How to Host a Makeup Party at Home

Whether you’re a makeup artist who wants to promote your services, a cosmetics line owner or a creative beauty buff who wants to share new finds with pals, you can always inch closer to your goals with the help of a homemade makeup party.

If it’s your first time hosting such a party, let the number of guests not go past 20. If you find such parties vital to your business growth, strive to throw another one after two weeks.

In the meantime, be gracious and never undervalue the power of referrals through the word of mouth.

How to Host a Makeup Party at Home

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Now, on to things to know prior to hosting a makeup party at home. Keep reading. Here is how to host a makeup party at home.

Just Invite, But Mind How Your Place Looks

Just invite friends and everyone over. Yes, your place might not be the most perfect or you might lack enough furniture. Or your bathroom might just be ugly and boring.

But remember that only a paltry 1% of people will focus on the negatives. 99% of people enjoy invitations to parties with people they like and therefore don’t care about how your house looks or if they’ll have to sit on the floor.

And if they care, you don’t have to pay attention to that but your main agenda of hosting the makeup party.

Keep it Simple

This is where most of us go wrong when hosting parties, let alone makeup parties- making things so complicated. Keep everything simple.

Order takeaways for dinner or dilute some juice to keep guests engaged. Or maybe you can invite people through mail or Evite. Don.

We’re saying that you should always feel free whatever that can make planning and hosting your party stressful. Do you get the idea?

Include Food

Virtually all of us like food. Or bakery items during parties. Whether you’re is a makeup party or a baby shower, strive to include something to eat, unless you’re hosting a hunger strike. Maybe you can get a few bags of chips. 

A home makeup party isn’t complete without food. By food, you should not treat your guests to greasy pizza. Just keep it easy and light. And don’t forget drinks.

Maybe you can get your guests some champagne and wine, at least to set the party in the mood. If you’re going to get hooked to alcoholic stuff, keep hangover tea handy to help you deal with nasty hangovers the following day.

Use Cute Decorations

Anytime you’re hosting a makeup party or any other type of party, don’t forget to decorate your house.

Fortunately, you can always hit the “search” button on your phone’s browser to get a hint of the many ideas that you can incorporate to make your party a killer party.

Go for bright colors and label each area appropriately. For example, you can hang signs over food tables, nail and face painting sections, the spa, etc. There are many things you can do.

And remember to reserve an area for makeup application. Additionally, you’ll need to lit up the area with chairs, tables, and any other supplies.

Throw in the Right Entertainment

Truth be told, no party can be complete without some form of entertainment. You see, entertainment is just above and beyond what you’ll be doing with your guests.

Every party including a makeup party needs the chick-flicks, so pay attention to that. Play some good music in the background and let your hair down smoothly.

Take advantage of your special day. If you don’t fancy music, you can consider throwing in some pretty romantic films that you and your guests will enjoy.

Keep Your Makeup Party Informal

Now, pay attention to this, don’t make your guests feel pressured to buy. Simple.

You can keep your party informal by making sure that you’re conducting your business in an unstructured house.

This way, your guests will usually buy something. In real terms, this describes the format of a makeup party that can give you the highest profits.

So, make yours relaxed and more fun. This way, you’ll without a doubt get more bookings for your future parties. You see, we all like parties where we can come and go on our own watch. You get the idea, yeah?

how to host a makeup party at home

Rehearse Well

It’s fundamental to always plan for parties. Have a game plan on what can potentially set you up for success, for example what you’ll say. Figure out how you’ll package your speech to increase the conversion rates.

Think about the makeup products and services you’ll want to discuss with your guests, and fun activities, tips, and expert advice.

Also, your speech mustn’t be extremely formal or too rigid but rather conversational and informative. If you do so, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fun and successful your makeup party will be.

Arm Yourself with the Right Equipment

Hosting a makeup party at home can seem like a difficult idea if you don’t have the right tools of trade.

Keep up with all invited guests to know the number of people to expect. This way, you’ll get a hint of the amount of makeup products and tools for everyone. Set up your space for your guests to sit at, so that they’ll be able to pay attention to your demonstrations and presentations.

Also, brighten up your space so that party guests will be able to see how good they look after applying your products. Most people will arrive with their makeup still on, so get them some moist wipes to remove their makeup before makeover.

And as we said earlier on, serve something to eat to help keep everyone engaged. Let those who can manage to bring along their own food do so as this will make them feel more relaxed. Talking of food, serve appetizers, desserts, orderves, and drinks.

Choose a Theme for Your Party

A makeup party with a theme is a sure great incentive for your guests to attend. Choose an awesome theme that’ll leave memories in their brains. Or get creative and think outside the box for your theme!

Build Excitement Around Your Party

Now, if there is a better way to make your makeup party a memorable one, then it has to be building excitement.

First of all, promote your upcoming party on social Media-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and such jokes. Create personalized hashtags and don’t forget to invite people through mail and Evite.

Next, create a challenge or contest. Maybe you can reward those who get the most claps for rocking your makeup products. Set aside an incentive to reward your guests for coming through. Send them home with something.

Send Your Reminders

Don’t let your invitations go unnoticed in your guests’ inboxes. Make sure to send out reminders as often as possible as your event nears. Keep the conversation about your makeup party going.

Get the Temperatures Right 

For optimum happiness, get the temperatures right. You see, excess heat can make your guests flustered and angry. Who wants to get sad at a fun makeup party at home? Probably no one. Take down the heat a notch.

Order Products Beforehand

It’s important to keep everything in place before it’s too late. Order all the products you’ll need in more than plenty before the day of your party. If you’ll be selling skincare products, it’s particularly important to display tags of “new” or “used”.

This will certainly make your products attractive to potential buyers.

Introduce Guests

Honestly, all parties have a few guests who don’t know anyone at all. That’s fine, but it can cause some people to awkwardly confine themselves in corners, texting.

You want your guests to think of your event as a fun place to meet, interact and make connections with other people.

You’ll obviously not hold their hands all through but strive to create a conducive environment for strangers. Have everybody introduce themselves briefly before the start of the party.

Be a Good Host

Eventually, the day will be here with you, so keep calm and collected all through.

Yes, you might feel anxious and shy but you should be a good host no matter what. Don’t let your guests feel blank spaces for themselves, making them feel as if they’re stressing you.

Or else they’ll feel taxed as well. How can you achieve this? Well, remain friendly and welcoming. Make your guests feel as if they own the party rather than a burden to you.

Great each guest individually the moment they enter your home. The tone should be a warm greeting. Also, being a good host means letting gusts who’re total strangers to your home know crucial areas such as the loo and where to take drinks from. If you can, try to talk and converse with a few guests as you wait for others to arrive.

Let the Fun Grow Organically

The tips above will come in handy when you’ll be planning your next make up party at home, and they’ll go a long way to keep the vibe growing organically. Don’t dare push anyone to have fun but rather put the above tips into practice.

That’s how to host a makeup party at home.