30 Easy Cocktail Party Decoration Ideas

Are you looking forward to making your bash a killer party?

Well, all you will need a fully stocked bar, two or three party themes and a bit of inspired cocktail party decoration ideas for a successful and beautiful party to behold.

This article will get you going with cocktail decoration ideas for throwing a fab bash. Read on.

Cocktail Party Decoration Ideas


A cocktail party cannot be complete without lighting. Light is an important element especially for night parties.

Choosing lighting for your cocktail party doesn’t have to be difficult because you can always go for the most common ones- lanterns, string lights, and candle displays.

You see, lighting is not only elegant but also a highly appreciated cocktail party decoration.

Customized Cutting Board

Now, are you considering a Charcuterie board for your next party? Incorporate the cutting board into your cocktail party décor.

Nowadays, most parties have cutting boards as their most favorite decoration. It’s even more elegant if you customize the board with your name or thematic messages.


For many decades, or is it centuries? candles have been the best decorative item for any party let alone cocktail parties. Would a party be complete without candles, anyway?

Probably not. Make it a decorative staple for your upcoming event. Maybe you can choose to customize your set of candles with thematic messages or designs.

But you should always be careful when you’re handling candles because they’re a potential fire hazard- know how to handle them.

Wine Bar

While cocktails will be the highlight of your party theme, setting up a wine bar can really be useful for partygoers who don’t do strong stuff such as whiskey cocktails.

So, don’t forget to bring wines that guests can enjoy. If you’re creative enough, you can create an arrangement of white and red or dark wines near you just to make sure that all bases are covered.

If most of your pals happen to love wine, think about mixing cocktail party ideas with wine party ideas for a really awesome theme.

Customized Glassware

This is a sure great way to add a personalized your party. You see, a personalized party can create lasting memories in the minds of your guests.

Incorporate this party idea into your next party and see how things turn out. If you’re hosting a party of a special occasion, baby shower, engagement or even birthday party, get custom glassware as this is going to add a charming and detailed touch to your party setup.

How can you achieve that? Well, inscribe your cocktail glasses with your favorite sayings, famous quotes, your names, or initials. Or even a line or two about your party’s guest of honor.

Floral Theme

If you fancy elegant traditional decoration, quench your thirst for them by filling your even with floral arrangements.

If you decide to go this route, make sure to order beforehand to avoid last minute rushes. Also, make sure to match color arrangements with your party’s theme.

“Around the World”

Take your friends around the world, literally, with this awe-inspiring cultural theme. The goal of this decoration is to showcase different aspects of the world’s cultures.

Maybe you can decide to showcase a variety of artifacts, foods, and drinks from world’s indigenous cultures.

This way, your guests will plan to attend your party with the mentality that they’ll be getting a chance to try out new things, which will without a doubt make your party a memorable one.


A color-based theme is a perfect theme for almost all parties, right? Well, it allows for a mix and match to make your party truly fantastic.

Plus, it’s a cheap and easy decoration because all you’ll do is to let your guests know the colors of the cocktail drinks and the color of the party theme, so they’ll be able to make their own personal arrangements to find clothes with colors that match those of the drinks.


Your grandma will attest that cocktail parties were fun even in the 60s. That’s why reconnecting with old times can be really fun- that’s what you want.

So, think about throwing garnishes, lowball glasses, champagne setups and martinis. You can also whip up appetizers that were the order of the day in the 60s.

Lastly, have your guests dress in retro clothes. That’s a sure great way to take your cocktail party to the next level.


We all love snacks and bakery items, yeah? So, do your best to get your guests some cheese, tortilla chips, fruits, bread, and such jokes.

Vegan Theme

Yet another great decoration for a cocktail party, offering your guests vegetarian options can make all of you have a good time together. Set aside an incentive for a few vegan bites.

Quality Over Quantity and Size

As usual, cocktail parties should be sophisticated and elegant. That said, you shouldn’t dare try plastic decorations and tawdry paper as such things only work to cheapen your party.

Strive to choose high quality items rather than voluminous or plastic props.

Neutralize Background

Neutralizing your party’s background can make your décor stand out easily. Make use of neutral colors to replace off-theme tones.

By neutral tones, we’re talking about brown, white, or beige.

Welcome Drink

Besides rose, serve your drinks a welcome drink or just toss fruit and set the party in the mood within no time at all.


To add to the atmosphere and ambiance of the party, play your guests some good music. See what songs you can incorporate into your playlist to complement the theme of your party.

Maybe upbeat jazz or cool cocktail reggae music?

Remember to place the mellow tunes at the beginning of the playlist and the upbeat ones near the end. This will certainly complement the mood and theme of the party.

Food and Beverages Designs’

Normally, we don’t think of food and beverages as cocktail party decorations but you can actually come up with elegant and unique food and beverage designs to add to your cocktail party décor.

For example, you can display your food or drinks on festive ware and arrange them in a very creative way to wow your guests!

What about using a cupcake tree to display your cupcakes elegantly? Or making unique theme-colored cocktails that are garnished with your favorite seasonal fruits?

Food and drinks can be creatively displayed to add flair to any party let alone cocktail parties. Also, it’s a sure great way to infuse your party with energy and create a background for Instagram shots!


Though most of us view balloons as an obvious element to a party, they can really add to the fun and are easy to set up.

As usual, pick balloons depending on the theme of your party. Place bouquets everywhere- at the entrance to the venue, stairs and on the ceiling and at corners of the rooms.


We’re talking about anything from themed posters to handmade signage. These signs are a great way to explain directions, rules, and more to partygoers. When placed correctly and in colors that fit into the theme of your party, they can provide a perfect opportunity to take the theme to another level.

Black and White

Though we’ve already talked about color-based decoration for your party, you can also decide to go the white and black route.

This a very common party décor especially for adult parties. Oftentimes, cocktail parties are adult-only events, so this theme is a perfect fit for yours too.

Do black suits with white shirts and blouses, black and white balloons. Black runners and white artificial or natural flowers can also work well for your theme; possibilities are just endless.

Neon Glow in the Dark

A neon glow in the background can make for a fun cocktail party for all ages. Make your even stand out by getting your guests a tablescape that will get them in the mood. Fill that table with glow sticks, necklaces or bracelets. 


Plating can also take your party décor to a whole new level. Whether it’s the way you style your garnishes and the food itself, or the way you arrange everything, it can make a difference. Additionally, plan to customize tools that will be used for the party.

Boho Décor

This means making use of plenty of cultural influences, style and other interesting things to impress your guests. For example, you can use lanterns for outdoor lighting. Or floral accents. Or even using low dining tables with cushions and pillows.

Paper Garlands

Twist together tissue paper, mattes and metallics to form a garland that you can hang on the ceiling. Your guests will definitely adore this gorgeous decoration.

Cocktail Signs and Banners

Nowadays, this decoration is all the rage. Imagine your cocktail party without your names plastered everywhere!

You see, it’s just about elevating yourself to celebrity status within no time at all.

Butterfly Bunting

Butterfly bunting has for centuries been a favorite staple for parties, so it’s a perfect choice for your cocktail party.

Get as many artificial butterflies as possible, to form a three-meter set of double-winged butterflies. Their wings will be fluttering with the passing breezes.

Floral Confetti

What would you do if you realized that your cocktail party is set for winter when there are no flowers at the supermarket?

Well, if you’re the creative type, you would even get the petals of flowers and sprinkle them across the cocktail table, artistically. That’s if you’re creative enough!

Photo Booth

If you’re having a cocktail party, you really need a photo booth backdrop. We’re talking about creating a backdrop that’ll offer your guests a nice place to take a few photos for Instagram and Facebook.

You see, you guests will remember your party every time they go through those cute photos they took at the event. 

You can always hit the “search” button on your browser to get photo booth and backdrop ideas- the internet has lots of inspiration!

Cocktail Coolers

Since you’re hosting a cocktail party, isn’t it cool to decorate the venue with drink coolers? It is.

Instead of placing ice in the drink coolers, you can bring your guests ice packs. Fill balloons to ¼ with water and freeze them for a whole night.

Next, place them in a container to help keep drinks cold while the rave goes on.

Natural Bar

You’ll certainly love this decoration idea. Figure out this: making a keg out of a watermelon. Is it possible?

Well, do this, wash a watermelon and cut off a piece from both ends. Make a hollow inside the fruit using a spoon.

Next, cut a spot that a spigot can fit through easily. Fill this “keg” with your favorite cocktail drink and, cheers!


We all love graffiti, don’t we? 

Graffiti is a sure great party décor idea you can incorporate into your cocktail party. You can go for something with a touch of urban cityscape or even locally-themed graffiti, they’re all cool.

Make it digital or have your artistic guests create some on their own. While you make yours, remember to make use of bold block colors and shapes to create a really awe-inspiring graffiti theme.

Bonus: Famous People in History

In real terms, your guests can be party decorations as well. For example, you can have people dress up as word’s famous people or celebrity couples.

This way, you can easily turn the whole party and décor into history! One good thing with this theme is that it can help your party to have a feel of different eras interacting and merging into one another.

women wearing masks at a party

Now What?

Eventually, you will be planning your event, these cocktail party decoration ideas will come in handy and they’ll go a long way to help you add structure to your decorations and cocktail party activities.

But also remember to always get a bit creative while you choose and apply a theme- that’s what it’s all about. You can always engage your friends to help you think about the best way to apply a particular theme. 

Food Games for Adults

These food game party ideas will come in handy when planning your next killer party.

They’ll for sure make your party great, but you should also know which games to play indoors and which to play outdoors. Also, pay attention to allergies.