The Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Vintage Airplane Party

Is your little one fascinated by airplanes? Probably, he or she might not be alone. Most kids normally tend to get fascinated by airplanes from time to time. Airplanes usually provide high hopes for the future, adventure, and fun excitement. It’s not a wonder to find your kid requesting you to buy him an airplane toy.

Vintage Airplane Party

This can be the case if his dad is a pilot or works at the airport. There is always that urge to fly in an airplane and so on. In this case, why can’t you organize a vintage airplane party for your loved ones?

Here, you can even invite your friends to grace the occasion. To organize a perfect vintage airplane party, you should consider following this guideline:

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Create Vintage Airplane Party Decorations

There are many vintage airplane party decorations that you can consider. First, you can choose to use a Silhouette cutting machine to cut out clouds and airplanes out of a cardstock. Also, you need to cut pennants out of a map scrapbooking paper. Once this is done, you can sew them together and then make garlands for the food table, gift station, favor table and so on. The good news is that this activity might not be too expensive for youth might cost about $5 for all the 9 garlands. This will add a lot to your décor and make your venue look more attractive.

Hang Wooden Airplanes Around Your House

You can look for wooden airplanes and then hang then in your house. You can even hang some on your walls. These wooden airplanes are perfect as they are lightweight and easy to hang.

You can also create paper airplanes and then place them in one corner. You can space them out so that your venue looks more attractive. Also, you can get inflatable toy airplanes and hang them on the ceiling of your house. You can also hang some pilot hats on the walls of the house.

Buy Airplane Party Bags

You can readily get these bags from your nearest store. You can even have some custom made for this particular event. Here, your guests can put their essentials while at the party.

The bags should have pictures of different planes on the outside. You can trust that your child will be excited to see bags with airplane photos on the outside. If your kid is an aviation fanatic, he would also like to own one of these bags.

You can place a table for the party favors near the door so that you can remember to give the guests the treat bag as they leave the party. A good idea here is to create a sign for the “baggage claim” area where the guests can pick up these bags.

Buy Airplane Party Cups

It is important that you buy some drinks for your invitees. These drinks should be taken using these cups. Each of these cups will have a symbol of an airplane. If you are going to have many guests, you can have these cups custom made for you so that you can buy them at a discount. Here are airplane party cups to make your party great.

Let The Kid Play Some Airplane Games

Kids like playing different airplane games. These include Pin the Pilot on the Plane, Find the Airplane in the Clouds, Pass the Black Box and so on. Kids present should play with airplanes made out of boxes with shoulder straps complete with wings and tail sections. You can even decorate these plants red and white to make them more adorable. It can be fun taking photos of each kid flying around his or her airplane. Other fun activities can include building a small model airplane as a group, running through an obstacle course of loops and safety cones among others. This can be a perfect time for them to bond and create friends.


You can order deli trays from your local favorite supermarket. Additionally, you can order a sandwich, fruit platters and so on. You should purpose to make box lunches like what is found on the airlines. However, doing this might cost you more money. Therefore you can come with a better idea that will cost little money. Therefore, your 3D passenger jet shaped cake can be next to a teddy bear in a pilot costume with a helmet and a pair of goggles, holding an airplane around him. The cupcakes can be decorated with toy planes as well. These cupcakes can be used to drink soda and other beverages for the day.

an old airplane


You can instruct everyone to turn up for the vintage airplane party wearing a T-shirt with an airplane on it. Besides, each one of the invitees should wear a pilot cap. For instance, you can choose to have blue T-shirts and white caps. These T-shirts and caps can be custom made to suit the event of the day.

Budget Effectively

You need to come up with a good budget for this event. You would not want people to show up at your party and get frustrated. Therefore, you should know all the supplies that you need early in advance and then make arrangements to have them with you a few days before the actual event. You do not have to break the bank to organize a vintage airplane party. Even with a small budget, you are good to go.

Inform The Invitees Early Enough

People are not always available. Some of them are employed while others are self-employed. If you want many people to show up for your event, you should inform them early enough. For the kids, you can organs this party when they are on holiday. If you invite many people to your party, you will have more fun and your day will be memorable. The invitation card should resemble a boarding pass. Therefore, you should cut all the edges to have around shape instead. You can even perorate the invitation along the dotted lines.

Choose A Good Location

You should choose a good location for your party for it to be colorful. If you have a small home, your home might not be ideal for this party if you want more people to come. You can choose a better location that is favorable to all. Everyone should be able to arrive at your party more conveniently. You can indicate the address of the venue on the invitation card. The large the venue, the more colorful your event will be. It could even be your garage.

Check The Weather

Ideally, you should ensure that you hold your party when the weather is fine. If the weather is rainy, some guests might not turn up for your event. In this case, you should check the weather and choose a day that has fine weather. Nowadays, you can get weather forecast reports for the next seven days and so on. This information can help you know when to schedule your vintage airplane party.

Hire A Professional Who Is Good At Physics

To understand how an airplane can fly in the sky, one needs to have some knowledge of physics. This can help you know essential principles such as Bernoulli’s principle and so on. Therefore, you can get a tutor from your local high school who taught physics and engage him or her in this undertaking. You can ask him to take the invitees through some simple concepts about flight in an interesting way. The main aim here is to entertain kids and also to educate them. 

If you do not know anyone who can do this perfectly, you can check different videos online and then demonstrate this to kids. This will help them get an idea of how an airplane flies in the sky. If you are lucky, you can invite someone in the airplane industry or in the military to illustrate this to your guests.

Light Up The Venue

The venue of your party should be well lit. This is because everyone should be able to see what is happening in this event. Also, good lighting will enable everyone to participate fully without any hindrances. You can buy more electric bulbs if you are going to have the party till late in the night. However, if you are going to have this party during the day, you can rely on natural light to light up your venue.

Do Not Start The Party Immediately

You can choose to buy some time to allow everyone to report at the venue. This is because not everyone will be able to arrive on time. Some kids might arrive 15 minutes later. If you choose to start immediately, these kids might miss some essential activities that would have been very essential to them. You can choose to give your invitees a few minutes to arrive and settle. Once a majority of them have arrived, you can choose to start to save time.

Take a Video in Your Vintage Airplane Party

A vintage airplane party is not held daily. Therefore, you should get a good camera for this undertaking. You can hire a photographer to take videos during this event. Since you might be busy coordinating different activities, you might be able to capture every event as it happens. Hiring an expert can help you save time and allow you to concentrate on other essential activities in the party.

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Organizing a vintage airplane party is not difficult. You just need to come up with good plans and your party will be a success. This guide can help you organize a good party that will remain memorable to you and the invitees. Consider this guide today and you will not be frustrated.