Bucket Drinks Recipe Ideas to Cater to Tons of Guests

Today, we’re going to look at the best fan-favorite drinks ideas you can adopt for your next party. In simpler terms, we’re going to explore the best classic bucket drinks recipe ideas that you can throw to make your upcoming event a killer party. Read on.

Food ingredients/ Bucket Drinks Recipe


Mix this amazing drink for your party using white rum, fresh mint, lime zest, cool soda water, and sugar. You’ll need to play around with numbers to see what ratio can satisfy a large crowd. You will also need to adjust quantities to suit your preferences. The average preparation time is 5 minutes.

Ingredients: one tablespoon granulated sugar, lemonade, mint leaves and extra sprigs for serving, soda water to enhance taste, and white rum.

In a small jug, muddle the sugar, lemonade and mint sprigs. Make sure to crush the sprigs as you go. Pour the content into an ice-filled glass. Next, pour over the white rum and top with soda water. Garnish with the remaining mint sprigs and serve your guests.

Rhubarb Gin

For this refreshing drink, you will use seasonal rhubarb to create a great party drink with a difference. Or, you can top with soda water to make it a perfect drink for summertime. One good thing with this drink is that it is easy and quick to create-it will take only 10 minutes of your time.

Ingredients: one kilogram of rhubarb stalks, 400grams of caster sugar (avoid using golden sugar as it muddles the color), and 800ml of gin.

Wash the pink rhubarb and trim all the stalks before discarding the leaves and base. Trim the stalks into small lengths, preferably 3cm. Place them in a jar with sugar and proceed to shake the contents around. Put the lid and leave for a day. What will happen is that the sugar will draw juice from rhubarb.

After leaving the content overnight, add gin and seal. Shake everything for a few minutes and leave for up to a month before drinking. Over four weeks, both the gin and rhubarb will attain a paler color, so don’t see it dramatic. Cheers!

Easy Sangria

There is no better way you can embrace hot summertime than with a glass or two of sangria. This amazing drink is particularly a perfect drink for a party with many people. Why? Well, it is made of chopped fruit, cinnamon, red wine, pure water, and Spanish brandy, all of which blend pretty well to make sangria a really lovely drink.

Ingredients: 2 chopped oranges, 2 chopped pears, 2 lemons-one juiced and one chopped, chopped red berries, caster sugar, cinnamon, ice, red wine, Spanish brandy, and Spanish brandy.

Place the chopped in a platter or bowl and sprinkle over it some cinnamon and sugar before stirring vigorously, to coat. Next, fill a jug with some ice. Stir the mixture gently to ensure that all the sugar has dissolved. Top with brandy and wine and stir again, then add water and serve your guests.

Pink Gin with Iced Tea

For this cocktail drink, you will need to blend the pink gin and iced tea to get a uniquely tasty drink. This one is made with grapefruit, spiced rum, and elderflower.  Serve in jugs for sharing cocktails. The average preparation time is only 15 minutes.

Ingredients: chamomile tea, ice, sprigs of thyme for garnishing, and 100ml each of spiced rum, pink gin, grapefruit juice, and elderflower.

The first step is to brew the chamomile with boiling water before steeping for up to three minutes. Or, you can also follow the instructions on the packaging. After that, remove the chamomile bag and leave the mixture to cool for five minutes.

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Next, pour the mixture into a jug with rum, pink gin, juice, and elderflower cordial. Add some ice cubes and stir gently. Add thyme sprigs, stir and serve.


This is yet another great drink you can’t afford to lack in your list of bucket drinks recipe ideas, especially if your guests are people who fancy chocolate. If you want to experience extra indulgence during your next party, then this is the drink you should serve your guests. Plus, you can also grate additional chocolate before enjoying it, at least to add to the fun.

Ingredients: ice, 50 grams’ dark chocolate,60ml each of liqueur, vodka, and cream liqueur (Irish), and 100ml of double cream.

To make this creamy drink for your party, chill two tumblers in a fridge overnight. Then, put 30 grams of chocolate in a bowl and melt it in your microwave. Now, dip the rim of the chilled rock glasses in the liquid chocolate. Stand the glasses upright to ensure that the melted chocolate drips down their sides. Next, return it to the refrigerator and serve when you feel it’s ready.

Pour the liqueur, Irish liqueur, vodka, and double cream in a shaker with ice. Shake until when you realize that the cocktail shaker is cold on the outside. Finally, place a few ice cubes in glasses and pour in the cocktail. Grate the remaining chocolate into fine pieces and spread over the drinks. Treat your guests to a creamy mudslide!

Hurricane Cocktail

Making an awesome rum-based “hurricane” is easier than you think. This tropical drink is the ultimate cocktail that can set your party in the mood within no time at all, or let’s say after everyone has had the first sip! Why? It comes with a kitsch flavor, something you can’t resist.

Ingredients: 50ml each of sugar syrup, white rum, and dark rum, passion fruits, a juiced orange, a juiced lemon, and two tablespoons of grenadine. For garnishing, get two slices of orange and cherries.

Add the rums in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Scoop the seeds and flesh from the passion fruits and put them into the shaker along with lemonade, syrup, grenadine, and orange juice. 

Shake well until when the outside of the cocktail shaker becomes icy cold. Get hurricane glasses and fill them with ice cubes before straining in the drink. Garnish each hurricane glass with cocktail cherries.

Bucket Drinks Recipe Ideas: Pink Negroni

Just like the name suggests, this is the cocktail that promises to work well for your party if you choose to go pink. One reason you will fall in love with Pink Negroni is its amazing flavor, thanks to the Aperol, pink gin, and rose vermouth, coupled with a garnishing of basil and pink grapefruit.

Its recipe is just super easy and quick.

Ingredients: 15ml of Aperol, 35ml of pink gin, 25ml of rose vermouth or even white vermouth, ice cubes, grapefruit wedges, and basil sprigs for garnishing.

As we have said a few seconds ago, the recipe is just simple- combine vermouth, gin, and Aperol in an ice-filled tumbler. Stir well until the outside of the tumbler starts to feel cold. Next, garnish with basil and grapefruit, and serve your guests. Cheers!


Let’s be honest here, of all your bucket drinks recipe ideas, this is arguably the only drink that can offer you to feel the classic 1920s moments. Its recipe is also simple. What you only need to do is to mix equal parts of lemonade, triple sec, and cognac. It’s a process that will take five minutes only.

Ingredients: cognac, ice, lemonade, triple sec, and Angostura bitters.

Chill a coupe glass in a fridge. Tip all the ingredients above into a shaker. Shake vigorously until when the outside of the shaker becomes cold. Strain the drink into the chilled glasses. If the lemonade is too sharp, enhance the taste by adding some bitters.


Caipirinha is not only a perfect drink for summertime, but it’s also a perfect refreshment for a party or barbecue with many people. What makes it a classic drink is its perfect blend of lime, cachaça, and sugar. Just take a moment and think about that flavor.

Ingredients: 2 chopped limes plus extra wedges for garnishing, 6 tablespoons of caster sugar (brown), crushed ice, and 200ml of cachaça.

Place the wedges of lime in a jug with caster sugar and use a muddler to break them down. Draw as much juice from the wedges as you can and let it combine with the sugar to form a syrup. Discard the peel.

Divide the cachaça and syrup between glasses and top with ice before garnishing with lime wedges.

Blueberry Mojito

We end out bucket drinks recipe ideas with this refreshing mojito, and it’s one that you will love. Why? You can mix it up in just a few minutes, or 5 minutes to be specific.

Ingredients: 600ml of water, 350ml of white rum, two mint sprigs, 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 3 chopped lemons, and 100grams of blueberries.

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In a jug, muddle the blueberries, sugar, and lemons. Press mint leaves against the bottom of the jug to draw some flavor. Pour over the water and the white rum, and stir together.

That’s how to cool off during your upcoming party-just make one or two of the above simple but classic drinks. Cheers!