15 Black And White Striped Party Decorations Ideas For Any Venue

Black and white gives you a solid theme to host your party. It is also one of the classical themes that will turn an ordinary event into a royal party.

Black and White Striped Party Decorations

Black and white striped party decorations are some of the most difficult to pull. Still, those who master the theme will enjoy an excellent atmosphere for their event and guests.

black and white striped party decorations

Decorating a venue using black and white is one of the most affordable options. It also leaves a lot of room for creativity besides creating a perfect venue for your guests to make memories. Here are the best decoration ideas if you are hosting a black and white striped party. 

Black And White Furniture

Furniture forms a huge part of installations in any room. Instead spending more money on covers for your seats and table cloths, hire or organize to have black and white furniture. White party and event seats are exciting and give your occasion a classical feel. 

A black table sends a bold message to participants. It does not require a lot of dressing because it will appear as a natural part of your event. The black and white colors also help you to maintain a neat feel. Black and white furniture does not require a lot of dressing. 

A Stripped Carpet

The floor forms one of the largest yet must functional areas of any venue. Choose a black and white carpet for your venue to create a unique effect. White makes the venue to look classy. Black on the other hand gives you a tidy venue for your party. 

Black and white carpets are some of the most common rags available in the market. Use the carpet to match the overall theme of your event and the pictures or videos coming out of the event will be magnificent. The patterns on the rags are of no consequence in achieving your desired theme. 


Windows and doors form a huge part of the venue decoration. Whether the curtains will be drawn or closed, they are clearly visible to party goers. They are also used to create patterns on walls using pegs and bands at different heights. 

The stripes may drop from top to bottom or may cross horizontally. Either way, the black and white will be seen while the stripe theme is also maintained.

The same upholsteries are used at the venue for ordinary purposes or to host parties of different themes. It saves a lot of resources that would have been used to achieve different results. 

Decoration Curtains

Draping or decoration curtains are perfect when you want to achieve black and white striped party decorations.

They are used on the entire room to achieve the theme or on different sections to form a pattern. The curtains also help to create a podium or center of attention where all action will take place.

It requires a bit of creativity to create the perfect podium for a striped black and white theme. 


Balloons are a natural part of any party. They announce that a celebration will be taking place at the venue.

They are also used to pop, especially if children are involved in a party or you have a fun moment planned for the day. 

Balloons come in black and white colors. Manufacturers also provide multiple colored balloons with the stripes already printed on the surface.

Balloons help you to communicate the message about the celebrations. They are also easy to manipulate in your effort to create a black and white themed party.

black and white stipes

Paper Flowers

Artists create beautiful flowers from cutting manila papers and paper boards. The exercise involves folding papers to create flowers and motifs that are used for decorating different sections of the house.

The flowers can be used to create a centerpiece or the podium for your event. These paper flowers can also be used on individual tables to produce the desired effect. 

Striped Table Cloths

Table cloths and covers form part of decorations for events and parties. Spread striped table cloths on the table to enhance your theme.

The cloths may cover the entire table or a section like the middle for decoration purposes. Mats on the table also count as decorations. 

Serve The Food On Black And White Utensils

Invest in utensils that are within your desired theme. If the theme is black and white, use utensils that will help you to advance this theme.

There are a lot of cups, kettles, trays, and plates that come in black and white. A combination of these two colors will help you to achieve the desired effect. 

Black and white utensils are classic on the table. They give a feeling of a crisps party where everything is meticulous. It is one of the ways to raise the class and standards of your party. 

Create A Walkway Using Pillars

Use curtains, balloons, or decorate ordinary pillars using black and white stripes. The pillars will be used to create a walkway for your party goers to make their grand entrance.

The walkway will be an iconic scene during the party because they provide a perfect space for photos. 

Pillars made of balloons can be designed to appear like stripes. The balloons are arranged in a line or twisted in such a way that they create the desired black and white striped effect. Their stripes may run horizontally or vertically along your pillars. 

A Creative Black And White Centerpiece

A centerpiece provides a focus for persons attending a party. The centerpiece is created using such decoration designs as flowers, ribbons, paper cuttings, or lighting, among other aspects.

The piece may also be created using curtains and draping to signify a central point for your venue.

Centerpieces for tables also help to enhance a theme. Hire a paper artist or a fabric designer to create the centerpiece to decorate your tables. The center pieces provide excellent photo shoot areas for your party goers to help them preserve the memories. 

Serve Candies In Black And White Striped Cones Shaped Paper 

Dry servings like candies and popcorns can be turned into excellent black and white striped party decorations for tables.

The cones could also serve ground nuts or be used to hold toothpicks, among other supplies to the tables. Buy black and white striped papers to make the cones. You may also opt for a combination of black and white cones to hold your food supplies. 

The cone shape forms a part of table setting and decoration. Their color and pattern on the surface also form part of decoration. It is also one of the ways to share the foods and other edible items to all people attending your party. 

Make The Cake Black And White

Do you have a cake accompanying your celebrations for the big day? It is time to get into the theme by making a black and white cake.

White can be achieved using cream or icing on your cake. Black is used to decorate the cake by adding words that capture the message for the day. 

Black and white theme is used for minimalistic cake decoration. Such a cake stands out because it captures the mood perfectly. The amount of decoration used is minimal and will enable you to make the statement about the theme perfectly. 

Offer Handheld Fan

Ladies love the hand held fan to keep them cool. Produce a few of these fans and distribute as invitation cards or recognition upon entry into the venue. It is beautiful to see each lady or each table with a few flapping fans keeping the entire party cool. 

The fans are easy to make and can be improvised using cards or wooden frames. Folding different edges help you to achieve the black and white striped effect that will cement the theme for your party.

The fan is functional because it keeps your patrons cool throughout the presentations. It also acts as a souvenir for those in attendance to take home when the party comes to an end. 

Pillows And Fabric On Seats

The soft parts of seats and pillows on sofas can be used to achieve the black and white stripped theme. Invest in black and white pillows with the stripes already in place or buy alternate colored pillows.

The pillows are used to keep your patrons comfortable. The pillows will also act as features to augment the appearance of your party venue.

White Lights And A Black Background 

Lighting is a perfect decoration element that can be used for indoors and evening parties. The light can only be white. It means that you have to block some of the parts in order to achieve the dark stripes.

Another option is to create a black background that is interjected using white lighting stripes.

black and white party

Black and white striped party decorations are perfect for any event or venue.

They reduce your expenditure and will help you to create an attractive atmosphere for your event. Decoration options are endless when using black and white stripes on your venue.