20 Amazing Ideas for a Havana Nights Themed Party to Remember

Are you looking for a Havana Nights Themed Party idea that you will never forget? You are in the best place since I will guide you with the best 20 amazing ideas.

You will be lost for choice since these ideas are all fantastic and will satisfy all the guests.

The themes include all the fantasy you ever wished to be in a party worth remembering. Read on to find one that suits your taste.

women taking a photo in a party

CowBoys and CowGirl

To make a memorable Havana Nights Themed Party, you need to preserve a fire space in the backyard. The party will work best during winter as you allow your friends to wear their best western design.

You have to keep a series of songs that have easy steps for a cowgirl and a cowboy. The party will be so enjoyable as there will be no room to freeze unless there is no dancing competition.

Entertain your guests by giving them sheriff badges and bandana to keep them in high spirits. A cowboy and cowgirl must have a specific hat and boots to signify the western attire for them to attend the party.

Use the fire pit to light fire and burn some of the foods your guests will take. The fire will also keep the environment warm and spice the party.

Pool Party

A pool party works best during summer. It will be exciting to have a cool breeze by the pool at night. Your guests will not get bored around the pool as long as you have beach balls and pool volleyball.

A match among friends at the beach is one of the best Havana Nights Themed Party you can ever imagine. Make sure you have an experienced lifeguard in case of any emergency during the swimming competition.

Allow your friends to wear bikinis of their choice, which will prevent them from rejecting the offer. Make sure you have different kinds of drinks and cocktails to satisfy your friends and make the party merrier.

Finally, if you hire an experienced dancer, your friends and other guests will enjoy and learn new western country dances.

Hollywood Star Themed Party

In case your friends love Hollywood stars, then you do not have to go far looking for a theme. Let your guests wear each according to how their favorite movie star wears.

To spice the party, inform your guests that there will be a competition on the best dress code. The winner will also get an undisclosed present to motivate them to get ready for the game.

Additionally, make sure you have a red carpet to create a fantastic Havana Nights Themed Party. To avoid monotony during the party, look for the trending Hollywood star photos and display them at the entrance and in the venue.

The event room design is like a movie set to give a real feeling of Hollywood. Trust my words that this idea will be worth remembering.

Pyjama Themed Party

This is another great and fantastic idea for a Havana Nights Themed Party. The party can be best to reunite lost friends. The guest will have to come in their pajamas as a must-have attire.

Make sure the room is arranged in a sleeping mood by having pillows and blankets on the floor. To spice it, take photos as you catch up with bedtime stories.

The stories never end, especially if you have not met for a long time. It will be a fantastic catch up time to remember.

Wig Themed Party

Do you love wearing wigs? It will be a great Havana Nights Themed Party idea to have all your guests in wigs.

The wigs must not be of similar color to allow your guests to wear their favorite colors.

Also, plan competition, and the unique wig will be given an award. You need to be in a wig too to make the guests feel at home.

Red Dress themed Party

The party will be most suitable for valentine’s day or an anniversary. This is because red signifies love creating a great Havana Nights Themed Party.

Make sure that all decorations in the venue are red, serve the drinks red or clear, have red flowers for each guest and make sure the dress code is red.

Beach Party

In case you love swimming, a beach party will be a great Havana Nights Themed Party.

Ask your guests to have beach costumes and make sure there are different types of refreshing drinks for the guests.

You need a professional lifeguard in case of any emergency during the swimming competition. A beach party gives the best fresh feeling, especially in the summer, and also helps relieve stress.

Fortune telling party

A fortune-teller must be available to spice this Havana Nights Themed Party.

To bring out the fortune-telling mood, make sure you have beaded curtains, have crystal balls, and use glow in the dark decorations.

Also, let the dress code be similar to gypsies, which will keep your guests mentally prepared for the fortune-telling section. The occasion will be best for adults who have an interest in knowing about the future.

Wine Tasting

It is an adult Havana Nights Themed Party. It will be a cost-effective party as you have to request each guest to come with their favorite wine.

Use non-scented candles to avoid irritating any guest who is allergic to smell.
Additionally, the candles will make your party dim as required giving a wine tasting mood. To make the party more interesting, ask your guests to create a unique decoration on the wine bottles.

Vote for the best-decorated bottle and give a special award to the most unique as per the votes.

Tea Party

Have you been wondering how a tea party can be one of the best Havana Nights Themed Party?

The answer is yes. You need enough well-cooked tea and scones and other snacks that can go well with tea.

Fresh flowers will bring the best feeling of an evening tea party. Winter is the best season to organize a tea party where you will keep warm as every guest catches up.

people partying in a club/Havana Nights Themed Party

Pet Party

The invitation card should include the date and requirements necessary to make the best Havana Nights Themed Party. Most people love pets so, allow them to carry their favorite pet to the party.

It will be a good idea to have kids invited since they love pets too. Make your venue bearable for pets and have enough space to play.

Additionally, let your guest vote for the well-groomed pet. The best pet will get an award as a way of encouraging everyone in the party to take better care of their pets.


How do you maintain silence while watching a movie? Make sure you have plenty of popcorn to keep everyone busy as they watch.

To bring out the mood in a movie room, decorate the expected venue with a picture of the latest movies.

You need to search and come out with exciting movies that are unique. This will make your guests enjoy and have a fantastic Havana Nights Themed Party to remember.

For comfort, use floor pillows and make sure they are enough for your guests.


You will need varieties of cocktail and make sure the theme color is black and white.

The theme color involves decorations and dress code. Cocktail preparation is easy and fast; hence you need to create a station where your guest can make their cocktail.

Play music that relates to a cocktail and make sure that the waitress is professional before hiring. Additional foods that can line with a cocktail are veggies and salads.

Note that this is an all adult party that displays Havana Nights Themed Party to remember.


A Sports themed party is an excellent idea for Havana Nights Themed Party.

The dress code must be sports attire as well as the decorations which must relate to sport.

In case you have space, you can play table tennis or just have watched a sports movie to burn the midnight oil.

Dance Party

A dance party can suit children and adults. To get the best Havana Nights Themed Party to remember, do not host adults and children at the same time.

They should be in different locations. Prepare enough dance floor with disco lights to spice the event.

An experienced dance instructor is a great deal in case you can afford it. You also need to give prizes to the best dancers who will make the event memorable. Offer refreshments to your guests as they will get thirsty during the dance.


Garden party is a great idea to remember the Havana Nights Themed Party. Allow your guests to tag their children along as it will be an exciting moment for them.

The backyard of your house is a suitable place to have the event. Decorate using fresh flowers to avoid getting out of the topic.

Fruits such as oranges, melon, pineapple among all other delicious garden fruits must be present.


A yoga party is an excellent idea for a Havana Nights Themed Party. As you invite your guests, remind them to dress in yoga attire.

Book a yoga instructor who will be able to entertain your guests and make them have a memorable party.

Offer tea, fruits, and vegetables to your guests to bring out the yoga session feeling.

As you prepare for the event, you will need to place a yoga book for each guest on the table and decorate the venue using dim lights.

Disney/Mickey or Minnie Mouse

Children love cartoons, and anything related to animations makes children happy.

In this case, if your child has an incoming birthday, Havana Nights Themed Party is a great idea.

Make all decorations using Disney themes with black, red, and yellow colors. The cake can be an image of Mickey Mouse or any other image related to Disney.

Additionally, play Disney movies and songs to spice the event.

Rock Star

To bring out the theme of this party, ideally allow your guests to wear their best rock stars.

Later in the night, cast votes for the one who has the best attire representing rock stars.

Present the award to the winner and welcome them all to the dance floor. Only rock songs and movies should play during this event. Do not go out of topic, which will make it a memorable Havana Nights Themed Party.

adults dancing

Take your Guests to Cuba

This destination will depend if you are financially ok to be able to cater for all the expenses. The best time to have this kind of party is during summer.

However, children can also tag along since the place has plenty of brightly colored petals and a green environment.

Havana Nights Themed Party is expressed as your guests enjoy the hot night in Cuba.

Last Word on Ideas for a Havana Nights Themed Party

The discussion above gives you 20 best ideas for a themed night party worth remembering.

I am sure you are lost for choice since they are all fantastic and worth trying.

It is not wrong to try all of them each at a time to experience the real feeling of a Havana Nights Themed Party.