10 Great Ideas for British Themed Party Decoration

Britain has its unique identity that can be seen in their way of life, politics, architecture, dressing, and many other aspects.

Hosting a party in Britain is exciting because of the mere setting. However, you want to take it a notch higher with British themed party decorations.

British Themed Party Decoration

Parties are meant to celebrate achievements by individuals and organizations. The decorations are, therefore, used to set the mood for these celebrations.

They also help you to create memories because of their unique nature. A themed party helps participants to easily identify with the event, and, therefore, participate fully.

two finger in front of a British flag

A party should be unique. The decorations should be determined by the type of occasion you are hosting, patrons expected at the occasion, and the memories you wish to create. A British theme gives you unique images and memories for your occasion. Here are excellent ideas you should consider if you desire to hold a British themed event.

The British Flag

Colors of the British Empire are unique. The distinct colors of the Union Jack are red, blue, and white. The colors will give your occasion a British feel.

They could form a part of your draping, seat covers, table cloths, and other decoration ideas. It is easy to spot the colors from a distance. In case a patron sees the colors on his pictures, it is easy to recognize the theme and identity with the British people.

british themed party decoration

Some draping and attire are made from complete Union Jack flag. In other instances, it is the combination of the colors that will give your occasion the British feel. A solid blue background with diagonal white and red stripes followed by a cross at the front help you to complete the British coloration.

The British colors can also form part of the attire, utensils, and other installations during the event. With three colors to decorate your event, you will be spoilt of choice on how to decorate your event. It is your creativity that will make your decorations to fit the event by giving it a British touch.

A British Colored Theme

Events are made unique and captivating through the choice of a unique theme. A British theme can be applied in the dressing of patrons attending your event, utensils used, lighting, and other aspects that will turn the day into a red, blue and white event.

The theme of the event has to be respected by all who will be attending. This information is included in your invitation cards and other messages sent to patrons.

The attire does not have to be exclusively British flag, but the combination of colors will give a British taste for your event. It gives your event a unique taste that will make your photos colorful and help participants to create beautiful memories.

A British Menu

It is said that the good taste of food lies in its appearance before it gets to the tongue. Prepare food that is exclusively British in appearance and taste.

Decorate your cakes using British colors of red, blue and, white. Add the flag and other aspects like notable houses or structures to give the food a British feel. Sitting down at the table will be a sufficient signal to inform patrons that the party is British.

british themed party decoration

Decorate the table with foods that have a British origin. They could be traditional dishes or modern foods that are identifiable with Britain.

Some of the foods to consider on your menu are Fish and Chips, roast beef and roast potatoes, and sausage with beans, among other foods. Patrons who grace your occasion will feel that their desire for English foods has been met.

Use British Colors And Flag On Ribbons

Ribbons, roof and wall decorations, among other items are used to send a message about your event. Use the British flag and colors on these decoration items. They are left hanging on your wall and ceiling to give an idea of the theme of your event.

The ribbons can be cut into different shapes that fit your desired audience. For instance, if the party or event is meant for children, the shapes will be those that the kids can identify with.

These shapes may also be used to write words and create messages that your patrons can identify with. The colors and ribbons are fantastic for outdoor events.

They will blend naturally with vegetation, lighting, and structures within a compound. When used on balloons, they give your event the most captivating appearance.

a british themed cake

A British Dress Code

British people have a unique mode of dressing that will give your event a signature-feel. You will be forgiven for arguing that people do not form part of decorations.

However, their dressing is viewed as part of the larger picture. The British people have clothes, shoes, hats, and other items that are unique or originally British. Capture this information in your invitation letter so that visitors will come dressed in the attire.

Britons have a classic dress code for all seasons and occasions. If you want a British themed wedding, patrons will have a wide range of clothes to choose from when attending the wedding.

There are clothes for children, women, winter, summer, outdoors, indoors, and any other idea of a theme you may have. The photos emerging from your event will give a clear picture of a British theme in your event.

Traditional British Furniture

Furniture forms part of the beauty and decorations of any room or event. The design of such furniture and patterns or colors used will give the furniture a unique British appearance.

There are seats that are originally from Britain with arms and heavy cushion to keep the guest comfortable. Monarch chairs also form part British furniture collection. A visit to the furniture store will help you find excellent furniture to make your event colorful.

Besides the design of British furniture, the fabrics used on the future can be used to give your event a British feel.

Use the British flag, colors, or symbols on the furniture. In case you are using a dinner table for your event, a strip of table cloth running through the middle is identified as British style. Such options give your event the much fancied British theme for your events.

British Cutlery and Utensils

Food forms part of the beauty of every event. The way the food is served and the organization of the table will make a huge difference in setting the theme for your event.

Order or hire cutlery that helps to enhance your British themed part decoration. There are spoons, folks, plates, cups, kettles, and other table items that will tell you that your host is British.

The shapes and designs of the cutlery will help to enhance the British theme. Plates, cups, kettles, and other items with some space may be decorated with the British flag. It gets better if you serve British food on British utensils. It becomes a comprehensive package that will make a huge difference in the decoration of your event.

A Rabbit Themed Party

Rabbits are as British as anything can get. A rabbit setting is created by installation of plants on the wall and on items around the house.

Create the garden setting by hanging flowers on the wall and using a variety that gives the idea of rabbits. Upturned flower pots form part of this theme. The flower designs that will help you create the rabbit theme are carrots and lettuce heads.

The life flowers are hung on the wall to create the impression of an indoor garden. A green atmosphere is also relaxing for patrons. The green them is coupled with light blue and white tableware. The potted plants must be significant in number and visible to enhance your theme.

English Pub Party

The drinks on your table will form a significant part of your decorations. The containers used to hold these drinks, decorations on your table, furniture used for the event, and overall setting send a signal of an English setting. Patrons to your party may also use British attire to help you make a statement.

Serve beverages, alcohol, and soft drinks that are of British origin as well as taste. Among the beverages to serve include ginger, tea, beer, cinder, pimms and gin.

The drinks to serve from your pub will depend on the participants gracing your party. There are enough options for people of all ages and drinking preferences.

British Lighting and Music

A British party can never be complete without some music. The effect of the music is enhanced using lighting, especially when your party is indoors.

Use lighting materials and symbols that give a feel of British people and their culture. Play music that is traditionally British. If you are hosting a band, let them use instruments that are British in origin.

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The options for British themed party decoration are endless. The choices you make will depend on available resources and your creativity.

With traditional and contemporary British decoration idea, you have a chance to create the most magnificent party venue using British colors and symbols.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to British Themed Party Decorations.