20 Cocktail Party Games that Guests Will Love

So, your days imbibing with buddies and pulling off silly antics are long gone, and you’re now mature enough to partake in cocktail party games.

Playing cocktail party games is not really about the whisky (though, it admittedly can add to the fun, yeah?), it’s all about the fun experience that comes with it to make a dull party a killer one.

celebrations during a party

Chances are that you’re totally up for making your next cocktail party with your pals more interesting. So, that’s why this article brings you twenty very interesting cocktail party games that you can use to spice up your party. Read on.

Mr. Freeze

At the beginning of the party, choose a Mr. Freeze from among your friends. In case he or she freezes at any point before the party ends, then everyone else must freeze as well. The friend who freezes last has to finish their cocktail. Or take a shot depending on what friends will decide. Besides that, they’ll become the new Mr. Freeze as the new round begins. The same rules apply until the party comes to an end.


Now, this one is based on the rule that you must drink from your non-dominant hand.

That is something you should establish before the start of the party. Those who break that rule can be called out by any other person in the game.

Be on the lookout for an offending person and shout “Buffalo” before getting that person to finish their drink and take an additional shot.

Spin the Bottle

Place bottles of cocktail drinks in front of you and spin by turns. The person that the bottleneck points will be required to empty the bottle.

You can carry on with this fun game for as long as you want. Or you can wait until every bottle is empty. But take caution that this game can get you extremely drunk!

Civil War

This is one of the most popular cocktail party games you can incorporate into your small menu for your next party.

We all know that cocktail pong doesn’t allow more than two people to play at any given time, right?

Well, civil war is meant to prevent boredom among partygoers by allowing more than two people to play together.

This increase in team members can really heat up the party. You’ll definitely feel the rave, excitement, cheering, adrenaline, and gasping, and what more?

For sure, this is a perfect fit for cocktail parties. Give it a try.

“Never Have I…”

This is the cocktail party game in which people are required to sit around bottles of beer and confess what they have never done in their life.

They also get a chance to say what other people have ever done in life. For example, a group member can say, “I’ve never cheated on my spouse.”

If someone else in the group has ever cheated on their spouse, then the folk who has never cheated on theirs will be made to drink their beer.

One reason why you’ll find this game really fun is that it helps friends unearth the hidden attributes and undiscovered parts of their pals.

Beer Chess

Unlike other cocktail part games, Beer Chess is meant for chaps who fancy chess a lot.

So, if you like playing the game simultaneously, replace the pieces of chess with different types of cocktails. You’ll need to drink any shot that is defeated. This is one sure way to make the game of chess more fun. 


This game can be difficult and interesting at the same time. 

Place four numbered cups in a row. Number one has one shot or peg, and the largest number has many pegs or shots.

Each player is required to bounce a pong ball onto the table with the shots to make it fall into one of the cups. 

Drunk Trivia

Now, you know that it’s time to actively use your brain when you realize that Drunk Trivia is going to be your cocktail part game.

Prepare a set of question before the start of this game if you want to make it more enjoyable. Your questions may be related to simple logic, movies. Or even general knowledge questions.

Those who give wrong answers will be required to drink their beer.

Name Game

How fast can you think while drunk? Well, those are the two elements that this game requires you to have.

Yes, it can be pretty easy to assume but it can prove difficult when there are chaos and pressure around you.

Every one of you will sit in a circle and the first player will start with mentioning names of celebrities, cities, countries, and other famous things.

So, the last letter of what you mention should form the first letter of the next player. The next player must mention a name that starts with that letter and the word should fall in the given category.

For example, if you end with “Guatemala” the next person can say “Australia”.

Do you get the idea? If the next player is unable to form a name almost immediately after you’ve mentioned yours, he’ll have to keep drinking and drinking until a time when he will form a name.


Bingo is a sure great game for cocktail parties. And it’s also easy to understand. This explains why it’s a staple game for most parties let alone cocktail parties.

Fast Charades

Fast Charades is a much easier variation of the Old Charades party game. This is one awesome game that will set your cocktail party in the mood within no time at all. Plus, it uses a single word rather than a title or a phrase.

Dollar Game

Place this game in the list of your favorite icebreaker or cocktail party games because you won’t be able to resist getting hooked to it once you give it a try.

two glasses

How does it work?

Give $1 bills to a few people, secretly. Then announce that unknown people at the party have some bills and that they’ll give it to say, the 2nd, 10th, and 16th person, etc. who shake the hands of the “money-men”. Since no one has a clue of the person with the bills, partygoers will go around shaking hands in an effort to get the bills!

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is not a game for kids only. In real terms, it’s a very active cocktail party game which is a simple mix of physical activity and strategy. Great when you’re looking for cocktail games to make your teambuilding or picnic outings more fun.

Dictionary Cocktail Game

A quiet and perfect game for cocktail parties and small dinner parties, where players talk and have a chance to think. This is the game that’ll decide who will be the next Webster!


Who said that this fun game is meant for girls only? Plan to incorporate into your next cocktail party and believe it or not, you won’t do anything else other than Bunco. It’s just fun!

Who is Who

Who’s Who requires you to plan beforehand. Tell every guest to send you their childhood photos and pin them on a board in the middle of the room in which the cocktail party will be hosted.

When the day of the party finally arrives, gather all the guests together in front of the photos and have them guessing which one belongs to whom. Making people guess the year the photo was taken will be an added advantage.

 Celebrity Couples

Before the party kicks off, write names of famous celebrities on tags or postcards. As the guests arrive, pin the name tags onto their backs without allowing them to what’s inscribed on their backs.

Have the guests mingle and keep questioning each other to know who they are. You can also make it a bit difficult by using unrelated celebrities rather than using names of couples.

Name that Hit

For this game, you’ll need a MP3 or CD player or a collection of songs.  Group your guests into twos or threes and play for them a few songs. See which team makes the correct guess first and award points.

If no team gives the correct name of the songs, play a few more songs from the CD.

It can be more fun if you have a deadline which the guests must follow. If a team is unable to name that song within the deadline, it forfeits the chance and the next team can hear more of the songs.

Hula Hoop

This is a nice game for pairs or couples attending a cocktail party.

Get a hula hoop and have pairs stand in circles, with partners facing each other.

Put on some good music and have the pairs pass around the hoop after going through it together from the head to the toe. If the music stops, the partners inside the hoop are out. And the last pair standing is declared the winner.

a glass with red substance within


Finally, here you have the easiest of all cocktail party games, each player starts counting and says a number loud enough.

But they should mention number 7 and its multiples, in which instance, they shout “Buzz” failure to which they are made to drink. As simple as that.