How to Throw a Hotel Party (Without Losing Your Deposit)

The idea of throwing a hotel party is foreign to many, but at one point or another in your life, you will find yourself toying with the idea.

That’s perhaps why you are wondering How to Throw a Hotel Party and still retain your deposit back.

How to Throw a Hotel Party

These parties are fun and low-budget because you will need to pay for the venue and probably your food and refreshments, while the rest of the logistics to the hotel and its management.

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Although this kind of party is fun and easy to hold, you still need to think about it beforehand because if not planned carefully, they can fail.

In this article, we give you all the juicy details that you need to hold a successful hotel party.

Here’s the perfect How to Throw a Hotel Party guide.

Booking and check-in

Consider the number of guests you will be having before choosing the hotel room.

If you expect a large crowd, it would be wise to consider a hotel that has a bar. In this way, it would be easy to move the crowd to the bar. 

Before booking, it is vital to get to know the hotel’s policies.

You must read the room agreement and check any clauses that might touch on issues such as damages, noise restrictions and the damage fees. In this way, you can know how to work around these policies for the best experience. 

However, many hotels have an anti-noise policy, and if your friends cannot keep it together, you may risk getting thrown out. In such a case, booking a large suite or room is still good enough. 

Building Anticipation

It is important to build anticipation before your party because its success may depend on how much it is hyped.

Send out your invitations and encourage your guests to RSVP. You will get a good idea of how many guests to expect as well, which makes this step all the more necessary. 

Some hotels can only allow you to invite a specific number of guests to your hotel room. You will need to remind your friends that they should not spread the news. 

To further build the buzz, you can hold back information regarding the venue and only send it to your expected guests a few days or hours before the party.

You will have them waiting with baited breathe for your amazing hotel party.

Setting up the Party

You should arrive in the hotel room earlier than your friends so that you can prepare the room for what is to come.

If there are any breakable or sharp objects in the room, tuck them away safely in places where your guests will not access, such as the underside of the bathroom sink. 

Make use of countertops and tables by setting it up for drinks.

You may find that you need to move some pieces of furniture around so that you can create more space for your guests.

If this is your situation, be clever enough to take pictures so you can remember where the furniture was an return it after the party.

Get some ice-filled coolers and place them strategically around the room before your guests arrive.

Alternatively, you can fill the hotel bathtub with ice and use it as a cooler for beverages.

Remember to put trash bags at specific places in the room so that you do not litter the room. 

Photography Services

Hiring a photographer for your party is good because they will capture some of the best moments of your party. 

If the party is a high profile one, the benefits of hiring a photographer go beyond the event. You can share your photos with the hotel so they put them up on the website. Also, you can use them for social media campaigns.


Entertainment is a crucial part of any party. You do not want to let your friends down by not having the latest music for the hotel party.

As such, you will need to download the latest music beforehand and use it for your party.

Thankfully, you no longer have to do the downloading manually. Several applications have been designed to download music automatically.

If you want to dance at your party, you can bring an MP3 player with speakers that are small enough not to cause disturbance but good enough to create an environment that your friends will enjoy.

You can also choose to invest in some Bluetooth speakers as they are cheap and affordable but do an excellent job.

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You may prefer to have a quieter party. In this case, the television can provide just enough background noise for your guests to chat and mingle.

You can also bring in some fun party games or scary movies to add some excitement and pump in some adrenaline.

As you and your guests wind up the party, it will be fun to play games such as charade. 

Whichever method you choose to use, remember to warn your guests to keep their noise levels low as most hotels do not appreciate noisy occupants.

Food and refreshments

Just like in any other type of party, a hotel party must have food and refreshment.

However, the secret is to keep it simple with the food so that your guests can enjoy without getting their hands greasy.

Finger foods are recommended for parties because they are easy to consume without greasing. 

how to throw a hotel party

Many parties also serve pizza because many people like it. Should you decide to serve pizza, ensure that you provide a lot of napkins as it can get messy. 

For dessert, less is more in the hotel party setup. As such, you will want to go with smaller options like cupcakes and cookie bars. 

Set up a beverage station within the party to make it easy for your guests to access the beverages.

If you like, you can have one of your friends fill in as a bartender. Having someone at the beverage station will minimize spills, helping to keep the hotel room at optimum condition.

For the drinks, you can choose to provide them, or you can ask your friends to buy their own. Either way, your hotel party will still rock.

Decorating for the party

The type of party that you will have will determine the type of decorations you will utilize.

For instance, an outdoor environment such as a pool party may require you to bring floating drinking trays and beach balls for decoration. Consider making the decorations visible even in the night settings. 

If you are having a party in your room, a few balloons here and there and tweaking the room’s lighting can go a long way in ensuring that the ambiance of the room is just right.

Play around with the furniture arrangement as well, and you could set the stage for a party worth remembering. 

The Advantages of having a Hotel Party

Hotel parties are convenient, as mentioned above. The actual work revolves around managing to rally your friends to come into the room and abide by the hotel’s policies and avoid the management having to drive you out.

However, these are not the only advantages. Below, we explain the other pros of having a hotel party. 

You do not have to do the clean-up after the party. 

When you hold parties from home, you are left with the burden of cleaning after everyone has left, unless you have nice friends who agree to help you. With a hotel party, your job is to have fun. The hotel staff will do the cleaning and tidying up after you check out, adding to the convenience of this type of party. 

You have access to the hotel’s amenities

Having a party at a hotel is also advantageous because you have what belongs to the party at your disposal. For instance, a rooftop and a pool. Therefore, you can move to the rooftop if the room gets boring. 

Safety and security

In many situations where there are parties at different venues, there is a security risk for the guests, especially at night. This is especially true in situations where people have to walk back home or take taxis back home.

The hotel environment, on the other hand, provides individuals with safety and security. Therefore, you and your guests can feel safe as you party. Guests are free to leave at their pleasure but at least you are sure they are safe and you can take the elevator back to your hotel room.

You might have been clueless about having a hotel party, but I am sure that you have more information by now. By highlighting how you can hold a hotel party in this article, we are certain that you understand some of the factors that you need to consider before and during your hotel party.

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Reading the agreement when checking in, considering the decorations, preparing cold storage, and considering the foods to consume and the entertainment are some of the ways you can have a fun hotel party.

Apart from having fun, you will have access to the hotel’s amenities, you will be safe and will not have to clean up the next morning.

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