20 Fun Karaoke Party Ideas for Adults

If you’re looking forward to hosting a killer summer party any time soon, you should know how to add to the fun that a karaoke party can bring.

You see, karaoke parties are arguably the most fun parties we have around. They’ve been around for many decades now, and we all love the spectacular sounds that those parties come with.

We’re going to explore 20 karaoke party ideas for adults, after which you’ll be able to choose one or two, or even 10 ideas you can incorporate into your upcoming karaoke themed party to make it a memorable one. Read on.

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Musical Karaoke Party

Truth be told, all karaoke fans love music too, right? This means that a musical theme for your karaoke party can be a sure great idea, especially if you want you, your guests and everything to appear a bit flashy.

Now, plan beforehand- get famous musical tunes and add them to your playlist. Have partygoers sing their hearts out.

Of course, you can go the extra mile and make your party theme more specific, maybe jazz or rock, award-winning musicals only, and such jokes. It helps to, first of all, read the mood of your guests to see the kind of tunes they love.

The 90s

Choosing a theme based on a whole decade of music is always a fantastic idea.

Though the 20th and 21st centuries came with a whole lot of awesome hits, the best decades to base your theme party on are the 70s, 80s, and 90s. But believe it or not, you’ll love the 90s hip hop music.

If you’re familiar with the 90s hits, you’ll attest that music from that decade is just iconic. Think Nivarna, Coolio, Blur, Briptop, name them. Celebrate their songs with karaoke.


Yet another awe-inspiring party theme for karaoke parties for adults is making use of film soundtracks for your party.

Soundtracks can trigger fantasy, which can transform a whole party scene. One thing you’ll like about film soundtracks is that they’re a perfect fit for almost all parties.

To stand out more, you can go fancy costumes too. So, drop a few soundtracks including Mrs. Robinson from the film The Graduate, and other cool tunes.


Forget the idea that disco isn’t a cup of tea for most people- they secretly love disco, so they’re just pretenders. You know, disco comes with catchy tunes and fast tempo, both of which gets partygoers on their feet within no time at all.

Yes, it may have waned in the last few years, but it’s still a perfect idea for karaoke parties. Love to hear the guests’ favorite disco tunes, or you can choose a few tunes for them. Maybe Bee Gees’ Night Fever or Rose Royce’s Car Wash.

One Hit Wonders

Did you know you can make one hit wonder to shine once again by incorporating them into your karaoke party playlist?

Well, and then you’ll be spoilt for choice. Some of the most popular one hit wonders include “In The Shadows” by Rasmus, OMC’s “How Bizarre”, and Chumbwawamba’s “Tubthumping”.

Love and Heartbreak Hits

Karaoke parties are an all-time favorite idea for lovers who are already together and also for those who have parted ways. Whichever situation you’re in right now, there’s a plethora of tunes around love and heartbreak that you can include in your karaoke party playlist.

For love songs, you can choose Taylor Swift’s Love Story, and Elton John’s Your Song. Or Robbie Williams’ Angels.

For the sake of heartbroken souls, plan to play Taylor Swift’s Since You Been Gone or Kelly Clarkson’s Since You Been Gone. As you’ve realized, heartbreak songs aren’t necessarily somber or sad.

Karaoke Equipment

Hire a professional karaoke service to come and set up everything you’ll need for your upcoming karaoke party.

Being the experts they are, they’ll advise you on how to run the equipment as an additional service. If you, however, prefer to do the whole thing on your own, then you can:

  • Rent Karaoke Equipment
  • Download karaoke software or your computer
  • Make use of karaoke video gaming. There are plenty of options- Xbox, Sing Party, Karaoke Revolution, etc.
karaoke party ideas for adults

Karaoke-Inspired Décor

Honestly, karaoke parties are incomplete without the appropriate decorations.

You see, a karaoke-themed party is all about the stage décor. So, make use of an elevated platform you can easily build one on your own, or you can consider using a deck for outdoor karaoke parties). If you can’t access these amazing options, you can still tape off a small section of the floor and dress it using curtains.

Remember to set aside another small section to host a decorative backdrop. Just allow partygoers ample space to stand, twerk, shake it up, and maybe pull of new dance moves.


Just like any other adult party, karaoke parties demand that you send your guests invitations through Evite and email.

You can also use the power of social media to have your invitations reach those you aren’t in touch with.

When your guests will be attending your karaoke party, they’ll certainly want to act like celebs.

So, remember to customize every invitation by printing a guest’s name on the card, and then remember to make the cards resemble a karaoke design.

Other amazing ideas for karaoke party invitations include cards that look like concert flyers or arena tickets.

It’s just about setting the tone.


Parties that have moving, singing and grooving guests require that planners avail easy-to-eat foods.

So, make sure to incorporate chicken bites, crackers, cheese, sandwiches, kebabs and pizza into your menu for your upcoming karaoke party.

You see, easy foods are a go-to choice for such energetic events, so some tea sandwich and pizza will definitely work well for yours too. You can also go the extra mile to have appetizers, bagels, and dips with a karaoke-themed design.

Fun karaoke food ideas include a piano or guitar cake, microphone cupcake.


Set aside an incentive to reward those who pull the best dance moves or guests who arrive early for your karaoke party.

Also, send performers with something that can make them to always remember your party. Just find fun ideas for your party.

For example, you can have inflatable microphones and guitars, CDs with recorded mixes and songs from your karaoke party, glow bracelets, sunglasses, and more.

You see, your guests should always know you for your sense of hospitality, and so you must do everything like a perfectionist.

Even rewarding your guests for making it to your party is just but one way to go above and beyond in an effort to make yours an ultimate party.

Karaoke Judges

Designate a new voice for your party. It could be a few judges to assess performers and critique every performance.

These guests will be competing to add any good-performing singer to their respective teams. Once all the performers are done singing, have a sing-off session between performers and judges.

Recall Lyrics

How well can you recall lyrics of a song?

In this karaoke party game, performers dance to electrifying music while bopping around balloons. Inside the balloons are dare challenges and funny truths.

If a player doesn’t recall the lyrics of a certain song, they may be required to complete some additional challenges.

Create a list with 30 lyric lines, each with a missing word and make sure that you have all the answers (missing phrases). Also, have balloons with funny truths and dares in them.

Now, play some music and stop it randomly to see who will be caught holding the balloon. Have them fill the blanks correctly before starting the music up again.

The balloon should be passed to all players. Those who give incorrect answers must complete the dares inside the balloon.


In your invitations, make known the types and colors of the costumes your guests should wear during the party. Maybe you can have them rock their favorite costumes, but the costumes should match the thematic design of your party.

In real terms, there are so many ideas when it comes to karaoke party costumes- heavy metal, old school, rock, and roll.

Be sure to keep a few pieces of costumes at hand in the event of a costume emergency. Also, get studded jewelry and wigs as they can work to make your party excellent.

Rock Star Karaoke Party

So what, you’re a rock star! Inscribe names of the world’s famous celebrities on small notes and glue them on the backs of players the moment they arrive.

Do it in such a manner that no player can guess which start they have received. Players have to engage with each other through yes or no questions in an attempt to figure out the star they received.

Another way to play this karaoke game is to forgo using post notes and instead give players a list of who every player is except themselves.

Guess the Artist

Karaoke themed parties are all about music-lyrics, artists, and such jokes. Now, divide your guests into two groups.

The thing is: teams will try to guess the name of the artist who composed a certain tune first.

Come up with a list of 10 songs for a given artist and name off their songs, each at a time and starting with the least popular songs.

Immediately after you name the first song, teams must write down their guesses of who the artist is before calling you to see it.

The first group to get it right will get many points.

Song Rewrite

For this game, players are divided into teams. Place a few hit sing-along tunes into a hat and shake them well before having each team pick strictly one paper from the hat.

Once all the teams have picked theirs and pulled out their song, you’ll allow up to 15 minutes for each team to rewrite the singalong song with new lyrics.

Once the time lapses, teams will get up and perform their new lyrics, each team at a time.

Blind Auditions

Have four players sit away from the stage with their chairs. Each of them should also have a pen and a pad.

Next, get random kids to sing in different funny voices. While a kid is singing, the players will try to guess and write down the name of the guest they believe is singing.

After writing down the names of the guest singer, the players will then hold up the pads for the judge to see. The first one to get the correct answer is declared the winner.

Red Carpet

These days, a karaoke-themed party is never complete without a red carpet for VIP guests. Assemble fun clothing, sunglasses, boas, costumes and props.

Of course, remember to lay out a red carpet for your guests to step one as they arrive in the venue of the karaoke party.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much your guests will transform into celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Elvis, and they’ll without a doubt hate to leave your celebrity scene.

Live Bands

Another sure great idea to add to the fun of your next karaoke party is to have live bands and perhaps a battle of rock bands.

In any karaoke party, band “rivalry” is a common occurrence, so plan ahead to have two or three bands playing at your party. Let the families compete against each other for prizes. It will be great fun!

two karaoke microphones

Now What? Karaoke Party Ideas for Adults

Karaoke parties are a perfect idea for all parties- job promotion, birthday, baby shower, or any other excuse you may want to let loose. Encourage your friends and guests to help you achieve a fun time together.

You see, it’s through cooperation and dedication that you can achieve the ultimate karaoke party. The above karaoke party ideas for adults will go a long way to keep your guests entertained throughout the party.

They’re just cheap and easy to set up! Do you have other cool karaoke party ideas? Include it to this list.