20 Best Apple Vodka Cocktails to Wow Your Party Guests

The apple flavor has for long been part of our favorite cocktails- whether it’s in apple juice, hot cider drinks, or the best tasty brandies, the apple flavor makes a great foundation for whatever drink you like. 

One thing you’ll certainly like about apples is that they’re naturally sweet fruits, which makes them a perfect fit for any soul-warming cocktail recipe. And you know what, when done well, apples can make for the best apple vodka cocktails to impress your guest during your next party.

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Ahead of that, discover the 20 best apple vodka cocktails that surprisingly taste better than they smell (actually they smell amazingly good). Let’s see.

Apple Vodka and Basil

Your holidays won’t be the same again if you add apple vodka with basil to your small menu. The apple cider is a cool drink especially during falls, but the basil can take it to another level by making it incredibly fresh.

To prepare this, you’ll need 1 oz of vodka, apple cider, ½ oz lemon juice, 2 leaves of basil and sliced apples for garnish. In a glass, muddle the lemon juice, basil leaves, and vodka. Fill with cider and stir. Serve for yourself your favorite apple vodka cocktail.

Green Apple Vodka Jolly Rancher

This one is more complicated as compared to others because you’ve to prepare it in stages. First of all, you dissolve jolly ranchers in vodka, and then you need to shake the bottle with the contents every now and then for a whole day!

You’ll need:

  • Jolly rancher infused vodka ¼ cup.
  • 1 ts lemon juice
  • 1 ts syrup
  • A slice of green apple
  • Green sugar and
  • Ice cubes

Wet the bottom of the glass and pour in some sugar. Add your apple vodka, lemon juice, syrup and ice cubes in a shaker. Shake well and pour the content into a martini glass and start enjoying your cocktail.

Apple Fairy Cocktail

For this cocktail, get a few ice cubes before you start the preparation. You’ll need:

  • 2/3 oz apple infused vodka
  • 3 oz apple cider
  • 2/3 oz liqueur 

In the cocktail glass, add 3 apple juice cold ice cubes. Add herbal liqueur and apple vodka. Then fill with apple cider.

Apple Vodka Kiss Cocktail

You’ll need 1 oz apple infused vodka, apple schnapps, and 1 oz of cream.

Mix all but remember to add cream as the last ingredient. Enjoy your drink.

Red Apple Cocktail

You’ll need 1 oz apple vodka, 1 tablespoon Grenadine syrup, and apple juice.

Combine all these in a shaker with ice cubes, cover and start shaking. Serve in a chilled martini glass. You can rim the cocktail glass with some green sugar and garnish with slices of red apple.

Queeny Tini Cocktail

Get sour apple pucker, (Green apple) twist vodka schanpps, melon liqueur, and 1 slice of apple. 

In a shaker with ice cubes, shake all the ingredients and garnish with the slice of apple.

Ninja Turtle

You’ll need 1 slice of lime, apple vodka, and ½ oz berry rush.

Pour the apple vodka in a cocktail glass with cold ice cubes. Top with the berry rush juice, add the slice of lime and serve.

Indian Apple Vodka Cocktail

Did you say you want to wow your guests during your next party? Well, look no further as Indian apple vodka cocktail can do exactly that. For example, with:

  • 1 oz apple vodka
  • 1 ¼ oz apple liqueur 
  • 1 oz apple juice and 
  • ½ oz sweet-sour mix,

You can have your guests more than impressed. Believe it or not, you only shaker and an old-fashioned cocktail glass to treat your guests to an awesome drink- the Indian way.

In a cocktail glass with ice cubes, shake all the above ingredients and then add the sweet and sour sugar rim. The next step is to enjoy your rink!

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True Apple Vodka Martini

Truth be told, apple vodka martinis have filled restaurant and bar menus for many decades. You see, there’s no shortage of recipes to do vodka martinis.

Another thing you’ll like about these ones is that they’re extremely simple to make. For example, you’ll only need apple vodka, bitters, dry vermouth, and you’ll get an awesome gin infused with apple vodka.

Plus, this martini is clean and crisp.

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Apple Martini

This is undeniably the easiest to make, not because apples are created with natural sweetness but because they can make for a well-tasting cocktail when prepared well.

Maybe this is the reason why they’re very popular across the world. 

While most of us are familiar with the brighter versions of apple green vodka cocktails, there are still many other variations that can give you an equally fun drink.

Talking of recipes, there are those that can use a drier profile and there are others that use green apple schnapps. It depends on personal preferences. 

Vodka Tonic

Now, when it comes to the best apple vodka cocktails that can offer you the ultimate refreshment, Vodka Tonic can be said to be the best of the best. In real terms, it’s just a simple soda tonic.

It’s nit sweet at all, so it won’t leave your taste buds yearning for unnecessary sugar. Also, most dinners like it because it cleanses your palates while you make more bites.

Tito’s Apple Vodka Infused with Cinnamon

To make this cocktail, you will need:

  • 1 apple
  • Homemade apple vodka
  • Red apple
  • Two cinnamon sticks’

Slice the apples and place them inside a jar and proceed to add cinnamon sticks and the homemade vodka.

Cover the content and leave for five days. But remember to taste every day. Once you notice that the infusion has attained your desired flavor, serve yourself and feel the refreshment.

Caramel Apple Cocktail- Manhattan

There’s no better experience drinking apple cocktails from long-stem old-fashioned glasses.

We’re talking about drinking classic caramel apple Manhattan, the apple vodka cocktail made with sweet dry vermouth, 2 ounces of bourbon,1/2 oz liqueur, 2 ounces of apple cider, and then garnished with an awesome caramel drizzle. Try that.

Autumn Apple and Sangria

This cocktail uses sangria pears and apples because this perfect blend can give your red wine a pleasant seasonal kick. Sangria is in fact very easy to make, because you’ll need nothing more than:

  • Red wine
  • Apple cider
  • Brandy
  • Apples and pears

You actually don’t require a recipe. Do this, cut the apples and pears into small slices. Next, add all other ingredients and stir everything together. Enjoy your cocktail.

Cranberry Margarita

No, apple margarita doesn’t need limes. Making your lime free cocktail of margarita is in fact easier than most I us think.

You simply need to mix apple cider, tequila, cranberry juice, and orange or citrus juice together in a cocktail glass with a brown-sugar rim.

Do you get the idea? Well, it’s as simple as that but you can still try it at home.

Apple Brandy Thanksgiving Fizz

This is a beautiful drink to serve your guests besides your thanksgiving feast. It’s full of spices, which makes it blend well with flavored foods.

Most people like it because it’s overly light but at the same time refreshing, so you won’t get full anytime soon.

Drink more and more apples, to keep the doctor away, as they say.

Apple Pie Cocktails

Under this category, we can talk about:

Moscow Mule: First of all, get a cocktail glass and pour into it equal parts of apple-infused vodka, cider, and ginger beer.

Vodka Spritzer: Wow your guests with this gift idea, especially during falls. It’s simple but delicious, so believe it or not, you can’t resist it. In a glass filled with ice cubes, pour apple cider and apple pie infused vodka, and cheers!

Berry Sweetheart

This delicious berry cocktail features cranberry, apple vodka, juices and honey. First of all, it’s as sweet as its name sounds.

And then it’s a simple fantastic drink. Also for this one, you don’t require a recipe because you only need to mix equal parts of juices and vodka with a little honey.

Toffee Apple Cocktail

Talking of candy apple martinis, this is arguably the sweetest. Mix citrus and apple vodka in equal parts, in addition to homemade syrup of toffee.

You’ll certainly like how easy it is to make this cocktail. Meanwhile, plan to add it to any future party or event.

Apple Delight Cocktail

Finally, we’ve apple cider, vodka and Japanese whiskey in the same cocktail glass!

But you can also spice the drink a bit with cinnamon sticks to give the contents a seasonal kick.

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Make The Best Apple Vodka Cocktails for Your Party

One thing we all like about apple vodka cocktails is that they make for the ultimate additions to any party and bars.

You see, they’re just super easy to make and then you can always adjust the addition of the ingredients to achieve your desired taste.

Maybe you can always carry this masterpiece around, just in case you’ve a party.

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