15 Basket Party Ideas For A Fun Sporty Night

Have you heard about basket parties in the past? First, you will realize that a basket party is a fund-raiser where people donate baskets of items to be raffled off. It is actually a flexible, hands-off way of selling your Paparazzi Jewelry.

Basket Party Ideas

Here, the Paparazzi Consultant will give a hostess everything they need to sell a basket or a box and then agree on a timeframe for the basket party.

basket party ideas

Once the party is over, the hostel returns with the basket with the unsold items and returns the money she has collected from selling. Also, the hostess collects her rewards after finishing this undertaking.

Sometimes, you might want the hostess to sign a basket party agreement form so as to ensure that they are responsible for any item misplaced or lost.

In addition, this can make them more responsible for any basket not returned. If you want to have a successful event, here are some essential basket party ideas for a fun sporty night.

Pick Out Your Basket Wisely

If you want to organize a basket party, there are many options that you can consider. However, as much as these options are many, you should try and avoid being too expensive or flashy.

In this case, you should choose the commodities that you know your clients will be interested in.

Ideally, you should ensure that you choose something that can easily be transported. Each basket should hold a fair amount of jewelry. In addition, this basket should be strong enough for repeated use.

Make Your Expectations Clear

It is important that you sign in the basket party agreement form. Most people tend to forget to sign this form and this can lead to losses in the long run. If your hostess misplaces some essential jewelries in the process or fails to return the unsold items, you might incur huge losses.

Signing this form helps to prevent such issues from happening. As such, your hostess will be responsible for any loss incurred during the basket party. Doing this makes them more careful as they sell your products.

Keep Your Money Together

You should ensure that you have to lose money with you. This is because you might get clients who want to buy some cheap jewelry yet they have huge notes.

For efficient operation, you should have some coins and a few notes so as to return the change to them. In addition, try as much as you can to have an envelope or a cash bag with you for keeping all your money. If your money is kept together, you will be able to account for every coin collected.

Include Your Business Card In The Baskets

You would want to market your products to different clients in the party in order to earn some profits. Therefore, you should include some business cards for those who might be interested in buying your items in the future.

You can trust that they will be able to reach you using the information provided in the business cards issued. It is important to include the right information on the card so that your clients can reach you successfully.

Have Some Receipts With You

Some people normally like getting receipts for every item that they buy. This is very essential when it comes to accountability. In this case, you should carry some receipts with you just in case. You might be surprised to find out that most people would want to get receipts for every item that they buy from you.

Basket Party Ideas; Get a Good Hostess

A good hostess is a very important person in your basket party as you will not be there first hand when people look through everything. The good news is that these hostesses normally tell their friends about the basket party even before it begins.

This makes such parties successful in the long run. Such people can create buzz and excitement and thereby enable you to sell your items successfully.

Ensure The Hostess Is Excited And Confident

If your hostess is confident and excited, you can be sure that you will have a fun sporty night and even make more money in the long run. This person should feel confident in selling your items. Ideally, she should have the knowledge of the product. This is because most clients will ask questions from time to time.

If a client’s questions are answered rightly, he might choose to invest in your product. Therefore your hostess should be confident from the word go. This can in turn help her make more sales.

basket party ideas

Let Your Hostess Wear A Piece of Jewelry For Marketing Purposes

If you want to generate interest, you should reward your hostess by giving her a free reward that she can wear when showing the basket to her friends. This can play a good role in marketing your products.

The clients will be able to see the jewelry and perhaps imagine how they can look when wearing them. In addition, they will know how to wear jewelry and so much more. This has worked well for many people out there.

Make Follow-ups With A Call Or Text

Since you might not be the one selling your items, you should make follow-ups on how your products are faring. This is because your hostess might sell all your items and might need to refill the baskets. Therefore, your hostess will tell you how she is faring. You will know whether to refill your basket or not. In addition, you will know if your clients like the products or not.

Ensure That You Have More In Your Inventory

The more inventory and selection you have, the more you will sell. In this case, you should have a variety of items in your inventory. This is because different people normally have different needs. Some might be interested in buying a necklace while others might want to buy bangles.

You should have as many items as possible in order to make more sales. All these items should come in different colors, style and so forth. Try to include as many items as you can sensibly fit into your basket. More importantly, you should ensure that your inventory is closer so that your hostess can get any item requested by a certain client easily.

Wear A Good Smile

Your hostess should wear a good smile so as to attract more clients. The client will be pleased to buy your items from a happy hostess. The hostess should be ready to listen to the needs of the clients so that she can make more sales.

In this case, when choosing your hostess, you should instruct them to remain jovial throughout the exercise. This will help you make more sales in the basket party.

Demonstrate The Product

By showing your customers hoe the items benefit their lives, you can make a more convincing sales pitch. Some products that your hostess might have might need some demonstration or that are tactile in nature work best.

Also, demonstrated products normally provide a new benefit to different customers beyond what they can see in a brochure or catalog. If your basket has some snacks, you can instruct your hostess to mention the healthy options for individuals with different dietary needs.

If you are selling jewelry, you can show how essential to wear certain jewelry is. For instance, if you are selling makeup, you can tell them the essence of wearing makeup while you are showcasing your product.

Plan Ahead

If you know that you are hosting a basket party, you should make adequate plans ahead. You should look for different people to help you sell your products. You should also prepare your products will early in advance.

This can help you generate some profits in the long run. You should be keen when choosing the hosts that will be helping you sell your products. Your hostesses should be well trained on how to market different products. If you are purposing to sell beauty products, you should choose people who can help you sell these items more effectively.

Know Your Audience

To have a successful basket party, you should know your audience. If you are selling baskets to an individual person, women may be the target audience because they are more likely to have the responsibility of buying presents.

Businesses might also be a good target market for you. More importantly, you should know what your clients want so that you can make more sales during the party.

Don’t Worry About Broken Pieces

Some of your items might get broken as you sell them to different clients out there. This should not hinder you from making sales. You should carry on and sell the perfect ones to your clients. However, it is important that you be careful as you sell the items so as to avoid such damages which might lead to losses.

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Organizing a basket party is not difficult. You can organize this party once in a while. If you have wonderful products that you know will sell, you can plan and make it a reality. A hostess can help you make more sales. Consider these basket party ideas for a fun sporty night today and you will not regret it.