How to Decorate a Chandelier for a Party: 10 Genius Ideas

Apart from lighting up a house, a chandelier can also be used for beauty purposes. This is only so if it is well decorated. There are very many genius ideas on how to decorate a chandelier for a party

How to Decorate a Chandelier for a Party

In this article, we shall enlighten you on the top 10 most genius ways on how to decorate a chandelier for a party. The steps below are very simple and practical.

After going through this article, you should make an effort to try one or two of them. You may be surprised by the results if you choose to work it out. We are all geniuses of our own. It is only a matter of trying out. Here is all you need to know.

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Choosing the Right Size

Decoration of the chandelier starts from the size and shape. The size and shape of the right chandelier will depend on some factors like the size of the room. It feels overwhelming to have a chandelier that is too big for the room. 

Also, choosing a small chandelier for a large room or ceiling will feel underwhelming. To avoid all these problems, it is good for you to choose a chandelier of the right size that fits well in your room.

According to experts that deal with the sizing of chandeliers, there is a mathematical formula that is used in calculating the right size of a chandelier for a room. 

You may choose to do the calculations yourself or seek the help of an expert. It is always good to find some help if you are not sure of what you are doing. Your party needs to look beautiful and amazing.

Always make sure you go for the right size. Also, if you are not much knowledgeable about the idea of sizing, you should seek expert help. Do not assume that you know everything. You must do anything possible when it comes to decorating your chandelier for a party.

The Color and the Material of the Chandelier

Chandeliers are made of different colors and materials. Examples include a crystal chandelier. This type of chandelier is usually made of brass or metal. It has some decorative elements; hence it will give you an easy task to decorate it more. You will only be required to add little decors to it. 

There are also chandeliers made of glass. However, this may easily break or be broken especially if they are placed at a place not high enough. Brightly-coloured chandeliers seem to be every person’s choice.

This is so especially if the party is for young children whose love for bright colors cannot be questioned. However, always make sure you do not overdo the lighting of the chandelier. Also, the theme of the event should influence your choice for the right color of the light.

Putting Some Floral Themes

Flowers are always the best things to use while decorating anything. In fact, there are no decors without floral themes.

This, too goes when it comes to decorating chandeliers for a party. Remember this is a party and flowers must be present. You should be able to attract your guests through the beautiful flowers. 

The flowers may either be mounted on top of the chandelier or kept hanging just below the chandelier. Alternatively, you may choose to use some berries to decorate the light.

A combination of black and white flowers is the best to use. However, the red flowers also are the best because of their brightness. They can be viewed from a distance. They are shouting colors hence prove to be the best for attraction.

Use of Beads

There is no doubt that beads make the most beautiful, especially when mixed in different colors. You can also use them to decorate your chandelier.

It is actually an effortless task that does not require any expert options. The beads will look very stunning especially when the chandelier is lit. 

You may also choose to make the beaded chandelier by yourself or purchase an already made beaded chandelier. It is, however, useful if you try out yourself before going for the latter option.

There are many ways you can add the beads to the chandelier. You may choose to put them around the chandelier or in some parts. Whichever method you use, always opt for the one with the best results.

Use of Snowflakes

Snowflakes, when used to decorate a chandelier for a party, give the best results. The color of the snowflakes just feels good on the light.

how to decorate a chandelier for a party

In fact, this is one of the best ideas to decorate your chandelier for a party. This is applicable especially if the party is on a festive season.

Decorating the Chandelier With Crystals

The chandelier has some shades. You can add a fantastic beauty on the chandelier by covering the sconce using a small nuance.

If you need to catch some light, you can do so by adding some crystals accents either at the bottom or top of the shades. This will just look amazing for your party. 

Everyone might be amazed by this crazy trick. When doing this, it is also essential to use a variety of colors. The preferable colors to use are blue, pink and red.

This will give your house or room a fantastic look and everyone will be happy to see the chandelier. The crystals can be put around the light or in some specific parts.

Choosing the Lighting of the Chandelier

The chandelier has various places for placing bulbs.  The choice of lighting you want will depend on the type of party that you have.

If it is a dance party, then it will be best if you attach some flickering lights on the chandelier. Alternatively, you may choose to use different lights on the same chandelier to make it even more beautiful. 

how to decorate a chandelier for a party

However, always be cautious of the lighting systems since some may be dangerous to the eyes. Also, you are to consider the type of guests that will be at the party.

The lighting plays a vital role in the decoration of the chandelier. Even when well decorated, without the proper choice of the right light, the whole thing will be a mess.

Use of Cookies

Apart from being fed on, cookies can serve as best decorating instruments on your chandelier. It is not only cookies but also, some fruits may add some spark to your chandelier.

They can be added on the chandelier by just poking a small hole through them and hanging them on the chandelier. 

However, note that this may only be used for short term decors. This is because they will go bad after a few days hence causing a foul smell in your room.

But they are the best when it comes to decorating. In fact, they may be used to increase the appetite of your guests.

Also, if you need your chandelier to shine a bit, you may hook some candy canes over the arms of the chandelier.

Also, for more beautification, it is best if you cut them into different sizes and shapes.

The Tinsel and Traditional Idea

You don’t have to go far looking for decoration items for your chandelier. You don’t need to spend so much money purchasing such things when you acquire them within you. Though green is not a bright color, it can as well be used for decorations purposes.

For the chandelier to look more appealing visually, you should include braided garland among other things like cedar and boxwood.

Also, if your chandelier can be dimmed, it is good to do so to prevent the greens from drying up. As a result, they will be able to last longer.

Ornamental Extravagance

You can be able to create a glittering chandelier through the use of ornaments and ribbons. The ribbons should be adopted in your own space. After that, the fabrics should be cut in graduated lengths.

You should be able to create tiers that will fall upside-down like the shape of a tree. You should then gather together the loose ends of the ribbon and knot them.

After that, hang them on the ceiling hook where the chandelier is. However, you should not bunch the decorations.

how to decorate a chandelier for a party

Now You Know How to Decorate a Chandelier for a Party

In conclusion, the above tips will help you create the best chandelier decors for your party. These are just a few of them. The list is endless. You can find out more by reading articles like this from time to time.

It will equip you with very crazy ideas on how to decorate a chandelier for a party. These are things that do not necessarily require any training or any level of professionalism. 

Anyone with hands can be able to decorate a chandelier for a party. It all requires a small idea. Once you get the idea, then it becomes elementary for you to decorate the chandelier for your party.

Also, these simple steps are efficient and will save you a lot of costs at the time. You should not always outsource any services at your home. It is worth trying out yourself.

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