How to Make a Balloon Wall at Home: Professional Results

Most people come across balloon walls at parties and wonder how those walls are made. They look more beautiful and attractive.

Making a balloon wall does not necessarily involve professional knowledge. It is something that can be learned even in books or articles like this one.

How to Make a Balloon Wall at Home

It is for this reason that we have decided to give you a guide on how to make a balloon wall at home. Let us find out more about these easy tricks.

First and foremost, there are various things that you will need to make the balloon wall. Here is a list of the essential requirements.

a variety of balloons on the wall/how to make a balloon wall at home
  1. A glue gun [low temperature]
  2. Many balloons
  3. A piece of form board [alternatively you can use a wire mesh]
  4. Gorilla tape
  5. Foil tassels, streamers, pampas grass, foliage, or flowers for decorations.
  6. A hand pump

With the above requirements, you are now set to go.  The reason why we use a low-temperature glue gun is if we use the hot one, the balloons will pop. This will be a waste of the balloons; hence you are likely to suffer a financial loss.

Also, the work of the hand pump is to inflate the balloons. If you choose to inflate the balloons by yourself without using a hand pump, you may blow them up.

A hand pump is a perfect thing to use when inflating the balloons since it has a meter on it to measure the amount of air that is being taken in.

After you have acquired all the above requirements, let us now see how and where to start. Below is a step by step guide on how to make a balloon wall at home.

Inflate the Balloons.

The first step to take when making a balloon wall at home is to inflate the balloons. Here is where we use the hand pump. For the best results, it is best if you increase the balloons in various sizes. You should have at least small, medium, and giant balloons. 

You will have an easy time if you inflate all the balloons at the start. This will spare you the need to have to stop every time to increase the balloons during the process of making the balloon wall.

You can also find a helping hand to do this work as you prepare the other items. Do not just choose to do everything yourself. Two hands are better than one.

Creating the Shape

We all have different preferences when it comes to shapes. The foam board will help you set the perfect shape for your balloon wall.

After you have created the shape that suits you, you should then attach the foam board on the wall. Of course, the foam board will not attach itself to the wall. This is where the gorilla tape comes to use. 

Alternatively, you can use nails. This is in case you are unable to attach something to a wall correctly. You should cut the foam board to your desired shape.

Most of us will be afraid of cutting the foam board since they think it will create a bad picture. The foam board will be invisible after you have attached the balloons on it, so there is no cause for worry.

Also, there are various most common shapes to use in case you run out of ideas. 

You may arrange the foam to a semi-circle shape. However, you should note that this shape is mostly for a small part.

If you want your balloon wall to be big, you should, therefore, cover the whole wall with the foam board. You can browse online to get different shapes to make your balloon wall.

red and purple balloons

Attaching the Balloons

After you have made the shape you need using the foam board, it is now time to attach the balloons on it.

You will need the glue gun so as to connect the balloons on the foam board. The best approach to use while attaching the balloons is to start with the bigger ones.

Also, you should alternate different colors and also make sure to space them out. You should make the pattern appear random. The color may be the same, but the size of the balloons are different.

It will look awesome. With the spacing and the arrangement, the mixture and alternation of different colors, the balloon wall will be so amazing.

You will realize that as you continue gluing the balloons, the foam board keeps on disappearing. That should never worry you.

It is possible to stick the balloons on other balloons. This is because the kind of glue gun we are using is low temperature; hence there will be absolutely no effect.

Adding Extras

Once you are through with attaching the balloons, there might be a need for additional decorations. You may choose to add some other decors on your balloon wall, depending on your theme.

Some of the things you can add on your balloon wall to make it even more attractive are foliage, flowers, streamers and pampas grass.

Foliage seems to be one of the best extras especially for weddings. Since we are decorating a balloon wall at home, we may choose to add it if it matches with the design and the theme of your home.

Also, you can have a pen or marker to decorate the balloons. You may choose to draw or write anything on those balloons as long as the writing will increase the beauty of the balloon wall.

Also, there are some balloons that are well labeled. You should opt for them so as to increase your creativity. Your balloon wall should stand.

Also, you may use some ribbons to increase the decorations on your balloon wall. In fact, in most cases, we have seen balloons and ribbons being used together, they actually rhyme in terms of usage.

You should cut the fabrics in varying lengths and sizes and attach them to the balloons. You can also use the ribbons to tie the balloons instead of using the glue gun.

You can also use some lighting to increase the décor of your balloon wall. Balloons and light go hand in hand and are a perfect match. Especially if you have a party at home, adding some light will make the balloon wall glitter. 

However, you should make sure you use dim light. This is because bright colors can make the balloons pop, which will be a mess for your balloon wall.

Actually, if you use different lighting colors, no one will be able to recognize the real color of the balloons. The color of the balloons will change as the lighting changes. This is the best trick especially if you are not satisfied by the color of your balloons or if you did not get the color that you wanted.

Take a Step Back

After all the work is done, you should give yourself a break to relax. Don’t even bother to compare your work with others or rate it. 

This is because you might end up making wrong decisions that may ruin the whole balloon wall that we have worked so hard to build. You might come back after some time and rate your work.

You may even be amazed at what you have made and what you are capable of doing. 

Give yourself a high five for the excellent job you have done. Well, that is if you did it alone. But of course, that is not the case because we helped you with the great ideas.

You may also find out that there is something you missed, and it is worth being there. It is good to use as many decors as possible for the best results. However, do not over add many things since too much of something is poisonous.

black and yellow balloons

Last Word on How to Make a Balloon Wall at Home

However, not all people are the same. There are those that are sharp at learning things very quickly. Others cannot even repeat something that is being demonstrated to them.

For such people, they may opt for alternative options. It is not a must that you make the balloon wall yourself. There are some already made balloons that are sold. 

You can choose to buy them and just stick them on your wall. There are some advantages and limitations when you decide to go this way. The first and most common limitation is the cost.

By cost, we mean the overall cost of the purchase to transport charge. You may find that the cost incurred to buy the already made balloons is much higher than making it yourself.

Also, by making the balloon wall yourself, you are able to discover and learn new things.

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