10 Black and Silver Party Decoration Ideas for a Glitzy night

Black and silver go well together, and these two colors can be used for a party. If you are thinking of holding a party with these two colors, please do not hold back. 

Black and Silver Party Decoration Ideas

We are here to encourage you and let you know that it is possible to use black and silver as your theme colors.

This classic combination will have your guests marveling at your ability to pull together a classy party that will always be remembered.

black and silver party decoration ideas

In this article, we give you a black and silver party decoration ideas to help you as you prepare for your party.

With our ideas, your glitzy party will be lively and visually pleasing.

Whether you are planning for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, this sophisticated combination of colors can be used cleverly in the ways we describe below.


Inviting friends and family to your party is the first step to ensuring that you have your preparations in control.

If you are having and a black and silver party, then this is your first chance to give your guests a clue about what they should expect. Also, these invitations add a personalized touch to your party.

In this case, you can make your invitations using a black and silver patterned wallpaper and cut it to the size you want your invitations to be. Using glue stick, attach the card and the paper. 

If you are technologically savvy, this is your chance to play with decorative fonts and script the words of your invitation.

Once that is done, print it out on a paper that is slightly smaller than the card frame. Center the printed paper over the card and use glue to stick it to the paper. This will leave you with black and silver borders for your guests to enjoy.

You can touch up your invitations by using black and silver envelopes. Add some silver glitter into the envelope before sealing it to drive the point home.


There is a great variety of black and silver balloons that you can use to your advantage when planning a party with this theme. You can choose from a variety of balloons online, and they can be anything from life-size, air-filled, word and phrase or light-up balloons. 

black and silver party decoration ideas

You can arrange the balloons in arches, garlands, or bouquets according to what you desire. 

Whichever way you choose to go, balloons are a relatively cheap way to add on to your décor and make your venue look classy.

Wine labels

Accessorize your wine bottles with black and silver labels for a neat yet classy feel. 

You can get your friends to help you do this a few days before the party to help ease the pressure that comes with preparing for a party. 

These wine labels can also be ordered online. Have the online label makers working for you by ordering a customized wine label that suits your black and silver theme, and you will have the party of everyone’s dream. 

Table clothes

Table clothes accentuate the look of any party. Working with tablecloths as a black and silver party decoration idea requires you to experiment and come out with the best version for your party.

For example, you can decide to dress the tables with black tablecloths and have silver table runners to complete the look.

However, this is not all there is to do with black and silver table cloths. 

You can choose to customize your tablecloths to suit your desires and wow your guests in return.

Complement your table clothes with attractive centerpieces for a complete look as these often go together. 

You can sprinkle confetti on your tablecloths for an extra dash of drama. 

Remember to prepare yourself early enough if you are going to order your centerpieces from an online shop. 

Floral arrangements

Flowers go well with all kinds of parties, and your black and silver party is just the right place to experiment. 

Use silver-gray roses, black irises, and tulips for your decoration. You can alternate the flowers in silver and black vases for a neat finish.

You will see how well these two colors will work as centerpieces for your table as well. 

Remember, convenience is key at parties. Order your flowers a few days before the party to avoid any last-minute rush and cases of missing décor. 

Place markers

Having place markers is not just an idea that can be utilized in boring political conferences.

You can make wonderful place markers for your guests as part of your black and silver party décor. 

Print the names of your guests on small place markers and frame the cards with silver. 

After the party is over, you can let your guests go home with these place markers. 

This wonderful piece of art will show your guests that you thought of them.

black and silver party decoration ideas

The food

Art can be found everywhere, even in food. Create some fun for your guests by cleverly adding black and silver to their food. This can be done in many ways and is for you to explore, but we can give an example. 

Make a potato appetizer by boiling your potatoes unskinned. Next, open the potatoes at the top once they are cooked.

Add a spoonful crème Fraiche and top with chopped black olives to build on the silver and gray decoration theme. While this dish is simple, it is budget-friendly and yummy. 

When the time for the main meal comes, you can use several alternatives, including shrimp served over wild black rice or black linguine, according to your tastes and budget. 

black and silver party decoration ideas

Further, incorporate the black and silver theme into your dessert by serving your guests chocolate cupcakes with white icing and silver nonpareils for decoration

Also, you can cleverly play your black and silver into the theme by serving your guests chocolate wrapped in foil or offering black licorice and jellybeans. 


Alcoholic beverages are an important part of any party. You can serve cocktails that fit your black and silver theme to add flair to the whole affair.

You can create a black martini using black vodka or use combinations such as black vodka and raspberry liquor. Mix the ingredients over ice and strain the resulting mixture into a martini glass. 

You can dip your martini glass into black and silver cocktail rimming sugar to incorporate the theme colors into your drinks.


If you are looking for extra drama in your glitzy party, then adding some candles to your décor is an excellent idea. 

Get some decorative design silver and black candles and some holders to go along with them. These candleholders and candles can alternatively be used as centerpieces.

Utensils and cutlery

Utensils and cutlery are part of any party where food is to be expected. However, you can play around with the color theme of gray and silver in this case too. 

For instance, you can use black place with silver cutlery at your party. Finish off the look by using silver and black napkins. 

This clever way of incorporating black and silver into your party settings will be memorable for your guests for a long time to come.

What to do before the party

Your silver and black party is the highlight of the day, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your party is a success.

Have some extra furniture

Your silver and black party is all the rage, and people are enjoying themselves. Many of them are talking to each other, and they have left their tables. With all this life in your party, there is nothing to worry about.

Your guests may need to take a seat or even rest when they get tired, and it pays to be prepared for such eventualities. 

You can invest in extra furniture for such emergencies. It does not have to be expensive as you can invest in some cheaper options, such as the inflatable chairs found online.

Just be sure that these chairs fit in with the rest of your furniture and that they are not too big for your room, which would make them look out of place. 

Alternatively, you can station the extra furniture outside for those who prefer to enjoy a breeze in the outdoors. 

Whichever way you choose to do it, remember that extra furniture works in your favor because you can use them even after the party is over.

Clean the bathroom

Your guests are going to be using the bathroom every once in a while. This is the reason why it is important to ensure that every part of the bathroom is clean. 

black and silver party decoration ideas

The bathroom is the last thing that many people think about when hosting a party, and yet the bathroom says a lot about how hygienic you are.

Concentrate on washing the toilet, and the sink as those are the two parts of the bathroom that your guests will interact with directly. 

Ensure there are toilet paper and clean hand towels for your guests to use after visiting the toilet. 

That’s it on Black and Silver Party Decoration Ideas.