass and garnish with the pineapple rings.

best monkey shoulder cocktails

Rob Roy

Ingredients: Monkey shoulder 50ml, Vermouth 25ml, bitters, and orange zest.

To paint the town orange, combine all the ingredients except the orange zest and stir over dry ice cubes. When the mixture is extremely cold, strain into a coupe glass prior to garnishing with the orange zest.

Jam Sour

Ingredients:  Monkey shoulder 50ml, lemonade 20ml, 5ml syrup, 2 tablespoon jam, orange bitters, and soda (optional).

Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake like a legend. Add a few ice cubes and shake for a further 20 seconds. Next, strain the mixture into a cocktail glass that is half-filled with dry ice. We talked about optional soda topping somewhere, so you can choose to or not to top with soda.

“Show Me” Monkey Shoulder Cocktail

Ingredients: Monkey Shoulder 50ml, Drambuie 20ml, 80ml apple juice, mint leaves, and a slice of orange for garnishing.

Shake together the monkey shoulder, apple juice, Drambuie and four fresh mint leaves. In a tall glass half-filled with dry ice cubes, strain the mixture. Garnish with the slice of orange and some mint sprigs. Cheers!

Monkey Mojito

Ingredients: Monkey Shoulder 50ml, lime juice 20ml, sugar syrup 15ml, bitters, Ginger ale, and a few mint leaves.

Mix together all the ingredients except the ginger ale. Muddle well to release your desired flavor. Now, top up with ginger ale and garnish with lime wedge and 3 to 4 fresh mint leaves. Next, serve in cocktail glasses.

Godfather Sour Monkey Shoulder Cocktail

This is a celebratory cocktail that you can incorporate into your next party’s menu. One thing you’ll certainly like about this drink is that it’s super-easy and fun to make. And then, it’s a classic drink that will, without a doubt, make yours a killer party. Or a memorable one. 

So what will you need for this cocktail?

  • 1.5 oz Monkey Shoulder
  • 0.75 oz Amaretto Liqueur
  • 0.5 sweet syrup
  • Egg white
  • 1 oz lemonade

Mix together all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake well, until the mixture is fully diluted. Strain into cocktail glasses and serve your guests. See how they feel. Clap for yourself.

French Monkey

Truth be told, there are many French Monkey recipes out there, but this one is the most reliable and well-known.

Now, get your old-fashioned glasses and these ingredients: 2 shots of Monkey Shoulder, 0.5 shot Elderflower liqueur, 0.5 shot apple juice, and one shot soda water.

For this cocktail, you’ll also require red wine glasses and In-glasses.

Add the ingredients together and experience the “madness” first hand. 

Please remember that there are very many variations and ways to make perfect French monkey cocktails, but the one above is the most common across the world.

That being said, you can always test your creativity and come up with your own twists that you and others can enjoy. Also, be responsible while you’ve fun, because you’re likely to get hooked to this drink despite the fact that it’s alcoholic.


While the name sounds more of antibiotics than an awesome cocktail drink, there’s actually nothing medicine in it. But it’s a sue great way to deal with stubborn winter blues, so let it come handy when that time comes. One thing you’ll like about this flavorful drink is that it’s refreshing and boozy, all at the same time.

Its fresh ginger and lemon will give you pleasing bites while the honey will enhance smoothness.

Ingredients: 2 oz Monkey Shoulder, 0.75 oz fresh lemonade, 0.75 honey syrup, 4 slices of ginger for garnishing, 0.25 oz smoky scotch.

In the base of a cocktail shaker, place the honey syrup and slices of ginger, and muddle gently. Combine all other ingredients except scotch and shake with dry ice cubes. Double-strain the mixture into a glass half-filled with ice. Use a bar spoon to splash scotch over the mixture. Next, garnish with ginger and serve. 

Rusty Nail

This one doesn’t need recipe, but for the sake of newbies, let’s do this:

Ingredients: 1 ounce of Monkey Shoulder whisky, 1 ounce if Drambuie, a slice of orange for garnishing.

Next, combine all the ingredients in a glass with ice cubes. Stir well like a pro and finish with 2-3 spritzes of bitters, preferably Angostura from an atomizer on top of the cocktail. Garnish with the slice of orange and enjoy your drink.

Mixed Up Cocktail

This is yet another awesome drink, and in its preparation, the ratios remain the same. And then it’s the perfect fit for a crowd. What this means is that you can throw a killer party with this amazing cocktail.

Ingredients: three parts soda, half part lemonade, three quarter part syrup, and 1 ½ parts monkey shoulder whisky. For garnishing, you can get some fresh mint.

Shae all the ingredients and garnish with the fresh mint. Serve in cocktail glasses.

Black Scot

Ingredients: Honey syrup, monkey shoulder, lemonade, and blackberries.

Muddle the blackberries, lemonade, and honey syrup in the bottom of the cocktail shaker. Next, add the monkey shoulder to give your drink a malty note with a flavor of caramel and vanilla.  Top the cocktail with honey and whipped cream to enhance the flavor and sweetness.

Long Tailed

Ingredients: Monkey Shoulder, Orange Mixer (long tail), and a slice of orange for garnishing.

First of all, fill a cocktail glass with a few ice cubes. Pour in the monkey shoulder whisky and then add the orange mixer. Garnish the drink with the slice of orange.

Magic Eight Ball

Ingredients: 1 ½ oz monkey shoulder, ¾ oz sweet vermouth, ½ oz roasted cocoa, ice cubes, bitters, and 1 lemon twist.

Combine all the ingredients except the twist and ice cubes. Next, add ice and stir gently. Strain the mixture into a cocktail glass prior to splashing the twist over the drink to garnish.

Smashing Cocktail

Ingredients: Lemon juice 20ml, mint leaves, pumpkin syrup 25ml, Monkey shoulder 40ml, small pumpkin, granulated sugar 60g, brown sugar 2 tsp, ½ tsp cinnamon, nutmeg powder, water 250ml.

Make the small pumpkin a shell and use the pulp to make syrup. Next, heat all the ingredients on a saucepan until smooth. Simmer for between 15-20 minutes while stirring every 2 minutes.

Remove the mixture from heat and sieve the liquid through a sieve into a mug to rid it of seeds and sticky pulp.

Combine the lemonade, pumpkin syrup, mint and the monkey shoulder in a cocktail shaker. Add a few dry ice cubes and pour the mixture into the hollow pumpkin shell. 

Garnish with mint sprigs and serve.


Ingredients: Monkey shoulder, boysenberries, lemon juice, sugar, and frozen ice. Beautifully mix all the ingredients to give you your desired taste and flavor. You actually need no recipe.

Peat and Tonic

This is commonly referred to as P&T, and it’s a perfect blend of tonic water and classic gin. You’ll certainly like its smoky flavor.

Ingredients: half lemon, 1 ½ oz scotch whisky, ¼ monkey, 1 oz tonic water, soda for topping.

Squeeze juice from the slice of lemon into a long-neck glass, and drop the used wedge into the glass as well. Pour the whiskies and tonic water into the glass and add crushed dry ice cubes. Stir well until the mix is chilled. Top up with soda and stir lightly for a further 10 seconds.

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“King of the Swingers”

There’s nothing that is more enjoyable than sipping a cocktail while watching your favorite film, right?

Now, this drink is inspired by the “King Kong” the popular movie. Just like the movie is fun, this cocktail is even funnier.

Ingredients: Monkey Shoulder 45ml, lemonade 25ml, 25ml guava juice,15ml banana extract, Pedro sherry 15ml.

Shake all the ingredients with ice cubes. Decant using a jar then smoke the mixture. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes for complete infusion. Into a cocktail glass with ice, pour the mixture and you’re good to go.

Cuff-Collar Drambuie Drink

Ingredients: 0.5 oz of Drambuie, 1 oz of Monkey Shoulder, 0.5 oz of Luxardo Liqueur, club soda, cherries for garnishing, and 2 ounces of Espresso cold brew.

Place ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and add all the other ingredients. Shake vigorously until the mixture is fully chilled. Next, strain into a wine or cocktail glass prior to topping with the cherries.

PB & J

Ingredients: Monkey Shoulder 20ml, peanut distillate 30ml, Pandan syrup 20ml, lemonade 20ml, Visciolata Cardinale, soda for top up, and fruit gum for garnishing.

First of all, get a highball glass because you’ll carry out a vigorous shake.

Now, in a cocktail shaker, mix together the peanut distillate, pandan syrup, monkey shoulder, fresh lemonade, visciolata cardinal and ice cubes, and shake like a legend.

Next, doube-strain the contents into the highball glass with crushed dry ice. Top up with the soda if you fancy it, and then garnish with fruit gum. Cheers!


If you want to prepare a cocktail to say “Thanks” to someone you value but you apparently can’t recall the name of that amazing drink you experienced during your last party, just call it the G-Munn.

This one is yet another classic which comes with desirable flavors and favorite ingredients- no one can resist this.

Ingredients: 1 ½ ounces of Monkey shoulder, ¼ ounces of Braulio, 1 ounce of Jasmine liqueur, 2 drops of lime, and rosemary sprigs.

Stir together all the above ingredients with ice cubes until the mixture is chilled. Double-strain into a coupe glass before splashing around the rosemary sprigs. Next, enjoy!

friends chatting over drinks/best monkey shoulder cocktails

Blood and Sand

This one is inspired by a movie that went by the same name in 1922.

Ingredients: 20ml of Monkey Shoulder, 20ml sweet vermouth, cherry brandy 20ml, orange juice 20ml, ice cubes, and 1 cherry for garnishing. As you can see, the thing is: maintain equal parts of all ingredients.

Mix together all the ingredients except cherry in a shaker and shake well for 10 seconds. Taste to test for balance and then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with cherry and enjoy your drink.

Blood Rose

Ingredients: monkey shoulder 45ml, cinnamon syrup 20ml, cream sherry 15ml, fernet branca 10ml, ½ smoked blood-orange, and six Thai bitters.

 Smoke the blood-orange for up to 2 hours. Garnish with rosemary and double-strain into a coupe glass. Next, rim the glass with orange zest. Taste to check whether your cocktail is fiery enough. How is the spiciness? Now, enjoy your monkey shoulder cocktails!

If you needed the Best Monkey Shoulder Cocktails for Whisky Lovers, look no further.

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