10 Ways to Throw a Cactus Themed Party For All Ages

Summer is here, and it is about time you turn up the heat with a cactus themed party. Isn’t it the cutest theme ever? The cactus theme is the latest trending party theme all over. It has definitely spread like wildfire.

There is something about the theme that appeals to a minimalist look. From the cactus lights, candles, cactus sweaters, salt shakers, you name it, are overly beautiful and trendy right now.

Cactcus Themed Party

Some party themes can be tacky and lame, but you can never go wrong with a cactus theme for any party. I love how unique and creative it looks. Furthermore, it is suitable for all ages, and with just little twists, you can make it as grown-up or kid-friendly as you wish. Are you ready to throw the hottest party of the year? Well, here are a few ways to throw your own prickly party.

cactus themed party

Cactus Theme Invitation

Whether it is a professional or a personal event, a great party begins with an appealing invitation. In today’s digital world, you can choose to email invitations electronically. It is beneficial because you can easily connect with the invitees. Furthermore, the invitees are able to R.S.V.P no matter where they are.

However, there is something more exciting about pen and paper. Maybe it is because of the personal touch it possesses. Just be sure to match the invitations with the cactus theme of the party. You can get cactus theme invitations from party supplies stores and customize it to fit your type of party.

 Color Scheme

The color palette is a determinant of any event theme. There is no doubt that the cacti come in different shades of green. Therefore, your cactus props should be apple green, lime green, hunter green with emerald accessories. Be sure not to overkill by balancing with soft colors. Set up your cactus theme on a neutral background.

Pay special attention to the backdrop, because your guests are likely to notice the background first upon their arrival. You can create a great backsplash by making a huge giant cactus using lots of balloons.

 Cactus Themed Party Decorations

Party decorations are the main idea that tells the theme of a party. The great thing about party decorations is that you can choose to go all out or maintain it straightforward. For a cactus themed party, there are several decoration ideas. Cactus string lights are efficient decoration as they provide fantastic twinkle for your party. There are endless options on how you can display them. 

Cactus shaped lamps can also be used as a cactus themed party decor. They create a full ambiance and set the mood for a party. Other forms of directions include basic balloons of different green shades, foil cactus balloons, and a cactus themed banner.

It is evident that you need the actual cacti for a cactus theme. You can also use artificial succulents; they are the exact replica of the living plants. The natural nature of cacti and succulents make a room livelier.

 Cactus Themed Party Supplies

Party supplies should match the theme of a party. If possible, starting from your furniture to utensils should have the cactus theme for the party. You can customize by using cactus themed papers and stickers on your party supplies.

A table cloth is practical but also serves as art. Having a cactus themed table cloth can make a significant impact at your party. The great thing is that you can still make use of it after the party.

Feeding your guests will require you to have plates and napkins. Using disposable plates is a practical choice because it facilitates easy cleaning up after the party. Get a cactus printed napkins and plates to fit your cactus themed party. Speaking of useful party items, disposable cups are also a great option. You can have the same cactus prints to match the plates and napkins.

Cactus Food

Food and drinks play an important role when it comes to party themes. However, you don’t need to break the bank to get fantastic food or desserts. Believe me when I say that making cactus-shaped food is easy, thanks to the cactus molds. The molds enable you to create a perfect cactus shape snacks within a short time.

Go the extra mile and impress your guests with adorable cactus popsicles. You can make the popsicles using ice cream, fruit juice, or even frozen yogurt; the choice is yours.

 More so, you can use a cactus-shaped cookie cutter to increase your creativity with food. With it, you can make cactus cookies, fruits, and sandwiches. Decorate the veggie platter using cucumbers and tiny tomatoes. Slice off the bottom of the cucumber to enable it to stand up. then randomly stick toothpicks into the cucumber. Use the cherry tomatoes as cactus blooms.

cactus themed party

Party Drinks

Having a delicious and fun punch is a must for every party. It might be wired to have a cactus flavored drink. However, the green color of the Lime and Sherbert punch will match your cactus themed party.

Both kids and adults will love the sweet and fizzy punch. The punch is easy to make. For the ingredients, all you need is ginger ale, lime-flavored sherbert, and sprite. Then mix the ingredients together and serve.

Cactus Themed Party Games

Painted mini cactus. Crafts are fun, especially at parties. It expands your imagination while keeping your hands busy. Painting cactus may be a fun activity for both kids and adults. All you need are paint, paintbrushes and different sizes of rocks. The outcome is adorable, and you can use it as your home decoration.

Cactus ring toss- this game involves an inflatable ring toss that is attachable to a post. Your guest will then take turns tossing the inflatable rings to score points.

The next game is the mini cactus pinatas. Everyone likes a good piñata. You can make your own by using empty toilet paper rolls as the base. You will also need old newspapers, colored streamers, and tape. You could also use them as a fun party favor by filling them with treats.

Cactus pool party is another fun activity if you have a swimming pool. Both kids and adults may have a good time swimming, especially during summer.

A photo booth has become a trend for parties. It is an activity that allows you and your guests to capture the fun, memorable moments at the party. Ensure to have cactus photo booth props for the party.

Party Favors

It is essential to thank your guests for taking their time to come and celebrate your special day. Therefore, when it is time for your guests to leave, reward them with party favors that you prepared. Sometimes it can be a pain to think of a fun gift for your guests. Finding a present that will not end up in the trash the minute your guests arrive home is difficult, let alone sticking to your theme when choosing the gifts.

However, looking after succulents and cacti require minimal effort. They are also unique and make a fun gift.  Do your thing and present them as you may wish. You don’t have to give extravagant party favors; you can get your guests a thoughtful present by being creative. Make adorable favor boxes and customize them to fit your party theme. Go ahead and fill them with candies, delicious snacks, or other gifts. Furthermore, for extra special guests, you may give a gold cactus necklace.

a cactus image/cactus themed party

Cactus Party Cake

I think we can all agree that cake is the centerpiece of any party, and everyone looks forward to cakes. However, you may find it challenging to match a cake with a theme for your party. Surprise your guests by making a cactus pull-apart cake.

cactus themed party

It is adorable because it looks like a giant edible cactus. The cake looks like if cupcakes, and a cake is put together to form an amazing pull-apart dessert. With a step to step tutorial, you will be amazed how easy it is to make a unique cake that will blow your guests away.

You can also use ordinary cake and customize it using plastic cacti and succulents. Cactus themed cake toppers are also an excellent way to upgrade your party.

Cactus Themed Party Costume

Imagine a cactus walks up to your door and knocks, surprise; it is your neighbor. How cool is that? Well, this is what might happen if you have your guests dress up in accordance with the cactus party theme. Party costume may break or make the mood of your party. Furthermore, the cactus themed outfit may give the guests a perfect excuse to get creative. You might be surprised at far they are willing to take the challenge.

Final Thoughts

Not only are cacti and succulent desert plants, but they are also a representation of resilience and strength. Furthermore, they are trendy decors and make a perfect theme for a party. Cactus themed parties can be incorporated into different events such as baby showers, birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. All that you need is little twists and customization of the party supplies, and you are good to go.