30 Music Themed Party Ideas for a Rocking Time!

One good thing with music is that it can make for a fantastic theme for whatever party you’re considering. And then, it suits all ages, genders, and types of people.

Music Themed Party Ideas

Additionally, music comes in different tastes and styles, which makes it appeal to almost everyone, and you can also mix it with other themes.

Browse down through the article to see which among the following music themed party ideas can work well for your upcoming party.

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Does this sound weird? Well, snakeskin can make for the cutest costume for music themed party. So, forget about faux leather wears and go to the “snake” route.

You see, your next party can be a good opportunity to try out new trends, and one trend is wearing an outfit that resembles snakes!

But fear not snakeskin as Kim Kardashian just showed up for a party wearing snakeskin from her head to the toes. 

Pearls and Accessories

If you’re fancy floral designs, then pearl accessories must be your next obsession, probably.

Right now, pearls are trending all over the world and we can’t help but keep up with the fancy trend. Make sure to have pearl hair clips, pearl handbags, and pearl everything.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much other partygoers will adore your pearl outfits.

Smocked Tops

There a few things that say “it’s party time” and tube tops are just but one of those things. They’re entirely cute because you won’t have to sweat a lot when you eventually get on your feet.

One major benefit of smocked tops is that they occupy the place that would have been occupied by a bra.

And then they’re elastic and full of fabric, which can offer you a lot of support. Free the nips for a music party!

Inner Child

Can’t go wrong with an inner child. Have partygoers let their hair down with a little childlike fun.

To bring this thematic design to life, think mature versions of your childhood activities- jumping castle, bubbles, confetti, fairy bread, slides, and ball pits.

A music-themed party is all about fun and lots of fun in that matter.

Movie-Themed Party

There are lots of options when it comes to picking the best movies for your upcoming music party.

While you don’t have to pick the trending films for your party, go for one or two films that you feel most of your guests will love to watch.

Cult classics are a good option for you. Game of Thrones thematic design anyone?

Well, you see, picking a popular movie as the central inspiration for your party’s theme will go a long way to tell your guests what to bring, what to wear, and then it’ll set the party in the mood within no time at all.

Plus, you can base many other themes on movies.

Maybe you can decide to have a quote from a movie inscribed on the walls. Or you can quiz guests on movie characters.

If you’re planning to quiz guests, also remember to set aside an incentive to reward those who get correct answers.

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The 80s

So, what’s with the 80s? Well, was there a better decade and worse decade when talking of fashion and parties?

Many people will argue, and it’s fine. Before incorporating the 80s theme into your party’s design, know that you won’t be bringing back the old days’ fashion for your daily life, it’s meant for your party.

But what a better way to make yours a rocking party than to bring back the “old” moods? Probably none. We all know that the 80s saw the release of great hits and films, right? 

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to borrowing inspiration from the 80s. If you need help, ask your parents or just sit and listen as they reminisce on the good old days.

So, at the end of the day, you should at least try hits, films, scene setters, and centerpieces inspired by the 80s. You’ll for sure end up with a rocking party!

Fairytale Theme

We can’t explore music themed party ideas without talking about fairytales. You see, music parties go hand in hand with storytelling.

If you can’t pick the Beast, Cinderella, or sleeping beauty, you probably have plenty of options to choose from.

Choose a fairytale theme yourself or you can also make it a contest! Whichever way, this is a theme that guarantees excess fun.

Have your guests dress up as the famous fairytale characters. To add to the fun, you can have them guess who that fairytale character is and the winner will take a prize home.


Think noodle boxes, fans, paper lanterns, and such jokes. This is yet another classic party idea with a lot of possibilities.

It’s also a good way to end the party night. Have guests take turns sharing their fortunes and see who is the best fortune teller. Or you can go the extra mile to create your own!

Pyjamas Party

There comes a time when you just have to let loose and bring back childhood memories. What is a better way to do that than to show up at a music-themed party with your pyjamas on?

You see, every one of you will chill out and feel extremely comfortable throughout the party. Build a nice dance floor and pop the corn, enjoy some good music, and relax your night away!

Neon Glow

A musical party should let you and your guests go wild. So, don’t just stop at the neon glow colors for the costumes but also feel free to take your creativity further.

We’re talking about a neon glow in the background, a neon-colored backdrop, streamers, paint, name it.

If you want to step up things a notch higher, set up a backlight and your neon lights will still be visible. Think about the fun that can emanate from a neon-inspired party with incredible-looking white teeth! Truth be told, it’s a winning combination.

Disco Party

Among all the music themed party ideas, a disco party is always the cutest idea, so you can have it as your inspiration.

To make a disco-themed party, create a spacious area for dancers, create a disco music playlist, get a disco ball, and some colored lights. Have your guests fit the disco party as well- by dressing up to match the theme.

Learn how to hang party decorations from the ceiling here!

Confetti Balloons

Now, ignore the hearsay that balloons are only fit for kids’ parties. Think confetti balloons hanging on the ceiling and walls.

Just think about that. You can have as many balloons as you wish, but make sure that they’re the center of attraction. Simple.

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All Red

There’s nothing more sophisticated than an all-red thematic design. Dim red lighting, red balloons, and of course red flowers, anyone?

And it will make you go out and get perfect shades of red make up such as red eyeliners and red lipstick. A completely fabulous idea.

Musical Entrance

A music-inspired entryway will introduce your party to guests, which will set them in the mood within no time at all. Place two guitars side by side at the entrance to the venue of the party, and then use other music knickknacks for other parts.

You can also create a corner with elements that say “music” loudly.

Since music is the theme of your choice, strive to make everything appear musical. It will also form a good background for taking photos, so create a musical scene and have your guests take a handful of photos for Instagram.

Music Band

If you want to have your guests on their feet within a few seconds, hire a live band to come and get everyone dancing till the end of the party.

One reason you’ll love about music bands is that they are experienced at what they do, so you can expect them to read the mood of the crowd and stage an electrifying performance.

Rock-Star Party

If you and your guests love singing and dancing along to rock songs, you can embrace the idea of a rock-start party for your upcoming event.

In addition to a karaoke machine, get headsets, a piñata, disco balls, real instruments (or inflatable alternatives), microphones, disposable cameras, and glow sticks.

Have guests showcase their singing and dancing prowess.

Movie Soundtracks

We all love movies and everything that comes with movies including soundtracks. So much that we begin identifying movies and films with their soundtracks.

Making use of movie soundtracks is going to trigger fantasy, transforming your party big time. Plus, they’re a perfect fit for most parties.

Customized Invitations

Remember to customize your invitations to resemble a musical theme. That’s one way to set the mood for the party. That being said, make sure that the cards appear like music concert flyers or something like that.

Red Carpet

Music-themed parties are reminiscent of celebrity events such as award ceremonies, and such. Besides assembling sunglasses, fancy costumes, props, and boas, remember to lay a red carpet to give your party a feel of a celebrity party. Believe it or not, no guest will want to leave such a classic scene.

Music-inspired Costumes

While inviting guests, let them know what to wear while attending the party. In this case, have them dress up like music icons such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, or you’re their favorite artists.

Wigs and studded jewelry can also add to the fun. And maybe you can have guests guessing what everyone looks like.

Music Judges

If you choose to have live performances, you can take that to a whole new level by making it more serious- getting a panel of judges.

Have the judges get to access singing and dancing skills and then rate performers. Reward winners later in the day. You can also have a contest between the judges and performers! Figure out ways to make your party more fun.

Music Bowls

Get snack cups and bowls from your local party essentials’ store. Also, get a permanent marker.

While you choose these items, make sure to pick ones that go with your party’s color scheme. You might want to but ink markers as well, so choose, say, black and silver markers for black and red items.

For this idea, there aren’t any difficult steps, so you’ll find it easy to mark your items.

But set aside ample time because it’s a bit time-consuming. Draw music notes onto bowls and cups. You’re free to choose the size of your drawings but do it correctly.

For example, you can decide to do half small notes and half big notes, but you need to find a way of how to change things up a bit.

And as we’ve just said, this process is going to consume much of your precious time, so you can watch a film while drawing. This way, you’ll certainly feel like the process isn’t taking as long as it can take.

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Microphone Cakes

Yet another awe-inspiring idea for a music-themed party is microphone cupcakes. 

For this one, you’ll need supplies such as a rectangular tin pan, cupcake pan, colored ice cream, cake mix, silver sprinkles, and white frosting.

Make cupcake batter and set aside. If you don’t have a cupcake pan, you’ll need to get a bit crafty by cutting out cone circles yourself.

Place the circles on the cookie sheet, upside down. Next, portion out the cupcake batter and fill them to half.

After the cupcakes have cooled, frost them. Evenly spread the frosting on them and if try to make the frosting to form the shapes of microphones or any of your favorite music instrument.

Lastly. Apply the sprinkles and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your guests will adore your cupcakes.

Music Party

Honestly, no party can be complete without music. Who doesn’t like music, anyway?

You only need to plan ahead of your party- download tunes, create a playlist, and then choose which tunes will appear before, during, and after the party. And you’ll be good to go!

Disc Jockey’s Booth

A disc jockey is a music ambassador, so talk to one and get everyone dancing till the end of the party.

Hiring a DJ and setting up a booth for them can be a bit expensive, though you can opt for cheaper options such as inflatable booths.

Also, remember to sync beats with LED lighting. Doing this will cause people to keep nodding their heads as sweet music sinks in their heads.

Who’s That Artist

Basing your theme on music means that you’re so much into music and everything musical. This may mean having your guests dress up as their favorite music icons, or even listening to songs and guessing the names of singers.

Maybe you can assemble a simple playlist with popular songs by popular celebs like Michael Jackson or Taylor Swift, or any other artist you adore.

Start the music and let the partygoers listen in teams, before writing down the name of the artist who composed a certain hit first.

Reward those who make correct guesses. 

Listen and Re-Write Songs

This is yet another cool music-themed party idea. Divide people into groups and start a song from your playlist.

After listening to the song, let the groups come up with new lyrics for the same song within, say, 15 minutes. Have the teams perform on stage to see who nailed it and reward the best performers accordingly.

Dance Space

You can also use a dancefloor to enhance your music themed party. 

A dancefloor will help guests to get their boogie on, though they’re more than that.

For example, they will help separate different spaces of the venue. It will also use up any blank space in the room and create a focal center of attraction.

Many magical moments will certainly happen on the dancefloor besides bringing interactivity to the event.

As usual, wrap the dancefloor in colors that match those of your theme.

Music Backdrop

A music-inspired backdrop will bring elegance and a classy look to your event.

Since you and your guests love music, creating a cool backdrop with pictures of music icons will fill your party night with magic, and you’ll see how that will blend with music playing.

If you don’t an idol in the music arena, you may want to go neutral. For example, you can avoid “artists” rivalry” by making a backdrop with musical notes instead of portraits. Or even Silhouette standees.

people in a concert

Musical Party Favors

There’s no better way to make your party memorable than to send your guests home with something that resembles the musical theme.

It’s truly an important and fabulous idea to have attendees take the memory of the party and music with them.

Everyone loves music, so plan to send guests home with musical note photo frames, music pens and mint tins candles, music-themed lantern glasses, music-inspired cookies, music coasters, and more.

Let the music move their hearts in a more meaningful way. So, set an incentive for that and pass the sentiment to attendees.

Whichever music themed party ideas you pick, make sure to always plan beforehand. This may mean letting your guests know what theme you’re considering as this would allow them to plan appropriately as well.