10 Irish Party Decorations Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a big celebration remembering the arrival of Christianity into Ireland.

When 17th of March arrives, everyone wants to hold a unique celebration to mark this day. Unique Irish party decorations will help you set the mood and help you to create beautiful memories about the day. 

Party decorations are unique to individual preferences. They may go to the walls, tables, invitation cards, the gifts that visitors carry away, and such other elements of your big day.

The main color for the celebrations is green. However, you may use complementary colors and images to help you make the statement. Here are excellent decoration ideas to consider for your St. Patrick’s Day party.

Decorations on Invitation Cards

The first statement you make about your regard for St. Patrick’s Day will be seen in your invitation card. Expected guests want to feel that you recognize the theme and images associated with this big day.

In fact, the card will indicate the regard you have for this day before the guest reads the message. 

Use the green theme on your invitation cards. Add a touch of vegetation and flowers on your card so that it communicates your intentions before the message is sent.

Clovers are the perfect plant to decorate your card and items for St. Patrick’s Day. They may be prominent features on your card or form part of the background. Make a statement using the invitation card and your guests will get into the mood before arriving for your party. 

Use Balloons On The Wall

Balloon manufacturers produce them in multiple colors and shapes. They are used to decorate the venue in order to set the mood for St. Patrick’s Day. With green being the dominant color, these balloons will give the venue a natural feel and appearance. 

Balloons made of cloves design help to send a stronger statement about your celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. These balloons will come with a special message or may just be plain on the surface.

Either way, they are used to create a feeling of an environment that is celebrating the big day. Buy special St. Patrick’s balloons for the kids to enjoy bouncing and popping at the end of their visit. 

Cup Cake Toppers 

Cakes are an incredible addition to any party or celebration. Cupcakes make celebrations fun and memorable.

It gets more interesting when the cakes come with the green color them and topping to make it more attractive. They are picturesque on the table and will set the mood for the best celebrations on St. Patrick’s Day. 

irish party decorations

Cup Cake Toppers are decorated using papers. The decorations can be made using hands since they do not require any special tools. Some of the tools you need to create these toppers are craft punch, labels, and lollipop sticks.

The design will depend on your creativity and the message you would like to add to cup cakes. The toppers can be personalized to become souvenirs for guests to take home. They are an excellent way to add flair to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 

Create Lucky Banners 

The banners are an excellent way to set up the space for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The banner is created using ordinary materials like paper and cut into different shapes.

While the triangle is the most common shape, you can take the option of circles, clovers, and such other shapes. The banners hung on the wall around the table or room where you will be hosting your celebrations. 

Add decorations on to the banners to help you make a more bold statement about your celebration of the big day. For instance, you may decorate the boarders and add a message inside the space available on individual banners.

The length of banners allows you to decorate a wider space so that the entire room or compound is seen to be in celebration of the occasion. Banners are a natural way of celebrating any day. It is, therefore, one of the most recognizable ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

women decorating a room

Felt Shamrock Pillow

Pillows help residents and visitors to feel at ease around sofas. They also help to decorate the house by making it more attractive for occasions.

St. Patrick’s Day comes with unique demand colors and clovers images for decoration. When they are added onto your pillows and furniture, they help to create the most magnificent celebration environment. 

The patterns on your pillows will differ depending on personal preferences. However, the addition of a shamrock flower will make the best addition onto your pillows and seats.

Add a touch of green on the pillows to bring out the St. Patrick’s theme color. The pillow cases can be changed whenever you are having another occasion. These changes give your house a unique appearance every time you have a party to host. 

St. Patrick’s Day Art Print

The internet has a lot of printable art that can be added onto your wall or form part of your decorations. You may also engage an artist around your home to create beautiful art for addition into your decorations.

The artwork is printed on your favorite paper and embossed onto your favorite frame. It will create the most beautiful and artistic venue to host your party. 

St. Patrick’s art comes in a variety of versions. However, the most common motif for art is the clovers. These clovers set the theme for the day and will help you to mark the day in style.

Local artists can create beautiful motifs using embroidery, paint, beadwork, and such other artistic forms. The artwork could remain beyond the day of celebration. 

Potted Paper Clovers 

It is impossible to divorce clovers from St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Though they should not form every part of your decorations, they are a perfect choice when decorating the venue for your party.

Paper art gives you a chance to be creative in your decorations. Cut pieces of paper into clovers and stick them onto a pot like live plants. 

Paper clovers are easy to create and require minimal resources. They can be made in multiple colors to make your decorations more appealing. The clovers do not require any maintenance attention because they are made of paper.

Futher, the clovers will replace live plants that require a lot of maintenance attention. They also show your creative side, helping your guests to appreciate the invitation and preparations more. 

A St. Patrick’s Centerpiece

A centerpiece dominates a party venue. It also creates a center of focus and a memorable scene for your party. If you are looking for a budget friendly option that will create a huge difference, the Centerpiece will be the way to go.

The most beautiful Irish party decorations for St. Patrick’s Day would involve live flowers that form part of the centerpiece for your party table. 

Use a green glass flower vase to create your centerpiece. Choose white flowers with green stocks to maintain the theme. Flowers of other colors will appear as though you are at an ordinary occasion.

The size of the centerpiece will depend on the space available. It helps you to set limits on space utilization around your party venue. Ordinary flowers around the compound can be used to create the masterpiece without incurring the expense of ordering a bouquet. 

Use Utensils To Decorate Your Party 

Utensils help to create party memories. The glasses, plates, trays, and other utensils used during the party will help to create the right mood for the celebrations.

Utensils come in different colors and shapes. Decorations on the utensils are especially important. Choose cups and glasses with clovers on as decoration to help you make the point. 

Decorated tea pots and kettles also help to create the perfect party atmosphere. There are cups used as souvenirs for St. Patrick’s Day and would help you create the most beautiful table for your party.

Stickers may also be used to convert ordinary utensils into customized St. Patrick’s decorations. The memories created through pictures will capture the customized party cups, trays, and plates used during the party. 

Use Dressing As Decoration

The invitation card should include information on how guests will dress. Include a clause on sticking to the Irish dressing code and green color of St. Patrick.

The Irish tradition has numerous options for men and women as they attend different occasions. Point at a single attire or allow your guests to choose their favorite dress code.

a table setting/ Irish Party Decorations

The Aran sweaters represent the Irish culture perfectly and will help you to enjoy your party. Leine is also another option to consider when looking for traditional Irish clothing.

If men appear at your door in skirts, you should be prepared to usher them in because they form part of Irish dressing. You are spoilt of choice when looking for Irish dressing. 

You have endless options when looking for Irish party decorations ideas for your party. The options are affordable and will help you to set up a party venue that meets your personal expectations.

It will take a little bit of creativity and improvisation to create the best Irish party venue for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 

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