20 Music Themed Party Ideas for Adults

If you’re looking forward to having a party that will have live music, get your guests on their feet by pulling off a music-themed party.

You see, music and party are two inseparable elements of a killer bash, and so you should plan to incorporate music into your next party.

Though different genres of music follow different styles, costumes, and atmosphere, you can try to draw inspiration from anything music, at least to add spark to the fun.

a vinyl disc

That being said, we’re going to look at 20 fantastic music themed party ideas for adults. By the time you’re done reading through, you’ll already be able to push your creativity to a whole new level. This way, you’ll also be able to create a party whose memories will last in the minds of your guests.


Ibiza holy land makes for an audacious theme for any type of adult party- baby showers, cocktail parties, and such jokes. This is the theme that will allow you to go overboard with lighting and lasers while offering your guests a chance to relax completely.

Roaring Twenties

Yet another popular music theme for parties is the Roaring 20s, which was inspired by Great Gatsby and many other novels.

It’s an opulent music art style decoration which is a perfect fit for a party with a big band or jazz playing.

Glam Rock

If you want a party that says fantastic colored lighting and big hair, look no further as that is exactly what this theme will offer you.

It’s an especially great theme if you want to use intense lighting and fog machines.

Summer of Love

We’re talking about the year 1967 for San Franciscans. You may be wondering what the hell is the summer of love, or how does it relate to San Francisco.

The summer of love, or 1967, is the time when hippies from across the world gathered to make use of peace symbols, love hearts, drapes, and tie and dye colors.

Hip Hop of the 90s

The 90s hip hop is a good theme on which to base your next event’s design. You see, the 90s was a decade with its own style of hip hop and everything.

Making use of the 90s hip hop music as the inspiration of the design of your party will certainly allow you an opportunity to be creative. Think lots of color blocking, gold chains, and candy colors.


If you’re looking for a theme that will cause some cheeriness and great fun, then a Goth-inspired theme should be your choice.

It’s a gothic theme that uses awe-inspiring décor such as witches and skeletons. It’s definitely a great theme that guests will adore without feeling like the room is a haunted space.

You may want to make use of purples and bright reds to make for a cool color scheme.

Mardis Gras

A Mardis Gras-inspired party is certainly the most fabulous party you can host.

This theme gives you great inspiration so you won’t run short of ideas. Lots of beads, wild costumes, and a purple and green color scheme, anyone?

Hard Rock Party Theme

Honestly, rock music is a unique world of a kind. And its iconography makes it an awesome theme for an event with a lot of energy and live music playing.

Think of drums, guitars, violins, and any other rock music instruments. Incorporate them into your theme design and see how much the excitement at your party will be.

It’s all about bringing a rock concert closer to your guests!



You may have heard Vaudeville- the general name for the variety of live shows which USA put on especially during the twentieth century, before cinema found its way into the entertainment scene.

To make use of Vaudeville as an excellent theme for your upcoming adult party, draw your inspiration from burlesque, 1920s culture, and old circus designs.

It will even be more fun if you’re going to stage a variety of act entertainment during the party.

Disco Party

A disco theme is probably the most common of all music themed party ideas for adults.

And then, we all love disco, so you can incorporate it into your theme design to see how things will turn out.

For example, you can decorate it with all the funky adornments you’ll get. And you’ll get an opportunity to make use of disco globes, wild lighting, and lasers. It’s just a fun theme with great energy. Give it a try.

Music Festival Party Theme

This theme is adored by all ages, which makes it a good theme to please your guests.

It’s an awesome theme complete with concert posters, wristbands, live music, TV screens, guests’ lanyards, and more.

For this theme, you may want to get rock, pop, and EDM music acts. What about themed guitar picks and t-shirts? And fun meals?

Guests will certainly enjoy the entertainment portrayed by this theme. To add to the fun, get some live performers and live music.

It’s a sure great way to make your party last into the night while instilling lasting memories into the minds of the partygoers.

Karaoke Themed Party

As you approach your next birthday, you should plan to incorporate this completely fun karaoke theme into your party. It’s a theme that no one can resist. Why?

Guests will be absolutely thrilled when karaoke will meet ice cream. Set up well-lit ballrooms and a dance floor. Also, create a balloon backdrop against which your guests will take countless photos for Instagram and Snapshot.

Next, have your guests show their showcase their prowess at dancing and singing, and remember to set aside an incentive to buy tumblers.

You know, you should reward those who pull the best dance moves. And the party will be extremely blasting.

Homemade Concert

Creating your own instruments can work well for a music themed party.

Make use of old books to make drums, plastic papers to make shakers, and stiff paper to make tambourines. Then add earplugs to make your party a concert!

Music-Inspired Cupcakes

Music themed party décor is a brilliant idea also. Think of edible cakes with music designs and delicious music-inspired cakes.

Or music-inspired desserts. They’ll add to the fun in your music themed party. Additionally, it’s yet another great way to make your party memorable. Try it for your next party.

DJ Booth

As you all know, a Disc Jockey’s booth can be a bit expensive, but you can opt for a cheaper alternative that is the inflatable DJ booth.

It’s an inflatable space complete with LED lights and a table to place devices. Its musical LED lighting syncs well with music beats. Try it.

Music-Themed Entrance

For the room’s entrance, you need something that says music is the theme for the party. Maybe you can use a LED guitar or any other music knickknack.

Or create a musical corner with elements dedicated entirely to a music themed party. Just try to find something musical to make it the center of attraction.

As the partygoers pass through the entrance, they won’t help but stop to take a few photos for sure.


Most of us think that balloons are meant for kids’ parties, but truth be told, they are a perfect choice for all parties including adult parties.

For your music themed party, get balloons with silver and golden confetti. You’re probably wondering why silver or golden confetti balloons, yeah? Well, you need a little light on your theme to make your décor the center of attraction.

Visual Treat

This is yet another fantastic theme that will definitely push partygoers to the dance floor. Don’t sit and watch as your guests get bored!

Find a way to get them on their feet. You see, most revelers are reluctant to sing and dance along to music, so unless you give them a small push through a visual treat, they’ll retreat to their corners till the end of the party.

One way to achieve a cool visual treat is through hanging big LED screens in animated frames.

Brass Ensemble

A brass ensemble playing old-fashioned carols can inspire the guests’ nostalgia to make your party a memorable one. Brass ensembles come in different sizes but they all include trombones, trumpets and tubas.

Have the bass players put on nice costumes- nice ties and Santa costumes. 

Live Band

Finally, if you want to get your guests dancing till late into the night, there’s no better way to do that than by seeking the services of a party band. Or a professional function band.

Those folks are experienced at getting partygoers dancing for many hours nonstop. 

The band members will interact with the crowd to read their moods in order to pull off an electrifying performance.

an old man reading music

Music Themed Party Ideas for Adults: Choose One That Works for You

So, you’ve to choose a theme that can work best for you. You see, it all depends on the type of your party, and many other factors.

For example, you can’t hire a live band if you’re operating on a tight budget.

Fortunately, you can pick one theme from the ones above because they’re relatively cheaper and easy to set up.