Ultimate Guide on How to Throw a Bohemian Themed Party

If you love nature, then a Bohemian themed party is your thing. Planning a party that way means getting in touch with what nature has to offer. We’re talking about such jokes as rustic wood, garlands, etc.- natural stuff is a must.

Before looking at how to throw a Bohemian themed party, it’s good to note that this popular party theme is mostly feminine but so pretty for any type of party, at least of fancy arts nature. What this means is that the theme can work pretty well for a bridal shower, birthday party, or just any other special occasion. Just imagine how your event would turn out if you incorporated personalized decorations to add to the fun of an artistic party! Everyone will be wowed, right?

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How to Host a Bohemian Themed Party

Prepare a Bohemian Themed Party Checklist

When planning to host a Bohemian themed party, do it with mostly adult guests in your mind. But you can, of course, use those ideas for any other type of party, even for teen parties. One good thing about this type of party is that you can set it up in your backyard or even the living room. It has minimal stress and you’ll require no large outlays!

Here’s a checklist you can emulate for your upcoming Bohemian themed party. 

Boho themed invitation cards

Customized tablecloths

Wooden cheese platters and boards

Candles that say Boho

Beautiful flowers

Boho floor rugs

Low coffee tables

Custom pillows and cushions

Crystal glasses

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Today, we’re going to look at how to host a Bohemian themed party like a pro. Read on.

Send Invitations

Use evites to invite guests to your party. You see, evites will go a long way to help you manage your guest list. And, they give the recipient of the mail a special feeling, which makes them feel valued. It’s advisable to use customized evites to address each guest personally.

Use graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to come up with classic designs that your guests can’t resist. If you aren’t able to come with simple designs, seek help from your friends. This is the efficient and cheapest method to invite people to your special day.

Just invite your guests over, don’t worry about anything. Your space might not be perfect. Or you might not have enough plates, cups or chairs for everyone. Your home might be boring, but one thing you should know is that only 1 percentage of your guests will focus on the negatives. The largest percentage of people will enjoy being invited to a party with people they love and as such, they don’t care about the looks of your home. After all, people have the freedom to feel whatever they want to feel, right?  

Choose a Scenic, Accessible Location

Make several trips before the big day, at least to check if the area will work out for your party. See whether the roads to the area can allow for transportation of supplies, décor, and food. That being said, make sure to go for a picnic spot that won’t make it difficult for your guests to access.

You see if you choose an area that will require arduous treks will definitely make your guests tired and thus kill the mood of the party even before its start. Whether it’s a scenic beach, a quiet spot inside a park, rooftop, or a garden, choose to find a spot that has a pretty scenic view!

Layer Boho Blankets and Rugs for Seating

Colorful customized rugs coupled with customized blankets can work pretty well for your Boho party. Such an accent throw will make everything feel warm and extremely cozy. That’s exactly what you want, right?

Set the Menu

Next, you should try to decide the items you’re going to include on your menu. Doing this will help you determine the space you’ll need for other items such as bowls, platters, plates.

Food is probably the most important part of your Boho party, so having good food will make your guests extremely happy. If you can’t handle food matters yourself, you can seek the services of catering companies to help you make the most delicious cheese, salad, sandwiches, and such tasty stuff. Strive to get your guests the best party-appropriate foods, for example, snacks. Just keep it simple- have foods that can be eaten cold and those that don’t require lots of preparation.

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For your upcoming Bohemian themed party, think simple finger foods like cheese, cold meat, Caprese skewers, seasonal fruits, bread, dip, and veggies. And since it is an art-themed party, give your spread a touch of artisan bread, pomegranate, grapefruit, figs, and any other colorful fruit that says NATURE.

Also, make sure to…

Pair Your Simple Foods with Refreshing Drinks

Bring along rosë, chilled wine, or even pure water to enjoy with your finger foods! Maybe flavored water and tonic water, or Ginger Ale, anyone?

Create a Signature Cocktail

Make an amazing custom cocktail that will pair with your dinner and other drinks perfectly. Going the cocktail route is great because it will not only keep your guests refreshed, it will also help you save on the cost of liquor as you won’t require an entire bar.

Use Greenery and Accent Pieces for Décor

There are many ways to make the most out of your setting. For example, you can consider using makeshift tables for your party and creative table mats to display your food items. Also, bring along candles, golden candle holders, fresh eucalyptus, wooden cheese boards, vintage-themed glasses, dry wheat bundles, and anything else that creates an inviting and warm vibe.

For a party like this, make sure to choose natural elements like flowers and garlands. These will without a doubt elevate the look of your Bohemian themed party. Lighting can also add to the look and help set your guests in the mood within no time at all. Candles can work well for you if in the event you don’t have expensive string lights. If you choose candles, make sure to get hurricane vases to help keep breezes at bay.

Your Boho theme will be equally important here too. Your tropical tables should display hued flowers or vibrantly colored items such as fruits and bowls. A Bohemian themed party calls for plenty of candles, low-key blooms, and metallic accents. You can try to add creativity to your event, but above all, make sure to let it follow the natural route. Do you get the idea?

Add Good Music

Truth be told, no party can be complete without music, right? Well, bring your MP3 player and play your guests some good music to set the mood of the party. You can also set aside an additional incentive to bring musicians, magicians, or live bands to your party.

But you don’t have to break a bank to ensure that your guests enjoy music. As we have just said a few seconds ago, you can decide to play music on your own. While you do this, find tunes that reflect the ambiance of your party. It’s fundamental to set the party in the mood, from the start till the end. Have summer songs play on your wireless speaker as your guests swing their heads slowly.

Think of Party Games

Try to figure out a few activities that can keep your guests engaged throughout the party. Games are the most common party activities that you can choose too. Maybe you can have your guests come in their pajamas in readiness for a good game night. To further enhance the theme, you can think of other things that can complement the Boho theme. For example, you can have your walls painted to resemble a thick forest or something like that.

Seek Help from Friends

If you feel that then you won’t be able to handle everything on your own, it will help if you request a few friends to come to help you to do something. Assign everyone some duties. Also, accept to be helped. For example, if people request to come with their foods or a few items for your party, take them up on it.

Put Together a Killer Backdrop

If you have attended a party recently, there are chances that you took a few Instagram photos, right? Well, presently, backdrops have become a trendy party accessory, and your Bohemian themed party isn’t an exception. They are not only fun but also pretty functional for almost all types of parties.

A photo backdrop might just be the thing you need to dress your next party, so plan to install one when that time comes. It’s not difficult to set up one, because all you need is just a little creativity and you’ll be good to go! 

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Party and Make Merry!

After you’re done setting up the special party scene, give toasts, and enjoy moments with your guests!

So, there you have the complete guide to throwing a killer Bohemian themed party!