10 Great October Party Themes for Autumn Birthdays

October is the month of Halloween. However, there is much more to October than just Halloween.

It is a perfect time to have a party because the weather is suitable for both inside and outside activities.

October Party Themes

October is a great time to be born, and why not celebrate your birthday with some great ideas?

If you were born in October and you are in search of some cool ideas for what to do with your birthday party, then this article is for you.

october party themes

We feature theme ideas, games, and much more for your enjoyment. So, whether you want to hold an awesome birthday party for a child or an adult, this is the article for you. Read on for these exciting October party themes.

Pumpkin Carving Themed Party

It is October, and the idea of using pumpkins for your birthday party is not far-fetched.

This idea is awesome because you can kick it off right from the invitations by sending out pumpkin-themed ones. Also, during the party, you can set up a pumpkin photo booth for your guests to enjoy. 

To further pump some excitement into the party, you can ask your guests to bring their pumpkins so that they can make pumpkin carvings and decorations together as they continue to enjoy the party. 

To pump up some adrenaline into the party, ensure that you time the pumpkin carving activity and have the guests choose the best carving. The best should be awarded.

For the pumpkin theme, you can also prepare foods with pumpkin. Some of the best options include a pumpkin crunch cake and pumpkin pizza. 

Fall themed Harvest party

You can use your birthday party in October as a platform to show gratitude and to give back to society.

This October Party theme is especially fun if you have a large number of guests who are willing to do a service project together. 

Go to a supermarket and buy some food and then share them with families and other friends you might feel are in need.

Also, you can have a food sorting race where you and your friends split into teams and try to group different food groups. When you finish doing this, you can take these foods to the food bank in your locality. 

Also, you can organize a potluck and have everyone attend with a side dish while you, as the guest, prepares the main meal.

Also, decorate your house with fall-inspired and colored decorations even though there is a chance that you may be leaving your house later in the day. 

Oktoberfest themed party

The Oktoberfest is a creation of the Germans. The Germans have been holding the Oktoberfest annually since 1810, making it a tradition that is more than two centuries old.  

However, you do not need to be in Germany to do it as the Germans do.

You can have an Oktoberfest-themed birthday from the comfort of your country. Since Oktoberfest starts in September, this is a party theme that can be utilized by those born in September as well. 

Apart from immersing yourself in beer, you can also feature German foods in your menu. Ask your guests to put on Bavarian costumes in the spirit of Oktoberfest.

Pumpkin foods

Since it is October and pumpkins are a big thing, you can involve your guests in making pumpkin dishes that you could all enjoy together.

You can do this in two main ways:

  • Notify everyone so that they can make what they consider their best pumpkin dish before they leave the house before the birthday party and bring it with them when they come. 
  • Let some guests at the party make something from a food basket that has pumpkins within a stipulated amount of time. This style of making pumpkin dishes may take a long time, and so, only a few of your guests will be able to participate

For all these methods, you can choose some judges from your audience to pick the best recipe.

When the judges decide who the winner is, you can choose to award them with relevant prizes such as fall-themed cookbooks. 

The advantage of preparing these foods is that you will not have to prepare other dishes for your guests.

Remember to have some juice so that you can enjoy your pumpkin dishes. 

october party themes

Make it all fun and games

Since it is fall, you might consider inviting your friends over for a birthday filled with laughter and games.

You can play some board games or google online for fall-inspired games that you can enjoy with your guests.

There are likely to be several card games being played in this scenario, so it would be wise to choose finger foods that will not leave your guests with sticky hands.

Pumpkin hummus and spinach artichokes are a good way to go. 

For the fun and games, you can also spice it up by inviting not only close friends but acquaintances as well.

Make an effort to connect and get to know them better through group games.

Couple-themed party

So you are in love and would love to spread this feeling over your birthday as well? 

Then this is an idea that you will enjoy. 

The concept is the same as the one you see at weddings where you invite friends who are couples for some fun and games. 

You can do the same, invite your couple friends to enjoy your birthday with you and your better half. 

Make fall-themed foods and have a heart-shaped cookie cutter to help set the mood.

Because this is a celebration for both your birthday and love, you can customize a thank you treat and card to send them home and appreciate them for setting their time apart to celebrate with you.

 Fall craft-themed party

Halloween month is a month of crafts. You should not be afraid to explore this idea if you were lucky enough to be born during this time.

As part of your birthday activities, invite your friends to engage in different activities, including carving pumpkins and painting wood slice pumpkins. 

Make sure that you buy the supplies for your craft before the party to avoid the last-minute rush or forgetting small items.

If the cost is a little too high for a personal budget, your friends could chip in to help you create a fun-filled environment for them. 

For the food, make sure that you have a delicious variety that will not disrupt your craft fun. 

My Favorite Things 

This October party theme is especially fun if you are planning to invite your girls for your birthday party.

It involves you and your friends sharing your favourite fall items. 

You ask your friends to bring at least three of their favourite items, such as crafts and scarves to the party.

To make it special and mysterious until everyone opens their gifts, ask them to wrap these items. 

When the time comes, each of them is supposed to pick three numbers that correspond to those that are on the gifts. Whatever they choose, they can go home with and use it.

For this type of birthday, you can serve your favourite foods or let people come with different food items, which you will then share. Decorations and invitations can be fall-themed. 

Have a hot Air Balloon Adventure

October is a time when plants are blooming, and it is no wonder that many hot air balloon events take place during this time.

Enjoying a hot air balloon ride is not a chance for you to enjoy the good weather but to take in the stunning foliage as well. 

You can rent put several balloons from a private company and take turns enjoying the rides as part of your birthday plans. 

Bonfire birthday parties

Having a bonfire birthday party is not only unique but also fun. Definitely, you will have to host your party in the evening. 

Invite lots of guests and light up a few bonfires for you to gather around. Set up the chairs and a tasty variety of foods for all of you to enjoy.

Some of the common foods people enjoy at bonfires include popcorn, hot dogs, and roast marsh mellows. 

To create the right ambiance, you could hire a local band to play live music or serenade your guests with the tunes from a professional guitarist.

We can assure you that your birthday party will be one that will linger on their minds for a long time.

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Final Word on October Party Themes

Above, we have discussed ten different ideas and themes to help make your birthday party enjoyable and memorable.

From these ideas, it is easy to realize that to make a great fall event theme; it is as easy as picking a food, concept or activity that falls in line with the spirit of fall and using it as an inspiration for your party.

You can use these ideas one at a time or you can combine several of the themes to come up with a unique birthday party.

One thing is for sure, you will never go wrong with these ideas. Now go ahead and enjoy one of the greatest birthday party you will ever organize!