20 Incredible Magic Party Ideas For Adults & Kids Of All Ages

Do you want to hold a magic party today? There are many factors that you should put into consideration. First, you will note that magicians have been performing at kid’s parties from time to time. They have been there for generations.

Magic Party Ideas

This has made both kids and adults like magic parties. Simply put, magic parties are all about entertainment. In this case, you should think of playing cards, top harts, magic wands and so much more.

magic party ideas

A magic party theme can be particularly stylish. In this case, you should not overload your venue with tones of themed stuff. You do not have to become a magician to pull it off, just use your imagination and keep several tricks at hand for an incredible magical party. To come up with a wonderful event, you should consider the following incredible magic party ideas:

Turn An Everyday Postal Tube Into A Magic Wand

Here, you can turn an everyday postal tube into a magic wand by painting it black with white tips at either end of the tube. You can roll your invitation up inside the tube and then fill it with glitter for some extra magic. This has worked well for many people in the recent past.

Use Lemon Juice To Write The Party Details On To The White Paper

This is very important when you want to make a true magic invitation. When your members receive their invite, the writing will not be visible to them. They will need to heat it to reveal the words.

Since they might not be able to know this, you should include some instructions with your magic invite or else your guests will not be able to know what to do with the empty piece of paper.

Create Some Tickets Inviting Kids To Attend Your Exclusive Magic Party

The more kids you invite to the party, the better. Therefore, you should come up with invitation cards asking different kids to attend your event. Each kid can be one of your guests of honor. If you choose to have an entertainer at the party, you should ensure that you include their details with the party information.

Turn Your Lounge Room Into  Magician’s Stage

All you need to get is black fabric. Here, you can consider getting old fabrics and tablecloths which are black. Also, you need to look for plenty of sparkly stars in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Once this is done, you can drape the fabric over your doorways and windows to create stage curtains.

You can even pin them to the wall to black it out. Additionally, you can cut stars out of old cardboard boxes and cover them with glitter on both sides. Then, you can hang them from the ceiling walls or lampshades in your house. This can help turn your room into a magician stage.

Consider Live Performances

You cannot leave out live performances at a magic party. Therefore, you should get a good entertainer. This might make you dig deeper into your pocket at first about it but it is worth it.

The entertainer will keep both the adults and kids in your party more entertained for long hours. If you are going to organize several games and prizes at your event, you might have to spend more money. The good news is that this will make your magic party more memorable.

If You Do Not Have An Entertainer, Perform The Magic Tricks Yourself

You might have learned a few magic tricks online in the recent past. If you do not have resources to get an entertainer, you can consider performing some magic tricks of your own. Once you are done with your performance, you can teach the kids the secret behind each trick. As such, they will be able to perform these tricks on their own when their parents come back home.

Let Your Guests Make Their Own Magician’s Wands

They can readily do this by decorating a piece of dowel with paint and glitter. In this case, they can attach a cardboard star from one end or choose to keep it traditional by painting it black with white tips. You will note that a dowel is available in long lengths from the hardware stores. One can easily cut the dowel using a hacksaw and use it during the magic party.

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Get a Magician’s Costume

If you are holding a magic party in your home, you should ensure that both the kids and adults present at the party wear a simple magician costume. For children, they can dress in black pants with a white top and a black bow tie.

You can make a black cap from a tablecloth. If you want the kids to look different, you can paint silver stars onto the cap using fabric paints. You can buy these fabric paints from your nearest craft store.

Get Some Snack Food At The Party

If you are going to have an entertainer at the magic party, you should get some snacks for him. Here, you can take candy floss from its plastic bag and then serve it wrapped around a chopstick. You can even fill the paper bags with some popcorns. Also, you can serve fizzy drinks in paper cups with twisty straws.

Use A Star-shaped Cookie To Cut All Your Party Food

A magic party cannot be complete if you fail to use star-shaped items. Therefore, you can choose to have star-shaped fairly bread or cheese. You can also use star-shaped items to cut these food items.

Choose A Good Location For Your Magic Party Event

If you are purposing to hold a magic party, you should look for a location that will accommodate as many people as possible. You can choose to hold this party either outdoor or indoors. If the weather is bad, you can choose to hold this party indoors and have fun with your friends.

Ensure You Invite People Of Both Genders

It would look odd if your party has many girls than boys. Ideally, if you want to have a good magic party, you should have an equal mix of half girls and half boys. If these kids want to invite their siblings, they should do so with moderation and alert the parents of these children so that they can know where their kids are. You would not want to pick quarrels with the parents of your invitees.

Budget Effectively

You need to buy some supplies for your magic party. In this case, you should budget well early in advance. You do not have to break the bank to host a magic party at your home. Even with a small budget, you can get all the supplies that you want and let the party begin.

Don’t Be In A Rush To Complete Your Magic Party Activities

Most parties normally last between 1 ½ to 3 hours. For younger kids, it can take around 2 hours on the higher end.

You will note that not everyone will arrive on time. Therefore, you should not schedule the most essential activities during the first 15 minutes. If you start immediately, children are likely to miss out on these activities as this can be detrimental. You can buy some time as you wait for everyone to arrive at your venue.

Buy Magic Decorations To Enhance A Magic Theme

Magic is an easy theme. All you need to get are top hats, rabbits, playing cards and stars. These are known to be traditional symbols. The good news is that you can get these supplies for your local party supply store.

It is important to get magic-related decorations so that you can have a colorful event. Once you get these supplies, do not cover every square foot with them. Instead, place them strategically to prevent congestion.

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Choose A Good Date For The Magic Party

You would not want to hold a party when everyone is busy. Typically, your party should be during the holiday season, when everyone is around. Here, you can trust that you will invite as many kids as possible to your party. Also, more adults will be available to grace your occasion.

Let The Invitees Know The Schedule

You should ensure that you carry out all the activities in the schedule. Therefore, it is important that you let the invitees know the schedule so that they can know what to do during the party.

They will avoid taking so much time on one undertaking. Besides, they will be able to arrive early in advance to avoid lateness. If you can perform all the scheduled tasks in good time, you can be sure that your party will be memorable.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Your Invitees

Let the invitees have fun when they are at the magic party. Let them interact and have fun among themselves. Therefore, you should make them feel at home while they are in your home. Give them the freedom to interact and make merry.

Ask About Allergies

You would not want anyone to have allergies to any foodstuffs that you have at the magic party. Be it an adult or a kid, you should ask them whether anyone has an allergy to the foodstuffs present. It would be terrible for anyone to develop allergies in your party.

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Take A Video

Do you want to have a memorable magic party? Get a good camera and take the video to create memories. You should try to capture every single event that took place in your event. This can make your event memorable.

Consider these ideas when having a magic party. These magic party ideas will make your party remain memorable. Invite as many people as you can have that perfect magic party at your desired location. A magic party is truly incredible.

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