Fantastic Airplane Party Food Ideas to Take Your Theme to New Heights

Are you ready to take off with the most fantastic airplane party food ideas? Well, keep away your worries, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy cool adventures in the sky ride.

Planning and throwing an airplane themed party is fun and exciting. With all the fun activities and decoration ideas, the airplane theme is a popular choice among plane lovers, both kids, and adults.

Airplane Party Food Ideas

Whether you are seeking to travel first-class or you are on a budget, there is always something for everyone with the airplane theme. You can fill the fun theme party with globes, maps, suitcases, and, most importantly, the snacks. Customizing party supplies is a useful tip to add a unique touch to the party theme.

Airplane cake/Airplane Party Food

With the different airplane party food ideas available. You need to sort out the options that will be flying from the ones grounded. Get your guests ready for a ride of a lifetime. The guests will soar to new heights with these awesome airplane party food ideas.

Airplane Party Feeding Supplies

First things first, you will definitely need to feed your guests at the party. Thereby you need food party supplies that match the airplane theme. Customize your utensils to look like the ones that are used in the planes, but of course, cuter. Get the divided plates and plastic cups like the ones used in an actual flight to serve your guests.

Furthermore, using airplane themed food tags and napkins only adds more detail to your party. You don’t have to spend extra money to have labels.

You could easily make them on your computer, customize to fit the airplane theme, and then write the names. Easy, right? Another supply is a placemat. Make the place cards or placemats in airplane shapes or cloud shapes to match the theme.

Airplane Party Dessert Ideas

Of course, the airplane party treats should look like and be presented as the actual ones served in a plane. But it should taste better. You could include the following party dessert ideas;

Flight pack: Make each passenger their own flight pack. You can use little boxes with airplane stickers, little bags in party colors, or serve on small trays decorated with the party theme. Fill them with treats such as pretzels, peanuts, mini cookies, fruits, or crackers.

Mini airplane shaped pizza: Make your own dough or get some premade pizza dough from a store. Roll out your dough and cut it using airplane shaped cookie cutter. To add more fun, allow your guests to place toppings of their choice from a mini pizza bar. The toppings may include tomatoes, olive, mushrooms, or just plain cheese. Then go ahead and bake. Enjoy the party in your mouths.

Pilot’s sandwiches: You can wrap a regular sandwich in a plastic wrap and put it in a flight pack. Place customized stickers with different logos on the wrapped sandwiches. Furthermore, you can make airplane shaped sandwiches by using an airplane cookie cutter. The delicious sandwiches will fly right to their destinations. 

Airplane Party Treats

Edible airplanes: Cut your banana in half. Put one half with the cut side up on a plate. Spread it with peanut butter and use a whole graham cracker as a wing on each side. Place the quarter rectangle for the straight part of the airplane tail. Put the other half of the banana on top and make a slit at its tail. Place a graham cracker rudder to complete the rear. Use a little peanut butter to add plane windows.

Airplane cookies: Using an airplane shaped cookie cutter, make your favorite sugar cookie. You can then decorate using sprinkles, frosting, and cake gel. You can also serve brownies and rice cereals in this manner.

Airplane cupcakes: Cupcakes make a delicious snack. The first step is to make your cupcake recipe. Then using a piping bag, place frosting of various colors on the cupcakes. Finally, put up a fondant airplane on top of each cupcake. One useful tip is to use a small toy airplane as a guide to measuring the shape and size of the fondant airplane.

There is another exciting way to present your airplane cupcakes. After making your delicious cupcakes, frost them using chocolate frosting. Thereafter, place the airplane candle holder on each cake. Carefully arrange them on a tray and put candles into the holders.

Although they are not associated with the airplane theme of the party, the following kid-friendly snacks would be loved by the little pilots. They are; French fries, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, pizza, graham crackers, cotton candy, guava cheesecake, apple sauce, and string cheese. They may also enjoy fresh fruits such as strawberries, grapes, bananas, and apples.

Airplane Party Cake Ideas

When we are looking at the airplane party food ideas, this is where you either go big or go home. When it comes to the centerpiece of the party, there are many options to impress your guests. Creativity and matching skill set is what you need to pull off the airplane themed cake. There are several types of cakes that we will talk about and how to make them.

Airplane theme party cake: begin by making your favorite sheet cake. Let it cool and freeze the cake for 30 minutes. Carefully cut it into an airplane shape and use rice Krispie square to make the tail. Decorate your cake using fondant or buttercream. Create a runway for your airplane cake to set on. glue together cardboard with a scrapbook paper that has a runway design. use a saran wrap to cover and place your plane cake on it.  

Another way to create an airplane party cake is to make or buy the sheet cake. Use blue icing to frost the cake. Place a new, clean airplane toy in the middle. Finally, you could use sprinkles to decorate the cake to your liking.

Mini airplane cakes: Make your favorite sheet cake, let it cool and freeze it for a few minutes. Once the cake is cold, use an airplane shaped cookie cutter to cut out mini cakes. Coat the mini cakes with a thin layer of icing, and put them in a fridge for about an hour. The light coat gives the cakes a clean, smooth look. After freezing the cakes, you could decorate. Use a spatula to gently lift the cakes to prevent them from breaking.

There are also other fantastic airplane party cakes ideas such as a suitcase cake with an airplane on top. Another creative idea is a control tower cake.

a helicopter toy

Airplane Party Drinks

A party is incomplete without some refreshing cocktails. Make a fun drinking station by customizing the bottles to fit the airplane theme. With many delicious beverages onboard, I bet your guests will be spoilt of options. Separate the in-flight drinks into two sections, kid-friendly drinks and adults section. To add detail to the party and to stick to the airplane theme, you could name the drinks with airplane friendly vocabulary.

Jet fuel: This can be energy drinks or punch.  You can different fruit shakes for the little passengers. To make the shakes, you will need a blender and frozen fruits. You also need to choose the base of the shake. It could be milk-based, juice-based, water-based, or yogurt-based. Use bananas and dates with a milk base to make a delicious shake. Watermelon lemonade is a perfect drink for both kids and adults. Place a label that says ‘jet fuel’ in each cup. You should ensure that the lids fit properly to prevent spillage. Use fun straws to splash color at the party.

Serve different types of sodas and juice the way it is done during flights by using a drink tray. Furthermore, you could use stickers on juice boxes. Remember to keep hydrated, drink water. For adult drinks, cocktails are one way to go about it. Here are a few delicious cocktails that you can try for your party.

  • Aviation: This is a gin-based drink to get the party started.
  • You can cool the summer heat with a frozen margarita recipe.
  • Pina colada is a rich blend of tangy pineapple, coconut cream, and white rum. Serve with an umbrella for more appeal.
  • You can never go wrong with classic beer or wine.

Main Course Airplane Party Food Ideas

You could go for easy food options such as hot dogs or pizza. However, you can take your passengers to greater heights with mouthwatering dishes. Prepare the food yourself or hire catering services if your budget allows you. The list may include chicken wings, chicken apple sausage kabobs, cheeseburgers, some veggies, and cheese.

Final Thoughts on Airplane Party Food Ideas

Thank you for flying with us during this journey to find incredible airplane party food ideas. We hope that you have discovered well-informed choices to enable your party to take off smoothly.

When all is said and done, everything depends on your preference and ability to execute. A great party starts with early and proper planning. You may encounter little turbulence on air, but don’t stress, you will make a smooth airplane theme party.

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