House Party Item List: Comprehensive List of Everything You Might Need!

Growing up means freedom, but it also means responsibility. As a child, you had parties at your house.

House Party Item List

Now that you are an adult,  you can still have parties, and without their supervision, but you will have to plan for them by yourself. 

Arranging for a party is easy for some. However, that is not always the case with everyone—some hosts panic when the party is still in its planning stages and we understand.

The anticipation and the myriad activities that go into planning for a party can get you nervous. Nonetheless, this is not the end.

The secret to holding a house party lies in how well you are prepared. So instead of panicking, you should get down to the preparations. 

plastic cups with food/House Party Item List

In this article, we help you throw an awesome party by outlining and discussing a house party item list that will make planning the party easier for you. Our house party checklist is comprehensive and can be used for different types of house parties. 

Item list

Plastic Cups

These red cups are common at every house party, and it is not without reason. If you have any party, then glass cups are not what you want to be giving your guests. Glass cups may break, and if they do not, cleaning them afterward can be a real hassle and this is why plastic party cups are a lifesaver. 

Having plastic party cups is not just about the convenience and preservation of your other mugs. Plastic cups are handy during a party because everyone can mark their own. Have a black pen near you so that everyone can get their names written on their mugs. 

A Fully Stocked Fridge

You will likely require your guests to buy their drinks as per the buy-your-own-drink policy.

However, this does not take off all the responsibility of providing your guests with alcoholic beverages. Stock your fridge with beers and invest in a few bottles of wine just in case your guests’ pockets run dry. 

Music Playlist

Music is the life of the party, and who wants boring music in theirs? 

Impress your visitors by having a pre-made music playlist. With a playlist in hand, you can relax and enjoy the party. Also, it cuts out the hassle of having to change songs whenever a boring song comes on. 

Technology has made things easier, so you do not have to sit down and manually compose your playlist by downloading the newest tunes. Make use of apps that have pre-made music. 

Ice-Packed Coolers

This may sound boring and cliché, but it is a handy tip. 

When having a party, the fridge might not be an ideal place to let your guests store their drinks because your fridge can only hold so much. 

There are two ways to bring ice coolers into your home for a party:

  • Ask friends to bring their own
  • Buy a few for your house

Place them strategically around your house so that your guests can have a place to place their drinks if the need arises. 

Throw-Away Cameras

This is one of the coolest ideas on this house party item list because it allows you to interact with your guests interestingly. 

You see, you cannot have eyes on everybody or interact with everyone when hosting a party because there is so much more to do. Having throw-away cameras is a splendid idea because your guests can take pictures to capture the memories. 

Even if you do not get to interact with everyone, you will have a pretty good idea of what went down at your party, and the memories will be yours to keep. 

Make sure that you put the cameras around the room and at strategic places like the dinner table for your guests to find. 

Centerpieces and Tablecloths

There is a wide variety of party centerpieces and tablecloths to choose from online. Alternatively, you can choose to go the do-it-yourself way when it comes to these pieces.

Tablecloths and centerpieces help create an impression on your guests, so make sure that you prepare yourself. 

A Sound System

Well, good music is essential in a house party but so is a good sound system. This powerful combination will set the mood and tone for your party and your guests will enjoy themselves as well.

Some people do not have a good sound system. If this is the case for you, you could try a docking system. Plug your phone in and you are good to go. Plus, docking systems are long-lasting and cheap and will be used even after the house party. 

a radio

Safe Rides

Parties are a fun place to be. Unfortunately, things can get a little out-of-hand when people indulge too much in alcohol. This is why it is essential to have the numbers of some taxi drivers ready. 

Stick the cab driver’s number on the door frame to be sure that all your guests will see it.

Also, you can have your guests hand in their keys as they get into the party. When it is time to leave, your guests get their keys back only if they can drive at the end of the party. If not, you can help them call a cab.

Finger Foods

What is a party without food?

Small get-togethers require finger foods so that your guests have something to bite as the party progresses. 

You can buy some finger foods from the grocery store for them. Alternatively, you can look up simple finger-food recipes online and prepare some meals for your guests.

Your friends can also help you prepare some food before the party begins. 

Bottle Openers and Corkscrews

We expect that your house party will have bottles of beer and wine. It is, therefore, essential to have these two house party items with you all the time.

Not having bottle openers and corkscrews will be disastrous as your guests will be trying to open their bottles with teeth and many other items not suited for the job.

Apart from the house party item list that we have written above, there are some more steps you can take in your bid to host a party. Below, we highlight some of them:

Put Expensive Items Away

Small gatherings are typically not destructive, so you will not need to put many things away.

However, if you suspect that your guest list is big enough to cause some trouble, then it would be better to pluck that expensive piece of art off the wall rather than tempt fate.

If the party is going to have alcoholic beverages, then it is likely that some of your expensive items might be destroyed. Take caution and put important items away. 

Ensure your Bathroom is Clean

This is probably the last place that comes to your mind when you are thinking of a party, but it is vital.

Bathrooms are a tell-tale sign of how important hygiene is to you. This is a room that says more about you than you would like to believe. 

When cleaning, concentrate on the toilet and sink as these are the two places that your guests will frequently visit. Scrub the bathtub too if it is in the same room. 

Lastly, put some clean hand towels and toilet paper in the bathroom for your guests. For events such as parties, you can benefit from buying disposable hand towels and toilet paper.

Invest in some Extra Furniture

It’s a party you are having, and for most of the night, your guests will probably be on their feet. However, they may need to take a seat and being short of sitting space for your guests is the last thing you want. 

Get some extra furniture so that it is easy to settle them down should they need to rest. You can get some extra seats from your neighbors or buy a few new ones so that you are prepared for any eventuality. 

Consider the Housemates

You want to have a party, but you don’t live alone. What to do?

Most roommates do not mid you throwing a party for your friends to enjoy.

If you get along, then they may even chip in and help you organize it. If they do not, they are likely to allow you to host one. 

If this is the case in your household, ensure that you do the most to make them comfortable. Lock the doors to the rooms of your housemates so that your guests do not interfere with their spaces.

After all, who wants an angry housemate when they are suffering the aftereffects of what they perceived to be a good party? 

Keep your housemates in the loop and yourself out of trouble.


Hosting a house party can be difficult because not all of us are stellar party holders.

However, these handy tips will work in your favor, reducing the anxiety and panic that comes with having to entertain guests at a party in your house.

It pays to be prepared and reading this article is the first step. We hope that you enjoy your party!