20 Hilarious Food Games for Adults

Talking of adult fun, food can make for a very great source of such fun. You see, food and fun are inseparable.

We’ve food eating challenges, eating games, and hilarious food games for adults.

You may wish to have some people volunteer for most of these games and then have the rest of the partygoers as spectators to encourage players to push forward.

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That being said, this article is going to explore at least twenty of the most hilarious food games for adults. The focus will be on games that require relatively cheap materials, little preparation, and are extremely fun to be played a million times by adults. Read on.

Pasta and Marshmallow Towers

Building towers from spaghetti and marshmallows can be an uphill task, right? And it’s even more challenging if you’re racing to do so.

That said, divide people into groups of four to six players and give them a pack of pasta and another one of marshmallows.

The goal will be to build the tallest free-standing tower in a given timeframe. Remind them that time is lapsing when one minute is left. Check that the towers are standing freely and then use a tape measure to check the heights of the towers.

Suppose there’s a tie? Well, break the tie by having the tied teams move their towers across the room. The team with the tallest free-standing tower wins the game!

Food Guess

Purchase different kinds of food and plastic spoons for this game. List the name of foods on a paper and put their corresponding numbers on small plates or bowls for ease of identification as you empty food into them.

Next, have players taste the food in turns, guess what is that which they tasted, and write their guesses on papers.

To make the game even more difficult, you can blindfold them or use food coloring. Award one point for every correct guess, so that the winner is the person with more points.

Eating Game

Yet another game that’s just fun to play and watch is an eating game.

But such a game can create a mess should you fail to plan beforehand, so make sure to plan ahead of the party. For example, you can have enough water and paper towels for cleaning up any mess.

Hanging Doughnuts

This one is just a simple and fun game for adults- you’ll only require a string and doughnuts. Hang the doughnuts on the ceiling using strings and make players eat them without using their hands.

Tell them to have their arms behind their backs as they play this game. What will make this fun game really difficult for players is the swinging of the doughnuts.

Musical Chairs

Make players form a circle without one chair. Choose many kinds of food, fruits or even vegetables and move around the circle with all players having names of the foods.

When the player at the center calls out the name of a given food, players with that name must change seats.

Each time, a chair is removed and the last person wins.

Pass the Cereal

Use any type of circular breakfast cereals for this food game for adults. Divide your groups into six players, or more.

Have the teams line up and give each player a toothpick. Each player is to place the cereal on the toothpick which he or she is holding in his or her mouth.

Next, they the first player will pass the piece to the next player who also has a toothpick in his or her mouth.

If the cereal piece falls, then the game must start over with the team’s first player. The team that successfully passes the piece down the whole line is declared the winner.

Licorice Challenge

Have every adult pair with another adult to form a team. Give each pair a long strand of licorice, so that each player places one end of licorice strand in their mouth.

Shout “GO” and the pairs eat the licorice till they meet in the middle of the string. The team that attains this goal first is automatically the winner.

Another slight variation of this fun game is using cooked spaghetti in the stead of licorice rice.

Cookie Face Game

In this game, cookie or sandwich players attempt to move cookies from their foreheads into their mouths without the help of their hands.

Give each player an Oreo or any other small cookie to start off the game. At the mention of the word “GO”, players start moving their faces to make the cookies move from the forehead down towards the mouth

Players are to move the cookies only through wiggling their faces. And the first player to movie the cookie into the mouth wins the game.

Bite the Apple

This game is just fun and you’ll certainly adore it. You’ll only need a string and an apple for each player. Next, hang the apples from the ceiling using the strings.

You should maintain the lengths of the strings at the mouths of the players- you may want to shorten or lengthen some heights because different individuals have different heights.

Let the players stand right in front of their apples. On go, the players should try to bite their hanging apples without the help of their hands. They can help each other but can’t use their hands.

Apple Balancing

For this game, you’ll need a flat surface such as a table and five apples for each player. Have the players try to balance the apples on top of each other.

On the word “GO”, players stack their apples, balancing each apple on top of another, until all of them are stacked. To ne declared the winner of the game, a player must all the apples by the lapse of say, 5 seconds.

Variation: Instead of using apples, players can use dice, marshmallows, or any other type of lightweight items.

But the apple balancing game is a bit challenging due to the shape of apples. Yet still, it’s fun for adults of all ages at parties.

Candy Unwrap

Oven mitts and wrapped candies are the only essentials of this game. The goal here is for players to unwrap their candies in the fastest time possible.

The catch is that every player has to put on oven mitts before attempting to unwrap their candies.

It’s a fun food game for adults. Set out wrapped candies, maybe Smarties or Starbust.

Have all players wear oven mitts before trying to unwrap their candies. The winner is the player with the most unwrapped candies within one-minute timeframe.

Whipped Cream on M and M

Get a plate for every player and five M&Ms on each of the plate. Next, place whipped cream atop the M&Ms.

After that, have all players put their arms behind their backs and get down.

At the signal “GO”, every player has to eat as much whipped cream as they can, so that whoever eats and finishes their “meal” becomes the automatic winner.

The game is truly great fun to watch and it’s even more fun if you’re able to take part in it.

Russian Omelette

This one is a potentially messy food game that can cause partygoers either laughs or extremely huge upsets.

Boil six eggs and allow them to cool. Re-place in an egg-box, exchanging each egg for an unboilled one. This game of dare involves players either performing the Russian Omelette or some other tasks.

As you’ve just guessed, a player takes one of the eggs and cracks it against another player’s head. So, you can expect a huge laugh from a chance of protein conditioner.

Remember that this game works well if players have other tasks to do as an alternative. Maybe, tell jokes in the cookie monster style. Or any other creative style for ideas.

Personal Dish

In your invitation letter, ask partygoers to bring along dishes that resemble their personalities.

Have everyone tell the room what their dish looks like and why they feel it resembles their personality.

Once everyone has settled, pass out a paper with names of all guests, where they’ll write the name of the dish next to a person and what they feel it resembles.

Finally, have everyone repeat their explanations and the one with the most correct explanations is the winner!

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If there’s a game that’s just hysterical and brilliant to watch and take part in, then it has to be the Choc-o-lot. It’s a truly cool food game any kind of event- sleepovers, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

To get ready for this game, you’ll need a dice, hat, scarf, a stool, gloves, fork, knife, and a bar of wrapped chocolate.

Have players sit around the items, in a circle. If you throw a 6, the player should to the middle of the circle, pick the fork and knife and try to open the bar of chocolate.

As the first player eats the chocolate, the dice still goes round the circle of players until another face 6 is thrown. That player will take over from the one already eating the chocolate. 

To make the game even more fun, have a camera ready.

Yummy Guess or Not?

Now, get blindfolds and several different kinds of food- fruits, veggies, etc. Then divide the group into two teams.

From each team, blindfold one person and let them touch and smell the food while the other group members from their team finds clues to help them make the correct guess of what the food item is.

The team that yells the most correct guesses wins.


A great food game for adult teen parties. It’s messy so plan to play it outdoors or where you can clean up easily.

Make enough cups of cocktails or any other weird drink, making some taste good and others taste bad.

You might want to use juice, milk, soda, and then add things like pepper, ketchup, or mustard to add to the fun. But just remember to avoid items that can cause someone allergies.

Every one of you takes a gulp of the weird cocktail and hold it in the mouth. The next player has 20 seconds to make the first player laugh and spit the drink.

If there’s any spills, they’re out. Usually, a person will spit the drink maybe because they don’t like its taste, or because they’re laughing out. A really great food game.

Recipe Mix-ups

Divide people into teams and give each of these teams all the ingredients and directions on sheets of papers. The goal is to have the teams arrange their ingredients and directions correctly.

If you want to make the game a bit difficult especially for the older folks, tear the words apart and ask teams to rearrange them in the correct order.

Whistling & Burping

This game for adults and couples guarantees huge laughs, so try it.

How do you play this game? Well, get each couple or pair a soda and 5 soda crackers. One member will drink the soda while the other one eats the crackers, with the latter going first.

On the go, the cracker eater will eat the crackers and then whistle a pre-selected song. Then the soda drinker will gobble all the drink and burp out loudly.

The first pair to complete this challenge will be declared the winner.

Banana Split Race

For this game, you’ll need ice cream, bananas, fudge sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and sprinkles or nuts.

Put all the above ingredients into bowls and divide people into groups of nine people per group.

Give each of these teams a large bowl and on the word “GO”, the first player will peel the banana, cut it and then place it in the bowl.

The bowl will be passed from one player to another, and each player will add another ingredient. The group that completes their split first becomes the winner.

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Food Games for Adults

These food game ideas will come in handy when planning your next killer party, so make sure to keep this article.

But while these games can be really fun, make sure that you are aware of ones that can be hosted indoors and which ones needs to be hosted outdoors. Also, pay attention to allergies.